The eccentric view of the Himalayas offers surreal valleys, extensive cold deserts that stretch over the vast miles and offer you magnificent views of the snow-clad peaks, the shimmering beauty of glaciers, and enthralling mountains. If you are an amateur or a beginner the best way to explore this beauty is through treks and hikes. Where one gets to witness the Alphington lakes coming across the tiny streams, lush green meadows and experiencing the wildlife of mountains will give you a different and most enthralling experience as you get to witness the hidden gems of these mountain ranges as there are huge number of alluring trails which appeal to the beginners but still you will get introduced to multiple options for trekking as a beginners


Tips for beginners 

  • Wanting to explore the mammoth will be high as the aura of these mountain ranges are adrenaline-pumping experiences but one has to be physically fit. 
  • As hiking through the trials is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. 
  • Inform your family about the trekking and ensure them about your safety as trekking to these mountains often has a lack of connectivity 
  • Train yourself before you plan ahead for this trek as physical Strength is more important as the trek covers climbing, moving, and walking for the majority of the day. 
  • If you feel tired during the trek offer some rest to yourselves and in times of need reach out to your fellow trekkers. 


Top 5 Himalayan Treks for Beginners:


Chopta Tungnath chandrashila Trek

This trek is considered as one of the best beginner level trek in the Garhwal Himalayan Mountains as Chopta Tungnath is the getaway for the vibrant colors in the Himalayas as the trek covers less than 25km which takes 5 days to complete as you get to view the snowcapped mountain’s peak against the backdrop of the beautify Chopta valley in the western and eastern Himalayas of Uttarkhand. Along the trail, you get to witness the spectacular view of the Chandra Shila point as you walk through the trail you get to immerse yourself with different moods of nature. the best time to witness this marveling is from May to November. 


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek lies in the celestial state of Uttarkhand is another popular trek among all the other treks for beginners as the trek stepped through the vast stretches of meadows and magnificent views of Himalayas and offers tranquil rivers and lakes is considered as a moderate level of the trek which takes 5-6 days and is better documented and has some of the best campsites and viewpoints which gives the whole experience. 

Hampta pass

Hampta pass trek is considered the easiest trek for beginners in the Himachal Pradesh which connects the scenic valleys of Kullu and Lahaul and prismatic views of glaciers and alpine trees. The Trek starts from Manali and ends at Chhatru where you get to view the Rohtang pass, Spiti valley, and Hampta pass and covers 26kms of distance. 

Valley of flowers 

Valley of flowers is recognized as a World Heritage site UNESCO is dotted with beautiful meadows and flowers and located at an altitude of 3600m above sea level. Hundreds of beautiful flowers bloom during summer as the valley is filled with rare species of flora and some threatened medicinal plants. The trek starts from the valley of flowers to Govind Ghat which covers 14km for 6 days. You may also come across the animals such as blue sheep, musk deer, and snow leopards. 


Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun valley is one of the beautiful magnificent valleys in the western Himalayas as it takes you through the Alphington tree covered in dense forests and views of mountains pinnacle. The cradle shaped valley offers views of Bandarpunch, Har ki Dun, black peaks as the trek takes you through the Govind national park as the valley is packed with thrilling wildlife as you go through the glacial bines, moraine ridges, dense pine forests. Through this trekking experience, you get to see the mesmerizing view of the Garhwal mountains while charming landscapes of snowflakes will leave you awestruck by mother nature’s bliss. 



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