Snapchat is the fashionable social network, in fact, last month it managed to exceed the number of daily users on Twitter and through Snapchat, an average of 400 million photos are sent per day. Its approach to immediacy and its fun filters has managed to win over a large number of users. But in addition to these functions, Snapchat has many options that you may not know about and can make you fall in love with it a little more.

Snapchat tricks

All bloggers use it and it is reaching a wider audience every time, with these Snapchat tips and tricks, you will be able to master this social network to perfection!

Repeat Snaps

One of the advantages of Snapchat is the short duration of its publications, since after a while the images or videos published and sent to our friends erase themselves, something that can be somewhat inconvenient, but quiet, if not You have been able to see well that photo that your friend has sent you, you have 24 hours to see it again by pressing “Replay” or “Repeat” on said Snap.

Front flash

Snapchat is the social network for selfies, nobody wants to stop taking the desired photo with some of its fun filters. In Snapchat, they know it and that is why they have enabled the option of “Front Flash”, a function that gives light to your selfies when the visibility is not very good, or when your front camera does not have the flash option. To activate it, you just have to click on the lightning bolt icon that you will see on the screen when your front camera is activated.

Save images

To save the photos you have taken it is not necessary to publish them and take a screenshot. You just have to press the down arrow button that appears in the image once you have taken the photo and voila, you will have the image saved!


Snapchat has developed a version for the little ones, Snapkidz, in which you can take pictures and add the texts, drawings, stickers, and filters that children like so much, but eliminating the sharing function so as not to put their image at risk. Thanks to this tool you will be able to take nice photos of the smallest of the house, photos of those that always remain to be remembered.

Switch to the front camera with a double-tap

Looking for the manageability of the app for its users, Snapchat allows you to go from the rear camera to the front camera and vice versa simply by pressing twice in a row on screen, when you try this function, you will see that it is really useful.

Write long texts

Although Snapchat only lets you write one line of text by default, there is a trick to add more text to your photos. From any message application, press enters as many times as there are blank lines you need to write your text and copy it. Open Snapchat and select the photo in which you want to write the text, paste the copy on the writing bar and you will see how space expands.

Use two filters at the same time

If you already liked putting filters on Instagram, on Snapchat you will love it! And it is that this social network gives you the option of combining two filters at the same time. To achieve this, press the first filter you want on the screen, and without releasing it drag your finger to select the second one at a time.

Save data with travel mode

Snapchat’s travel mode does not waste data when uploading your contacts’ stories. In order to activate it, go to “Manage” and select the “Travel mode”, without a doubt, a great option for those who use Snapchat a lot and want to reduce data consumption.

So that this summer you can enjoy Snapchat to the fullest and you can take the best selfies to send to your friends, now have one of our mobile rates without permanence! Enter now and choose the option that best suits your consumption.

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