Top 10 Technology innovations for 2020

Yes, we are late to write on this topic but we still believe you can find good information. Technology is the fundamental driving force that shapes this century. From the most insignificant of daily tasks to inventions that change the future, everything is aided by technology. It is integrated into every field and industry and humankind has moved forward in leaps and bounds due to it. Especially in the last decade. In this article, we are going to look at the major innovations that particularly came forward in 2020. Some of them are still in a developmental phase but all are revolutionary enough to influence the coming years.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is and artificial intelligence has walked hand in hand in 2020 and have affected many industries. They have empowered and enabled business functions and operations to be more precise and convenient. China has been the shining beacon of the AI industry, leaving even the US behind. The progress in algorithm training and innovation for Machine Learning will take AI to new heights. Robotics and autonomous vehicles are the highlights of this era made possible only due to AI.

  1. Growth of the Internet

The demand for having faster and faster internet connections is never abated. In turn innovative tech is always being pushed to exceed its current limits in this area. Individuals and organizations both are urging constantly for quicker reaction times and this year has seen advancement in response.

Unprecedented internet speed is just around the corner and it will transform our lives in all aspects. It will improve productivity and provide effective tools for communication in organizations. Especially in a post-Covid-19 world where remote work is a new norm.


  1. Quantum Computing

Although it is still a developing innovation, Quantum Computing can be the most fantastic technology of this era. Governments, businesses, and analysts are racing towards creating a fully capable wonder of a supercomputer. And they are most likely nearer to it now than ever before.

Unlike on-premise systems, quantum computers may soon emerge as a cloud service. Needless to say, the computational powers of this new-gen machine will be tremendous. As a start, IBM is already the one to offer quantum computing in the form of cloud bases services.

The supremacy to achieve the age of supercomputing has intensified in 2020. We have yet to see the end of this competition, but it is definitely nearing a conclusion.

  1. Smart Houses

With the advent of smart technology, an increasing number of lives are now more incorporated. People’s houses are not an exception to that. The demand for better home appliances and entertainment systems is taking over our lifestyles. There are negative implications of that as well, but there is no denying the need for capably functioning homes. The current integration of technology within our home is clearly a glimpse of larger changes in the future. Consumer patterns already show expectations to have higher control over digital devices at home.

  1. Digital Twins

The concept of building a digital simulation before doing active testing of an idea has taken root in the industry. It is proving to be specifically valuable in the field of agriculture. Accurate digital sensors and data collection enables the simulation to be as close to reality as possible.

It encourages experimenting and implementation of new strategies in food production. This will increase both harvest and efficiency in the agriculture sector and will help it to progress in bounds. It will also help experts minimize the negative effects of cultivation on the natural environment. Creating a balance and harmony between ecology and farming.

  1. New Nuclear Plans

Further plans have been devised and efforts have been made this year to make nuclear energy a beneficial power source. Conventional methods have been advanced resulting in Age IV fission reactors and small modular and fusion reactors. The engineers of Age IV fission plans, Terra Power Washington, and Terrestrial Energy Canada have reached an R&D partnership. With the appropriate utilities, they are aiming for the grid in hopefully 2021.

  1. Dexterity in robotics

Machines have the foremost presence in all sectors of the industry. Yet robots used for industrial functions are still rigid and clumsy at their jobs. On a mechanical production belt, a robot can do a certain task with marvelous accuracy. Not counting with a tireless and flawless repetition. However, introduce even the tiniest of changes into the task and the robot will become a fumbling mess. This issue has chance of being fixed now with the recent advancements in AI.

  1. Blockchain tech

A crypto-currency transaction that emerged in 2019, Blockchain has become an essential part of commerce. It is capable of empowering transparency founded on value over various industrial roles. By 2020, blockchain became the engine behind the advancement of business in many companies like cheap essay service agencies. For instance, bitcoins are used for digital transactions, and in turn blockchain tech is used in its trading.


  1. Hyper-personalized Medication

Imagine a time when it is possible to get medicine that is customized to cure a rare disease. Or even a genetic mutation. That time is steadily drawing nearer with the rapid growth of technology. If medicine is tailored to the needs of a singular patient the treatment would be more accurate. Bringing hope to those who suffer from any incurable ailments.

  1. Unhackable internet

Internet, as we know it today, is vulnerable to all kinds of security breaches. But experts are working to bring forth the first ever concept of a quantum internet. It will ensure a network that is secure in all ways from hackers. Currently, the Delft University of Technology is bent on bringing the idea to life.

These were the ten most impressive and life-changing innovations of 2020. For more quality content on technology and other subjects reach out to Assignment Masters A reliable writing service that offers only the best academic material which guarantees top marks in your class. Our team of experienced and skilled writers completes the tasks in record time. We have affordable pricing packages that are most convenient for students at any academic level.


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