Top SEO Tips For Affiliate Marketing Website

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Do you need Organic Traffic and wants to increase your earning for improving your lifestyle then you need to know some SEO tips and tricks for affiliate marketing website or blog.

Article promoting and Marketing is elegant for a rationale: When completed legitimate, it drives webpage guests to an engaged Web site. It furthermore allows an advertiser to develop single direction connects to their Web site which, in flip, helps improve a Web’s site page rank.

In an increasingly more forceful online market, you can’t bear to not compose articles as a strategy for selling your subsidiary product or potential suppliers.

I am sharing with you top affiliate marketing SEO tips and tricks for increasing profit.

  1. Proper Keyword research
  2. Human readable Meta Titles
  3. Human readable Meta Descriptions
  4. Using long-tail keyword
  5. Using the Meta Tags
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Properly Optimize Images
  8. Insert Affiliate Links
  9. Guest Posts on Trusted Site
  10. Use Link Building Strategy
  11. Website Speed
  12. Responsive website
  13. Social Bookmarking your Website
  14. Optimize your Robots
  15. Optimize your website sitemap
  16. Carefully Select your Domain Name

1) Keyword research:

When you have finalized any niche or category for affiliating marketing, then you filter these keywords accordingly low competition. Search volume of these keywords must be not high and keep in your mind these keywords are an exact match with your products or niche.

Here are some tips for quality keyword research.

  • First, analyze your competitor’s keyword strategy.
  • check what people want and search
  • utilize these keywords perfectly
  • Search product or keywords on google trend.
  • Find the low competition keywords.
  • Use the google keyword planner for keyword search because it’s a free and fast tool ever and Chance shows the exact search volume of the keyword.

2) Human-readable Meta Titles:

Meta Title is part of on-page SEO. when we did keyword research use these keywords properly and human-readable in the title and confirm it makes good sense because anyone then searches on google first he read the title of the site.

3) Human-readable Meta Descriptions:

in Meta description also use the keywords. meta description must be concise and human-readable. meta description also a very important part of on-page SEO user also see this description. keep in mind don’t copy others Meta title and meta description.

4) Using long-tail keyword:

Using long-tail keywords is very beneficial because it has low competition and low search volume. but these long-tail keywords tell what exactly the buyer wants for example

if your website is related to “Laptops” and this Laptop keyword has high competition and high search volume. it’s difficult to rank this short tail keyword.

Here is the long tail keyword “Best Laptop For playing sims 3”. this keyword is low Competition and shows buyer wants.

For find like these keywords, you can see Quora, Reddit, and forums other Q & A sites.

5) Using the Meta Tags:

Properly use the all header tags like H1, H2, and H3 because google crawlers scan these tags and use them. Use the focus keyword in H1 tags it’s suggested by google.

Image alt attribute in an image tag also necessary. use all keywords like secondary and primary keywords in the image alt tag because it helps to google crawler for the best result.

6) Internal Linking:

Internal linking is important to any website because it helps maintain and create the site structure and spread the link juice. In other words, internal linking refers to any links from one page of a domain, which is linked to another page within the same domain.

Internal linking helps Google to index the fast pages of the websites. Through the internal linking your website bounce rate chances will be decreased. Due to the internal linking user increase their knowledge and find some new pages and topics.

7) Properly Optimize Images:

Images also important because images also attract visitors to click on your website. if you are using the images in your post it will be informative. if your image quality is low then your website not take enough load time.

To optimize the images Reduce the file dimensions. Choose the right extension like (jpeg, png, gif) and also  Use image sitemaps and test the images. Properly optimize images load easily and the website not take enough time to load.

8) Insert Affiliate Links:

Using affiliate links in your post chance of high traffic to your website. Affiliate links also increase the chances of click and earning money. affiliate link already designs creatively buyer attract on it and click on it. Affiliate links or banners increase the ratio of clicks.

9) Guest Posts on Trusted Site:

Guest Posting or blogging is one of the most effective tools for affiliate marketing. from guest blogging, you will get the quick benefits for your website.

There are some points you will check before getting a guest blog.

  • Find and publish a guest post on your relevant niche or category.
  • Create good content not use copyright content for a guest post.
  • do properly on-page for your guest post article.
  • Regularly update the content according to the audience or visitors.

10) Use Link Building Strategy:

After the on-page make a proper plan and strategy of link building. Through link building, you build the organic traffic on your website. analyze the competitor’s website and see his backlinks strategy and the same applies to your website.

You can use infographics, pdf submission, Blogs and Forums Comments, article submission sites, and bookmarking in a link-building strategy. A perfect link-building plan is always beneficial for a website.

11) Website Speed:

Website speed also includes important in SEO. because when anyone visits your website and it takes many loads to open then it’s not put a good impact on visitors and maybe your website bounce rate will be increased.

According to Google, website or page speed is one of the most necessary aspects to increase your Quality Score.

That’s why To keep a check on the loading time, keep in mind the following points.

  • Select the right fast web hosting site.
  • update and optimize your PHP and MySQL.
  • Reduce the unused CSS and Javascript files.
  • Uncheck all redirects.
  • optimize your picture properly.
  • Eliminate the render-blocking resources.
  • Avoid enormous network payloads.
  • Avoid large layout shifts.

12) responsive website:

your website will be responsive and user-friendly. website will follow the proper hierarchy and structure according to the Google updates. The responsive website easily opens on mobile and not much load time. if you can see 70 percent user from mobile and 30 percent user from other devices.

The user-friendly website is easy to understand from the user and google. The creative design of the website is good and pictures also attract the user to the website. It also helps your website to rank on the google search engine.

13) Social Bookmarking your Website:

The social bookmarking website also has heavy traffic from different countries. You can submit your website to some famous social bookmarking websites like,,,, and many more sites you search on google and find easily.

Social bookmarking websites are ranked higher on search engines because they are trusted and reliable.

14) Optimize your Robots:

Regularly Updates the robots file of your website. because The file tells the google search engine bots or crawlers what to crawl and how much to crawl. The bots will not crawl through the pages if you have banned them from entering.

The crawler or bot will crawl all of your website pages if your robots.txt file doesn’t explicitly mention it not to. so its signals to the crawlers, you better update the file.

15) Optimize your website sitemap:

A site map is the map of your website. this defined all structures and maps of your website properly.

This site map helps the google crawler. when crawler comes on your website and sees your site map and easily takes your data and saves it in database. when anyone search-related to your topic show this data to the user.

16) Carefully Select your Domain Name:

Choosing SEO friendly domain is good. SEO-friendly name increased demand & tough competition. When choosing the domain name for your website see the relevant name that represents your website and niche.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you.

  • choose a short domain name. because if your domain name is short then the user easily keeps it in the mind and remembers this.
  • Experts also suggest using a “.com” extension, as it is more familiar to the user.
  • when making domain names try to find related keywords and simple to remember. the simple and easier domain name increases your traffic.
  • You can use many websites to generate relevant and suitable keywords according to your website.
  • Here is the example “keyword finder” it’s best to find the domain name for your website.


Many people doing SEO for affiliate websites but do not follow all steps of SEO. All steps are very important and take time to produce a good result for your website.

If you follow all steps according to google then you will see the good result of affiliate marketing. when you doing SEO you need to be patient and give in your 100% to achieve your goal.


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