FEMA Consultant

FEMA Consultants are professionals who understand all the nuances of the Foreign Exchange Management Act. Thus, they provide a multitude of services that include everything from simple accounting to advanced auditing. This article covers the top 7 services provided by the FEMA specialists of Delhi.

Foreign Exchange Management Act establishes the regulations for foreign trade in India. It has infused even the simplest rules that exist and trade and accounting with undue complications. To deal with them, we have FEMA experts.

Who are FEMA Experts?

FEMA Experts (FEMA Consultants) can be accounting professionals, business experts and freelancers who are privy to the ins and outs of the FEMA act. They leverage that expertise to provide a plethora of services. The nature of these facilities vary. And some among them are more important than others.

Let us discuss the Top 7 FEMA services in India.

Collaborating with businesses exist outside India

Those with expertise in FEMA rules understand the accounting regulations of multiple countries. Ergo, they can collaborate with multiple businesses outside India. It is especially helpful for NRIs whose businesses exist outside the country but still is bound by India’s accounting paradigm.

Overseas Investments

if you are planning to invest outside India, you must get the aid of FEMA experts. Their understanding of the business regulations about the foreign countries can help you save a lot of money. They can further help you to save taxes on your investments by strategically evaluating your business against one that exists outside the country.

Foreign Investment into India

India is very careful when it comes to investments from outside the country. It has established several safeguards and regulations to ensure the following:

  1. None of the money invested in India becomes a utility for nefarious purposes.
  2. All the foreign investments take Indian regulations into account.
  3. Ensuring that the foreign investment coming to India isn’t marred with scandals
  4. Not letting foreign investors interfere with Indian policies.

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Assisting in maintaining the statutory compliances

FEMA consultants understand the worth of compliances. They know that to keep a business healthy in India, all the regulatory requirements must be fulfilled on time. Thus, they provide a multitude of compliance services. Keeping an eye on the due dates, they inform the multinational companies about their compliance needs. Thus, acting on time, they fulfil the compliance requirements of these companies and save them from getting penalized.

Watching over the estate sector

Do you want to own property outside India? If you do, you must know about:

  1. The real estate laws of that country
  2. Compliance requirements of that country
  3. And that country’s taxation regimen

A FEMA consultant is aware of all of them. It watches over the real estate sector and provides you advisory services in regard to your business.

Assisting Non-Resident Indians

It is not easy for NRIs to establish their foothold in India. There are several regulatory complications that they must consider before taking a single step. Thus, they ask the FEMA consultants for help. The Foreign Exchange Management Act experts respond by providing them with auditing and accounting services in India.

Import Export Code

All who want to partake in the import-export business must acquire an IEC code from the government of India. FEMA experts thus, strategically provide IEC services by helping you file the application to DGFT.


Professionals versed in Foreign Exchange Management Act provide a wide range of services. To know about all of them, you have to reach out to these experts. Consult with Registrationwala if you want to contact them today.



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