Web design is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to customer experience and engagement. There are some determinants about website design, such as responsiveness and ease of navigation, that need to be taken care of, no matter you have a product-specific or service-specific website.

Nonetheless, you require an in-depth analysis and assessment of the website’s different aspects that can further improve your customer’s experience. Talk to a professional Website Development Company in Jaipur. They will let you know that simply improving the website’s functioning does not count for the job being done; rather, you need to mesmerize your audience.

There is such a large competition today when selling online that e-commerce companies are fighting with one another by showering discounts and freebies to potential customers while burning investor’s cash to beat the hope that the offers will keep customers loyal. It’s a norm today wherein customers expect to be pampered, and you can not blame them for expecting so either. A study says that 71% of shoppers believe they’re going to get an honest deal online than when buying from a mercantile establishment.

There are certain considerations when developing a website because your main aim is to drive sales. Here are the tips to enhance Customer Experience on Your Business Website that increase your sales such as Appearance, Responsive Design, & many more. Let’s consider some elements that ensure your website gain the eyeballs and also conversions-


An appealing website is almost a prerequisite to creating an impression as soon as anybody clicks on the website. Moreover, make certain that the design of your website is not complicated. It is almost pertinent that your website is up-to-date and more accessible for anyone who would want to browse through. Here are some tips for what you should include in eCommerce website development services or any other B2C site:

Responsive Design

In the contemporary era, you must provide a seamless experience to your users, no matter which device they are using to browse through your website. The design must be responsive to all devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, no matter which screen they are using to check the content. Also, make sure that the design does not strain the user’s eyes with clutter.

Impressive and Easy-to-Read Fonts

Use easy-to-read fonts. Fonts render the required value to the website and help readers analyze the content without straining their eyes.

Mesmerizing Images

Visuals tell a story far better than the text and help visitors understand the information much easier.


Other than the above, you can add interactive elements to your websites like videos, images, and infographics. This further enhances the user experience.


Be clear and straightforward in your approach when you are designing the website. This can be addressed through the ease of navigation and putting important points upfront to enable users to find what they are looking for in much less time. You can use the following points to enhance clarity-


This can help users easily go to the home button, and if the visitors click on a new link, breadcrumb will make sure that you have a link back to the previous page.

Drop-down Menu

This is effective in segregating the content into categories. This further ensures that the product or service is easier to search.


The main motive for designing a website is to have a higher conversion rate. The following points can help you with increasing your conversions-

Colour Scheme

Highlight the call to action (CTA). You can use different colour schemes to do the same.

Keep It Simple

Avoid complex and cluttered backgrounds. Minimalism is the best trend in the modern era. Make your design simpler to give it a more elegant and attractive feel.

When there’s a large frenzy for online shopping since you’ll be able to buy everything from salt to robots, it’s imperative that there’ll be many players trying to grab a share of the pie. this is often why being one or two steps before your competitor to place up a far better customer experience on your website will put you in good stead.

Your online business will succeed if you create it to some extent to satisfy your customers with the most effective product and after-sales service available. But your customer experience on the website while buying should even be smooth enough for the customer to come back to your e-commerce shop over and all over again. Research by Gartner says that quite 89% of companies compete on customer experience.

Your website is that the primary source of data for your potential customers and in most cases, it’s the purpose of sale also. As a responsible business that desires to thrive, you would like to make sure that the purchasers enjoy a visit to your online store. And if that’s what you ultimately need then you would like to place dedicated efforts to enhance your customer experience on the website.

The happier you retain your customers, they’re getting to come to you and are getting to recommend you to their friends also successively bringing you more customers. Simple things like responding poorly to customer service emails can make your customers bite off you as they expect the very best level of service possible, especially because your immediate competitor is prepared to offer it to your customer.

In the End

Work on different ways to ensure that the design of your website is more positive and appealing. Caters to the customers’ needs- what they are looking for and how to simplify things for their search. This reassures the reliability of your business.


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