With the improvement of our standard of living and multiple auto options available today, private ownership of cars has increased and eventually a lot of scrap cars get added regularly to the lot. This can pose a serious problem as far as solid waste management is concerned. Having the option of recycling and reusing in our times is truly a blessing. Generating money and helping the environment at the same time is quite an ideal deal. 

There are various factors that decide the scrap value of cars and their auto parts. Here are listed the most detrimental amongst them.

  • The Law of Supply and Demand

This rule basically applies to almost everything. When the scrap value of a car is to be determined this factor hugely affects the final value. If the car that you want to scrap has auto parts that are in high demand because similar cars are getting frequently repaired then the demand for the auto parts of your car is going to be high. This will increase the prices of the car that you are planning to scrap.

  • Quality of Scrap

Auto parts of rare, classic cars or luxury cars, or cars that are expensive are considered high quality. Scraping old, vintage cars is always going to fetch more money very easily and quickly owing to the rare nature. Similarly, an expensive car whose auto parts are available at quite high prices otherwise is a sure candidate for quality scrap. High-quality scrap is the most highly sought after scrap that sells quickly. A commonly used car or a vintage car are examples of quality vehicles that are highly sought after for their auto parts.

  • Location

The geographic position of the place from which your vehicle needs to be picked up also affects the value of your vehicle. A commodity whose transportation charges are huge will ultimately yield lesser value as compared to those commodities that are nearby. Whenever dealing with selling cars to a wrecker try to find one who stays nearby. In the guise of finding a good price for your vehicle or its auto parts, reaching out to wrecking companies that are quite far will ultimately lead to the loss of value of your vehicle to be scrapped. If you are looking to sell your old car on the Gold Coast you can easily find cash for cars in gold coast.

  • Time of Manufacturing

The year of the manufactured model of the car greatly affects the value of your car that should be scrapped. This is because the materials particularly metal used in car manufacturing change every year. Nowadays environment-friendly plastics that are easily recycled are used in the manufacturing of cars. Earlier more metal was used for the manufacturing of cars thus adding to their scrap value.

  • How Old Is the Vehicle?

The age of the vehicle also affects its value. A newer automobile that is more contemporary will surely fetch more money as compared to a vehicle that is older than it because of the wear and tear it has undergone over the years.

  • Condition

The condition of your vehicle largely depends on its maintenance. A well-maintained automobile with its parts in good shape is a very important factor while determining its value when selling to a scraper.

These are the primary factors that affect and thus determine the values of any car or auto part. Although many other aspects can always affect the plan. It just depends on what works in a particular scenario.


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