Things to Know Before Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Yoga is a natural way for you to not just detoxify your body and mind but also to dive deeper into your spiritual side. The different yoga asanas and breathing techniques keep you calm and connect with the higher dimensions of life. However, if you want to move forward with your yoga practice from a beginner to an advanced practitioner, then choosing a yoga teacher training is the best decision you will make.

Unfortunately, with yoga having such a huge following there has been an increase in people who cheat yoga practitioners of their money by posing as the best yoga school. There have been instances where a person who went for a website showing a yoga school located near by the sea, booked their place only to practice yoga at a place amidst the wilderness.

With that said, you have to be alert before signing up for a yoga teacher training course at a yoga school.

3 Ways to Detect a Fake Yoga School

Given below are the three ways you can spot a fake yoga school from an actual one.

1. Check Deeply About the Yoga School

By searching, you have to dig a lot deeper into the internet and find out everything about the yoga school and its instructors. If you come across positive reviews only on their website and nowhere else then it is a clear signal not to proceed any further.

For example, they might have a 5-star rating on their social media page but no actual reviews. It is a clear sign you need to look further for a quality yoga school for Yoga Alliance certification.

2. Email and Ask Questions

The biggest mistake you can commit is to purchase an online yoga course from a yoga school. You should rather send an email to the school and inquire about their yoga course, qualification of the teachers, schedule, among other things.

If you do not receive a clear answer via email or the staff insists you sign up for the course straight away then avoid that place like the plague.

3. Check their Social Media Feed

Facebook is the first choice of everyone for sharing their daily lives with others whether it is a business or an individual. A common marketing strategy deployed by a fake yoga school is posting only those photos they know you would check for sure.

For example, If you notice the yoga teachers practicing yoga at the same time as the students then it is a big red flag the teachers are more interested in the photograph rather than the actual practice.

However, this does not mean there are no actual Yoga Alliance teacher training schools in the world. There are Yoga Alliance certified schools that provide you with the best yoga teacher training course.

With that said, there are 3 questions you should ask before starting yoga teacher training.

What Style of Yoga Would I Learn?

Since there are a variety of yoga styles, no doubt you would like to practice the yoga style you have been practicing for a long time. It is important that as a yoga instructor you are comfortable in teaching other yoga styles as well.

Therefore, you need to ask the yoga school about the different yoga styles they offer to ensure they provide lessons in the type of yoga you want to teach.

What is so Unique About Yoga School?

One thing you should understand is that every yoga school provides Yoga Alliance teacher training certification in different styles of yoga. You should ask the yoga school staff about what makes their yoga training unique and different from other yoga schools.

You will come across yoga schools that focus more on personal development while others focus on one-on-one yoga practice sessions.

Does the School Carry a Yoga Alliance Certification?

Do you want to make a career as a certified yoga instructor? You should know that every yoga studio looks for a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. The yoga school has to be registered with Yoga Alliance USA, which is the global authority looking into everything related to yoga.


A Yoga Alliance teacher training not only provides you the skills to advance your yoga practice but also help others unlock their true potential. However, it is important you look for a Yoga Alliance USA certified school to get the best theoretical and practical yoga training.

Author Bio

Adam is a full-time yoga teacher with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification who loves to help his students understand the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga.


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