Top Seven Types Of Search Results You Should Know Before Stepping Ahead

Search Results Types

When you Google for different topics, you see vast types of content results for each search query. But if you Google on the same topic for a few days every time, you will see different results. You must be wondering how?

Myriad of rich snippets on the SERP is your answer which Google uses, and to show you the information in that way which makes it more appropriate, according to the search result.

SEOs can find out easily which rich keyword Google shows on their top trend and how it will look like when their target result shows on the first page. And it will help SEOs learning about their searchers along the way.

Types Of Search Results Every SEO Must Know

1. Pictures:

When a person enters a search query on Google. Google analyses, the visual content in form of images which would be valuable for the query. It shows the top results, especially on Google images when you search for something.

A product of Google, which is Google Lens, is reaching a high level of demand these days. It can tell you what this image is about without telling its attributes.

2. Video Content:

The video content is another feature that is available on Google. It helps the searchers when they search for something on Google and get results in a video form. When it was first introduced on the search engine, it used to show the only specific videos to watch when a query asked for it. But now with the passage of time, Google shows a wide variety of videos related to the search which was asked for.

To get top of this video feature content, open your channel on Youtube, and start uploading and optimizing videos over there. Search for the most trending keywords on the Youtube search engine. It will help you understand what people are searching for results and choose the content and make a good title, which suits your video for example if you are making on any specific action game. Then heading will be like top best shots in an arena or 1 VS 4 clutch, etc. This help will guide you strategically moving ahead and give you more opportunities to update your old videos with new titles and descriptions.

The primary reason to prioritize YouTube is that, because Google purchased the YouTube back in 2006 and somehow every time you see YouTube video is on top search even it is not related to the search content it is not clear, they do that intentionally to generate more traffic on YouTube.

3. Paid Advertisements:

The paid advertisement also follows the same pattern for organic results. With the addition of the word, ad let content searchers know that you have actually paid for that specific position. However, search engine marketing is an entirely different field from SEOs, but still, SEOs should have a knowledge of the insight news they can pull for keyword planning to perform for their future keyword.

The biggest hurdle for SEOs with Google ads is that it can create problems for businesses with a lot of goodwill from emerging on top of search engines for a branded search until and unless that business also pours some money to buy those ad spots.

4. Website links:

We know the link which you see under the Google search result as website links. They are there to help the user navigate them on your website. This system structure analyzes your website, which saves the time of the user and helps to find quick data that is required of the user.

Basically, if there’s a website the user will probably go on a survey or navigate found in Google search result. Google will give them a direct shortcut on the SERP.

To use this feature, Google recommends you keep your website up to date using internal links and avoid repetition. And if you there’s a topic which customer will surely search for it as it’s in trending, so build your website in this way that it has its own page and heading tags so as soon as they search for it your result should pop up in simple words make it specific.

5. News Headlines:

We know this category in Google as Top Stories. And Google recommends SEOs especially in this field to stay on top to use markup to let crawlers know your page is timely up to date.

According to research from IT developers, adding more up data to your blogs, news, post, weather articles or any sports articles will enhance your Google search results. And if you keep going with the trends, then it will have the potential to go on top stories, which will make your content more unique in the news category.

6. Organic Blue Links in Results:

This is the old method for search results in Google, which has been on SERP since the beginning. It comprises a blue headline with short information below the heading and with the website link.

It lets the user read the small description of what they will find when they visit the link. So content creators should keep in their minds that they should keep on updating the meta-description to give updated previews to the users, or else Google automatically decides itself what to show on top and as result, your content might not get the views.

7. Google Maps:

This feature pops up when Google figures out the query which has local intent, meaning Google divides the search into GO, DO and KNOW.

@TKDigitals can help you with this. It provides the customers with quality SEO services where Google maps are handled expertly.

For example, if I want to visit any restaurant it will cross verify with the three local packs at the top of SERP with my current position. To use this feature your data should be accurate, adding a large variety of listing with an extensive amount of online reviews with higher ratings and break them into designated categories.


Now you know the basic search results that every user has to interact with. It is up to you how you manage the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to facilitate each type of search result. You can also look for the pro tips to get there and earn more value than ever.


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