Social Media has turned out to be powerful media to express. It has proven its power to connect to people around the globe as a medium to share views, interests, pictures, and has become a significant marketing strategy. Though we have Social Media Giants like Facebook and Twitter who rule the world, there is more to it.

Here’s a list of some of the most loved social media apps for Android, which is soon gaining top spot –

Instagram –

Instagram is soon gaining momentum more than just a photo editing application. It lets you capture those moments and instantly share it with your social network. With the upgraded feature – Photo Map, the user could utilize geo-tagging, pinch-to-zoom functions, and even’ add captions. More than providing some of the best editing features, it gives the chance to view the world different and being creative.

Tango –

A top rated free app to keep in touch with your family and friends with high quality video calls, phone calls, text messages, games, and picture sharing. The app automatically integrates with our phone contacts and can be accessed through multiple devices. Yet another fun feature of the application is it provides Animations, avatars, and lets you send cards. Being a free app, lets you converse for hours, which is mostly loved by its users.

GetGlue –

One of the upcoming social networks, offering a lot of features mostly for entertainment like – checking your favorite entertainment shows and movies, watch shows viewed by your friends, and moreover, you could chat with your friends and chat at the same time. The app also provides the user with personalized recommendations, and gain discounts by unlocking stickers. It also offers official rewards for about 700 shows that include some hot favorites – American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The X Factor, and more Tagline For Digital Marketing.

Seesmic –

A single app that helps you to handle multiple social networking sites like – Facebook and Twitter, in just a single space. The app has a simple yet powerful interface, which integrates with the social network accounts that updates automatically. Some of the incredible features of the app are its support for multiple accounts and cross-posting features at the same time. A convenient app to organize your social media accounts.

Avacado –

Rated as one of the best Social Media apps of 2012, Avacado offers a swift and private messaging option with your loved one. You could have an archive of your relationship memories and add photographs and a media gallery. With advanced security features, the app keeps you connected, providing your own private space.

In 2012, Nokia lost its mantle as the No. 1 retailer of phones in the world.  Samsung took over as the largest retailer, partly due to the increasing smartphone usage worldwide with 45% of all mobile phone sales being smartphones in 2012, as against 37% in 2011. Nokia has reacted with several high-level phones, but also

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform where you can share business-related images and earn a huge number of clients. Like every other social network, Pinterest is unique too. You will need to learn the techniques for drawing maximum advantage of this amazing networking site. Being an image-centered platform, it is mandatory that you post the images strategically.

Here are 7 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Images For Pinterest:

Pin only the images that you own :

When you are serious about your business, you cannot compromise on originality. Images that you copy from online sources are definitely present somewhere over the web. These images link to different web addresses. Hence, the followers of your brand may unwittingly end up landing on the sites other than yours. In such a situation, your company will fail to enjoy all the benefits that the popularity of the images could bring.
Therefore, you should pin only those images whose rights you own. It will help your company reap the benefits when more and more people begin to pin your copyrighted pictures.

Own your images with watermarking :

Since you are using your own images, you will have to ensure that they are not being used by others in fulfilling their business interests. Otherwise, you will miss the point of using original pictures.

For achieving this goal, you should watermark your pictures by mentioning your company website or adding a statement – ‘image is copyrighted’ at the bottom of all the images. Watermarking will not charge you anything, as free applications are available over the web.

Watermarks are hard to remove and hence, they succeed in deterring unscrupulous individuals from using your images and harming your interests.

Change the name of your image file :

When you upload pictures on Pinterest, you have to provide image descriptions along with them. However, the search engines will use the original file name for tracking down your pictures.

Therefore, if your image has a numeric/alphanumeric file name, you should change it immediately to something that describes the photo as closely as possible. Pinterest imposes a 500-character limit. Therefore, you should carefully choose the most relevant keywords as the name of the file. It will help the search engines find your images effortlessly.

Keep the picture description safe from being misinterpreted :

The description for your images can be changed by the person, who repins it. Many times, images that are not pleasant to the eye gather negative descriptions from the people repinning them.

For instance, if your product is a floor cleaner and you have pinned pictures of dirty floors then people may repin them with ugly descriptions. Such descriptions will ruin the message that you wish to send through the image.

In order to save your images from such abuse, you should give an overlay text on them. For the above example, the overlay text could be – ‘Make your floor spotless with Smarty Clean.’ It will help people understand the motive of the image.

You may also consider pinning pictures in pairs in a ‘Before’ ‘After’ fashion. In this way, the images will be self-explanatory.

Decide what you would like your audience to do :

If you want your pictures to be shared, pin pleasant ones. Such images are randomly shared because people wish to share beautiful things fast with their connections.
However, if you want to create a buzz and encourage people to comment on your pictures then you should pin thought-provoking images. A large number of comments will enable your images to appear on the top of the Pinterest page, which will further encourage more users to comment.

Categorize your pinboards :

On Pinterest, you can create pinboards based on different categories of images. This feature is very helpful for SEO.

By categorizing the pinboards, you can give them keyword-rich titles. It will keep people happy as they can reach directly to the images that match their interests.

Furthermore, you will be able to determine which groups of images are doing well and motivating more user interaction.

  • Other small steps that you must take
  • Integrate your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will spread commotion across social media whenever you upload an image.
  • Add the ‘Pin it’ button beside your pictures so that people can pin them conveniently.
  • Choose only high-quality images that would push people to share them immediately. Moreover, keep your images 736-pixels wide. It is the best possible size that your image can assume on Pinterest.



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