manali tour
manali tour

You are looking for destinations in India for honeymoon? The best place to spend time with your loved one will be Manali. The snow-capped mountains, the valley and the chilled atmosphere make Manali the ideal honeymoon destination. The most important thing is to choose for a special occasion from the best resorts in Manali.


Manali is the Himachal Pradesh Queen that, thanks to its enormous beauty, attracts as many tourists from different parts of the world as possible every year. The hill resort also has some of the best spots in the area. So, of course.


An exotic stay in Manali


The pool, café and music school overlook the vast garden and white mountains. Modern facilities like free WiFi, a pool, massage room, sports club are available in this resort. The resort is one of the most sumptuous chattels that offers high-quality amenities and is a commendable revision.


It has a total of 24 rooms with a peaceful and modern space. The resort offers brilliant facilities such as laundry service, comfort for conferences, outdoor views and open-air pool. Couples will take part in outdoor events such as jeep safari, fishing, campfire, trekking, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking and climbing.


Experience the charm of old Manali


The Mall Road lies just 1 mile from this resort. With his magnificent lodging, he welcomes visitors warmly. It is bordered by the quiet atmosphere of an intense swath of broods overflowing through lined peaceful mountains.


For this magnificent resort, snowcapped mountains set the canvas. The dazzling and sparkling Honeymoon Suites are the best place to spend a day together for couples.


The rooms have a special atmosphere that is friendly with plenty of light and ventilation. Indoor and outdoor play, mini-theatre, swimming in a pool, can be enjoyed by couples. A library for visitors is also open. Intercontinental food and drinks can be served at the bar in the in-house kitchen.


A beautiful Manali resort among pine forests and the strong Himalayas


Set 2 km from Manali bus station, this resort is situated. A splendid panorama of the snow-capped mountains and luxuriant green forest on slopes.


Visitors may enjoy the services in style. You can also enjoy the wonderful views of the bistro from the bistro or the rooms with private balconies. In the sporting field, there are enjoyable games and in the foyer of the symposium, there are several times and meetings.


The outdoor areas of the resort offer a range of sports. Visitors may also select activities such as canal rafting or skiing in the mountains surrounded by snow. Pairs will enjoy a panoramic view of the bottle’s green forest, apple groves and mountains throughout the morning.


Elegant resort in Manali 


A journey on the road? Do you need a stop by? The Sandhya Resort is a great lodge for relaxing. The Manali bus station is just 1 km away. The resort has a bistro, but a health spa is also open. It has free Wi-Fi internet! Yeah, who wants to miss this facility, you heard it right.


The resort is situated in this region where many places of interest are easily available, such as the Solang valley and the Hidimba devi shrine. Different suites, including the Honeymoon Suite, Deluxe and Luxus rooms and Mountain View, are available at this 4-star hotel.


The hotel provides numerous entertainment facilities such as a health spa, fog shower, a gym and a well-stocked gym. In your free time, couples should enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor sports.


Romance with the mountains


Would you like to begin your married life in the snow city? A Honeymoon Inn with a 4.5 star rating will be the place to stay. A romantic getaway is offered by the attractive and magnificent flower-clad hills, Beas River, and the sea-green Deodar forest.


It provides a spectacular view of the Himalayas, and outside the open gardens you feel heavenly and animated. It is an excellent place to avoid the jostle and buzz of everyday life: a paradise to chill, refresh yourself and relax!


The loggia has been freshly refurbished, with nice shade and structures on the interior of the rooms. A stunning view of the backyard next to the landscape.


Solang Valley Resort


Solang Valley Resort is a 4-star, newly married couples resort located in Manali. The resort offers around 70 luxury quarters, including the suites of Honeymoon. Solang Valley Resort offers solely regional, contemporary facilities. The resort is situated between the white hills in the thriving green city of Manali. Deodar trees and rich apple vergers are bundled there. Pairs can easily enjoy the warm sun the resort uses during the day. Each suite at the resort has an exceptional view of the orchids, the woods, and the mountains, of course.


Couples will settle in the restaurant in a variety of cuisines. You should pick up your favourite drinks while sipping to the sounds of the nightclubs. Fitness freaks are provided with a well-equipped gym and even a mini theatre. Guests can also enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities.


Span Resort and Spa


In the lush woods of the coppice and vast forests, the 5-star Period Resort & Spa provides celestial relief for newly married couples. All kinds of residences are provided by the resort, ranging from grand, to spacious, general and honeymoon suites. The rooms are decorated to give the couples the finest atmosphere and warm interior. Important services are also offered, such as free Wi-Fi. Other amenities such as a fitness area, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a salon and a massage centre can be attended by couples.


The guest rooms are often decorated as chalets that give visitors great loneliness. The travel counter, the exchange centre, emergency medical assistance and the doorkeeper have additional facilities.



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