The Middle East is popular for having top-class and high-end cars from all the best automotive brands in the world. Almost every family in the Emirates owns two cars. Moreover, the richest residents of the UAE buy new vehicles after every three years which is why the used cars for sale in Dubai are so cheap. We will discuss the automakers that are at the top of the list in the UAE.


This brand is well-received in the Middle East due to the production of stylish and perfectly constructed vehicles. Their cars are suitable for both families and businesses. A number of used cars in Dubai are of Toyota and are available at low cost. As for the ownership rights cost, that is also low. 

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The automotive industry is dominated by the Toyota sedans because they are functional and practical. When it comes to other body types, Prado and Land Cruiser are worthy SUVs. Since UAE is known for desert driving and off-roading adventures, the Toyota vehicles are the best for this purpose. 

The taxis in UAE are mostly Toyota Camry’s because they give surprisingly high mileage. Toyota’s nameplates are competitive performers of the market segments. 


BMW is perhaps the most luxurious and high-end automaker seen in the UAE. It is used by the rulers and prime ministers of Emirates too. BMW has amazing sports cars as well as luxurious vehicles. The younger generation is a fan of the brand because it offers the latest modern technology and high standards. 

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From their collection, the M3 and X series of BMW are the top models in UAE. In the Gulf region, X5 was registered as the most sold vehicle. This vehicle boasts an unleaded, turbocharged 1-6 engine which delivers high speed and power. If you have a thing for sports cars, you should definitely go for BMW.


Nissan is one of the best automobile brands in Dubai. The extensive range of Nissan boasts high-quality sedans and attractive SUVs. The tourists in the UAE also go for the Nissan brand. They hire Nissan cars from UAE auto companies such as CarSwitch. 

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Nissan cars require way less fuel and can go strong for a long time in all your adventures and road trips. Dependability and reliability are the top priorities of the company and it is evident from their usage. They have traditional wheels with excellent features. An average salary person in the UAE can afford Nissan cars easily. 

The design of their automobiles is superior, expensive, and attractive. There are numerous customization choices and other appealing facilities. The resale value in the market is great too. This is why Toyota gains more and more customers each year. In case your budget is not big, you can go for Altima or Sunny. If your priority is a good fuel economy, you should choose the Nissan Patrol. It can also be used for off-track driving. 


This is a prestigious and well-reputed automotive brand. Mercedes Benz is recognized for luxurious trucks, buses, and cars. The best-selling cars of Mercedes in the UAE are C, E, and S class. These are sold the most in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. These vehicles boast an expensive cabin and exterior. They look quite handsome too. 

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Mercedes tries its best to offer above and beyond to the customers. It holds a unique place in the market. The brand is extremely successful, innovative, and equipped with the latest technology. Moreover, its comfort level, dependability, and features are unrivaled.

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If you’re an off-road driver, this brand is for you. Pajero has the best features, capability, and vehicles for desert driving and dune bashing. Most people book cars of Pajero for the safari desert adventures. The best fuel economy and off-roading abilities are offered by its vehicles. It is outstanding in challenging and desert terrain. Moreover, the trunk and interior space are large. The 4×4 drive, 17-inch wheels, metallic accents, power steering, and much more features are given. 

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These are the most favorite automakers of Emiratis. If you want to see the range of Toyota used cars in Dubai or of any of the above brands, visit CarSwitch to view certified vehicles!

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