Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

Cosmetic business and packaging business run parallel to each other. Owning a cosmetic business imposes a compulsion on you to consider a high profile packaging for your products. Otherwise, you can’t run your business successfully. Now, why is it so? Packaging is as important as the product inside it and for cosmetic products, it needs keen attention to be designed according to their funky and colorful nature.

It should be capable of enhancing the product’s appearance on the retail shelves as well as enough to do its branding. Lip care products are the most sold items in cosmetics. Especially, lip gloss-a product that lets you make a bold statement with a glossy shine, deserve custom lip gloss boxes that make them stand out in the crowd.

How Custom Lip Gloss Boxes Can Boost Product Branding?

Customers pick the object at retail shelves which have a lasting impact on them, at the very first sight. Carefully designing the custom lip gloss box packaging can perform that job very well. First of all, choose the material for your custom box and then let your brain run wild to think of creative ideas you can implement for its design. 

Using custom packaging as an advertisement tool for your products is a great way to opt for their branding. It also helps minimizing your marketing budget as you don’t need to plan for extra investment on marketing campaigns. Custom lip gloss boxes with colorful printing, embossed brand logo and foil stamping are perfect to go with.

But to compete with other brands in the market, you must do something out of the way. Eye catching custom lip gloss boxes attract more customers and give them a glimpse about your product’s nature and quality. It makes their decision to buy much easier and as a result, the sales process speeds up.

Start Searching a Right Design for Your Custom Lip Gloss Boxes! 

Your hunt for innovative and unique design of custom lip gloss packaging boxes ends here. Listed below are the ideas you can opt for making your lip gloss mesmerize your customers with its outstanding packaging. Let’s scroll down the list below to find the perfect design for your custom lip gloss boxes.

Earthy Looking Lip Gloss Boxes

Customers now prefer a minimum design more than a stuffed one. So, keeping your custom lip gloss boxes simple and with minimum designing is the new trend in the market. Follow the ‘less is more’ principle and slay your lip gloss with an earthy looking custom lip gloss box. 

Monochrome Boxes

Playing with colors surely enhances the appearance of custom packaging boxes but the modern trend is changing towards keeping the things monochrome. It looks classier and more decent when placed among the hundred other boxes on the retail shelves. This is the reason why these boxes can never go out of fashion.  

Bold Custom Lip Gloss Box Packaging

Go bold with the black colored custom lip gloss boxes. Black colored box with its own charm and stigma makes your product stand out on the retail shelves. Black boxes are good for packaging of small items and catch the customer’s attention more than any other packaging. 

A touch of golden or white color on black boxes make them look royal and set a premium experience for customers. Get ready to set a bold statement with bold packaging and let your product kick out all its competitors.

Personalized Lip Gloss Boxes

Personalize your custom lip gloss boxes by getting them printed with your brand logo. Adding a tagline or your brand’s slogan will do wonders. They look more charming this way and also acts as the best advertisement tool for your product marketing. 

Window Boxes for Lip Gloss

Window boxes are the best type of boxes which one can use for displaying the products on the retail shelves. They give customers an insight into the box without opening it. Consequently, it makes the decision of buying much easier for the potential buyers.

Boxes with Handles

Customers like a product which is fun to use as well as easy to grab or take away. Integrate your boxes with handles to provide convenience to your customers. Boxes with handles are also easy to display in the retail stores. Hang them in a place and let them spread their sparkle all around.   

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes with Jazzy Look

Go funky with the bright colored custom lip gloss boxes and make them grab your customer’s attention at the very first glance. A quality product is only one component of an equation. Packaging is also crucial. Use bold artwork and an eye-catching font for your custom boxes and make your customers enjoy your product with the funky appearance.  

Boxes with Gold or Silver Foiling

To give your custom boxes a luxurious and premium look, gold and silver foiling are the best things to do with them. Firstly, an elegant and premium packaging box will boost your brand image and make the customers think of it as a luxurious brand. Create a premium impression with these boxes and let them speak about your product quality.

Printed Lip Gloss Boxes

Doing something different can take your brand far from the competition and on the top of the market. Design a box that matches the product’s aesthetics. Seeing a printed cosmetic box is a rare trend. Use the idea and let your brand stand differently among a bunch of similar packaging boxes.

Lip Gloss Boxes with Dividers

Display your lip gloss in custom lip gloss boxes with dividers. A custom box with dividers can assist more than one item in one place. They are good to use when you have to send promotional packages or gifts to your regular customers.

It looks more organized and presentable in this way. Adding windows to these boxes enhance the appearance and allow the customers to see what’s inside the box, before opening it. This also imposes an increasing effect on the product sales.

Order Your Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

Thousands of packaging box manufacturing companies are working in the United States to serve the packaging needs of a number of other manufacturing companies. We have listed here some top names from this huge bunch of box manufacturing companies. So, order lip gloss boxes wholesale for your cosmetic business from these companies and make your product stand out with exquisite packaging.

Global Custom Packaging

Among these above mentioned custom packaging companies, Global Custom Packaging is leading the market with the highest number of recommendations, out class client reviews and quality services. They offer free 24/7 online consultation, expert design assistance and delivery at your doorstep without charging a single penny. Hurry up! Order your lip gloss box packaging wholesale now and enjoy their free services!

They care about their clients

Good and supportive communication with clients is what makes a company’s first impression. These companies employ a team that provides a pleasant experience for clients. They help them through the ordering process and get it to their door. They are available 24/7 for your queries. For all your questions, they are available 24 hours a day.

They offer free design assistance

Do you worry that designing is not for you? Relax and enjoy the moment. These manufacturing companies are here to help!

These companies have a team of talented and dedicated graphic designers who are skilled in designing unique and innovative designs for custom boxes. Their clients receive free design assistance from the beginning to the end. The result will be enough to take your brand to new heights.

Shipping Free Within the Premises Of America

These companies offer free shipping for custom-packaging boxes anywhere in the United States. We guarantee the delivery of your boxes to your door without additional shipping costs or hidden fees when you order boxes from anywhere in America.

You will receive an instant quote for your order

Simply fill out the form on their website with your packaging details and then upload your sample design. The company will give you an instant quote on your custom order. This will allow you to determine the budget that you need for packaging your products.

High quality assurance

These companies ensure that your custom lip gloss boxes are designed correctly from the first step to the last. To ensure you have the best packaging experience possible, a certified quality inspection team oversees every step of the manufacturing process.


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