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Medical science has progressed to a great extent with the advent of science and technology. From therapies to surgical intervention, today’s medical treatment is highly manipulated by modern medical equipment. The dominance of medical equipment suppliers in Kolkata is noticeable due to its increasing demand in both private and public nursing centers. Looking at the increasing popularity and profit of the medical equipment manufacturers, it is undeniable that the sector’s future is bright. Currently, the top five manufacturers in the Indian market are the following – 

  1. Johnson and Johnson – Known for its cult babycare products, Johnson and Johnson is a trusted name when it comes to buying medical equipment too. A significant portion of the company’s profit comes from the pharmaceutical products it produces. However, reportedly the company has reached the top list for selling medical equipment too. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of medical equipment in the world. The company is known for manufacturing devices for ophthalmology, varied surgery, and orthopedic treatments. With total revenue of 369 billion dollars, J&J is at its zenith of success in the sector of pharmaceutical and medical equipment. 
  2. Abbot – After J&J, one name that comes to the forefront is Abbot. With a revenue margin crossing 144 billion dollars, in the sector of manufacturing medical devices, Abbot is a name of success. It is known for producing cardiovascular devices like varied monitoring systems, replacement heart valves, pacemakers, catheters, and stents. They also manufacture different types of devices for diagnostics as well as diabetes care. It earned global recognition for manufacturing unique and premium replacement heart valves and monitoring systems. It received the emergency use authorization for the Covid-19 diagnostics. 
  3. Medtronic – The next one is Medtronic, which currently possesses over 138 billion in revenue. The company excels in producing medical devices for cardiovascular, urological, orthopedic, ENT, respiratory, and monitoring systems. However, currently, the company is in the headlines for producing and selling devices for neurology. The device is known as the Percept PC system. It treats serious diseases like Parkinson’s disease by using deep brain stimulation. Alongside the US healthcare system, the company has earned popularity in the Indian market as well. The company has planned to introduce more user-friendly devices in the sector of neurology in the future.  
  4. Baxter – Baxter is currently on the top for manufacturing and selling the Amia dialysis systems. It is used for treating end-stage renal conditions. In the year 2009, the company received the EU clearance for HIN1 vaccine candidates when the swine flu pandemic broke out. From there to the 129 billion dollar empire, Baxter crossed several milestones. 
  5. Danaher – Though started as a trust for real-estate investment, today Danaher is a world-known company manufacturing devices for diagnostics as well as the life science sector. The company has opened a new branch for producing devices for dental care including orthodontics, consumables, dental implants, and many more. The company is currently a hit in India as well. Their current revenue margin is 105 billion dollars. 

To find better leads on the medical equipment manufacturers in Kolkata, search through the utility search portals. If you are a dealer of medical devices then make sure to find authentic and registered suppliers.

Summary –

Do you know which are the best medical equipment manufacturers? These five international companies are the most popular manufacturers of medical devices – Johnson and Johnson, Abbot, Medtronic, Danaher, and Baxter. 

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