AngularJs is an excellent framework for building interactive elements and components of a website. Being on the list of popular JavaScript frameworks enhances efficiency, and developers find it most helpful in building dynamic and supporting MVC programming structures.

Angular has created hype in the software industry, influencing businesses to hire AngularJS developers to build intuitive and faster software products. For creating scalable, faster, and intuitive apps, AngularJS is the ideal solution for various businesses across multiple industries. But what types of apps can one develop using AngularJS? Let’s find out. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of what makes the AngularJS framework an ideal solution for application development.

What Makes AngularJS so Popular?

AngularJS Framework has gained popularity for providing many functionalities, features, and benefits. Eventually, these perks with AngularJS are trendy for building applications and user-interface. It is also rewarded as the top programming language. AngularJS is a renowned framework by Google launched in 2009, which was designed to develop the front-end development process easier to manage. So, despite the numerous plugins and frameworks accessible in the marketplaces, website owners choose AngularJs development services because of their cutting-edge features.

There are numerous reasons to use this popular JavaScript framework. And some of them are listed below:

  • It has a giant community and experts, including a development, testing, and support team
  • It is an independent framework following the MVC pattern
  • It can create big applications once used with the right approach
  • It has a declarative user interface
  • It is the ideal solution for developing the single page applications
  • It uses MVC architecture – no complexity and easy to understand
  • It can allow integrating modules for developing applications
  • It makes testing hassle-free

Below, we have given a chart of industry verticals where AngularJS is being used:

Some Popular Stats Related to AngularJS

  • There are around 3,647,001 websites integrated with AngularJS worldwide.
  • Approximately 706,489 live websites are built using AngularJS.
  • About 4,257 AngularJS websites in India.
  • About 4,82,510 AngularJS websites are there in the US.
  • The UK has approximately 21,183 AngularJS websites. AngularJS has a market share of 1.35%.
  • About 35.7% of the programmers and engineers apply AngularJS for creating UI.
  • About 100,000 skilled professionals work on AngularJS web application development. 
  • Angular has more than 58,000 stars on GitHub.

Types of Apps that Can be Build With AngularJS

Here are the seven wonders you can do with AngularJS:

1. Single Page Applications

AngularJS is an ideal option for building single-page apps. It comprised built-in validators and directives to develop such apps. In addition, it allows you to define your validators if required. This framework seamlessly manages the controls and error handling.

2. Mobile Apps

In the era of digital advancements, mobile apps are widely used. With AngularJS, you can create mobile and web apps. All you need to do is install NodeJs and MongoDB on your system. Moreover, to create a mobile app, you can use a set of modules and REST services. You can also integrate AngularJS with the mobile framework LungoJS. And eventually, you are ready to create awesome mobile applications.

3. Firebase Powered Apps

Mobile development platforms have achieved a new level with Firebase. The blend of Firebase and AngularJS gave rise to a real-time backend service – AngularFire. This technology supports two-way binding on both the server and client sides.  With these two latest technologies, you can efficiently create real-time web and mobile apps. You can build a real-time chat application and chatbots. Today numerous users use such apps and services.

4. Simple Web Application

You can create a web app using AngularJS and Firebase. AngularJS offers a set of directives, components, and resources that make web applications intuitive and attractive. With sample data, you can perform the CRUD operations as well. Thus a simple and easy-to-use web app is built from scratch. You can also develop a web application using Firebase and AngularJS. 

5. JS Apps

You may or may not know that AngularJS is easily testable. It is completely powered by test scripts and suites. Jasmine and Karma are employed for testing the AngularJS applications. They run unit tests for your developed applications to ensure they deliver high quality.

6. Google Chrome Extensions

Normally, a Chrome extension generator develops chrome extensions. But AngularJs also plays a vital part in it. The directive ng-CSP enables the creation of these extensions as well as ng-app. You can add content scripts and background pages and link the APIs. With all these, your expected extension is ready.

Angular’s Superpowers

Here are the five most critical strengths of Angular from the business perspective:

1. Typescript

It’s a huge advantage over JavaScript frameworks. Typescript saves time and decreases the number of possible errors, as the developers can debug their job while coding. That’s because the language authorizes the “typing” of an app, making it seamless to scale it up and find bugs.

2. Ecosystem

An active community plays a beneficial role in your software development project. Angular’s team offers the most important libraries and solutions. As a result, you don’t have to depend on third-party code, with no maintenance guarantee. In addition, angular allows you to access documentation that is continually being improved. Moreover, Angular has all the development tools “out-of-the-box,” which makes everything hassle-free. Developers don’t waste time searching for unfamiliar problem solvers or comparing one tool with another. It unifies the code and the architecture. Angular lets you reach a global audience with easy internationalization.

3. Official libraries

The project’s proficient team supports the most used libraries. As a result, you get lesser bugs, better security, and validation that the package you choose as a core piece of your application will be supported for the uncertain future. Official components also make it seamless to introduce and replace developers in your project, as they likely know the libraries.

4. Testing framework

Angular supports all the testing tools. This is huge, as you can build software faster and refactor it anytime. Developers don’t have to invest time in re-reading the code repeatedly, as frequent tests enable them to minimize the number of errors. It saves a lot of engineers’ time and money. Additionally, you can efficiently automate the work of quality assurance specialists.

5. Experience and trust

Angular has already proved its reliability and benefits in recent times. The community consists of dedicated developers worldwide. Google keeps on funding one of its flagship technology projects. The job market for Angular developers is sound. Numerous enterprise use cases guarantee that the highest security standards are maintained.

Top 10 Apps Built with AngularJS

Let us now understand which Enterprises are embracing Angular:

1. Gmail
Google created Gmail in 2004 and later developed Angular. Gmail has employed the Angular framework since it was established in 2009. They use technology to develop their applications robustly and faster in the competitive ecosystem. Moreover, Gmail has a subscriber base of over 1.4 billion people, so it is the most commonly used free email service. Gmail also supports 105 different languages from recent times. Thus, Gmail could be one of the best examples that use AngularJS for software development.

2. YouTube TV
YouTube TV was built with Angular 2 and launched in 2017. It is Google’s alternative to AT&T TV Now and Hulu + Live TV, offering affordable primary access to various live programming. Youtube TV is available on multiple platforms like Chromecast, Android TV, Roku OS, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One. It works with smart televisions like Samsung and LG too. The YouTube Television Cloud DVR offering allows you to record as much content as possible that you can store for around nine months, ending the storage limits that most competitors charge.

3. Udacity [Programming and Web Development Online Courses]
Today, eLearning platforms and online courses are gaining popularity. Udacity is a globally recognized resource for online learning platforms. Angular 4.4.4 was used to develop the Udacity services web page, keeping security and seamless delivery in mind. Overall, Udacity Websites Built With Angular 2+. Udacity offers courses on various topics such as programming, artificial intelligence, data science, and digital marketing.

Know which are the Top 10 Apps Built with AngularJS at: Types of Apps that You Can Build With AngularJS

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