Best Substrates For Bettas

Since you think about the fundamental two substrates you ought to decide for your betta here are a couple of something else. 

Marbles Substrate

Marbles can be utilized as a successful best substrate for betta tank. While getting aquarium marbles you ordinarily wind up getting marbles that are level, not round. What’s more, level marbles do look much more satisfying than cycle ones. 

Notwithstanding, recall, that marbles may not be the most ideal decision of substrate. There are frequently enormous holes in the middle of them, which make it simple for food and defecation to sneak in. The uplifting news is if your betta has infants, it’s conceivable that these holes can turn into a place of refuge for the fry. 

Best Substrates For Bettas

Marbles are extraordinary for tanks that will be cycled routinely. In the event that you have a more modest tank, marbles are your smartest choice. At this size, they are a lot simpler to keep clean over sand and gravel. 

Marble Chippings Substrate

You may have known about marble chippings for your betta tank, yet this is one that ought to likewise be stayed away from. It’s like coral sand, as it’s likewise calcium carbonate-based. Notwithstanding, the advantage is it’s less expensive. 

Normal Stones (River Stones and Stone Aggregate) 

A few groups say you can utilize stones from a waterway or stone total (anything characteristic you discover outside like stone, wood, sand, and so on) This is the kind of substrate that should be evaded. You may figure the regular look will be better, yet it will be risky to your betta. Since you don’t have the foggiest idea what such a substrate is holding. It could harm your fish, change the pH, or make your tank unbelievably dinky. 

No Substrate 

Furthermore, the last alternative you may consider is no substrate. Simply the glass base. There are a ton of disservices to this yet in a few BIG focal points. 

  • In the event that you plan on reproducing your betta, no substrate makes the fry simpler to see. This way you can watch out for them and ensure none are disappearing. 
  • No substrate is the most straightforward to clean. Without agonizing over sucking gravel up or evolving sand, you should simply rapidly utilize a gravel vacuum. 
  • There’s no possibility your betta will hurt themselves or eat the substrate when there is none. 
  • There’s likewise going to be an extra 0.5 – 1 inch of swimming space for your betta as well! 
  • Recently referenced, in some cases a glass base can cause appearance in your tank, causing your betta to erupt. On the off chance that this happens over and over again, your betta will turn out to be incredibly focused. 
  • Bettas love plants, and in the event that you don’t have any substrate, you’ll have nothing to moor plants in. 
  • It will be more diligently for useful microorganisms to develop. Which can cause an expanded development in perilous synthetic compounds (like alkali). 
  • It simply doesn’t look as pleasant. Very few individuals like an uncovered tank, since it’s not close to as engaging for you or your betta. 


This aquarium substrate guide ought to have addressed every one of your inquiries with respect to which substrate you should utilize. Also, here’s a recap of a portion of the central matters. 

  • Gravel is acceptable on the grounds that it secures plants simpler and delivers more advantageous microscopic organisms. 
  • Sand is acceptable on the grounds that it is simpler to keep clean and is less inclined to hurt your betta 
  • You can likewise take a stab at utilizing marble or no substrate 
  • You ought to maintain a strategic distance from coral sand and marble chippings and certainly evade any substrate you’ve found in nature. 
  • Aquarium substrate will cause your betta to feel more comfortable just as making the tank look more normal. 

Marina Decorative Gravel 

Marina enlivening gravel arrives in a wide assortment of shadings. While I favor the blue gravel it likewise comes in dark, burgundy, neon yellow, orange, and purple. 

Bettas Substrates

This is a decent smooth epoxy-covered gravel that won’t hurt your betta’s sensitive blades. Notwithstanding the surface, the epoxy guarantees that this substrate is inactive and won’t influence your water science. 

Similarly as with all substrates, except if in any case expressed by the maker, it’s actually best to do a wash before use. 

This gravel substrate just comes in 1 pound packs so you may have to buy numerous sacks. Utilizing this in a bigger betta tank might be cost-restrictive for certain individuals. On the off chance that you do have a bigger tank, you can in any case utilize this as a highlight to a more reasonable base substrate. 

Spectrastone Shallow Creek Rrgular 

We by and by going to the all-common gravel. It is the ideal size for your betta fish and lack of bias will make your splendid and dynamic hued bettas pop. 

The best thing about this item is that it is pH characteristic and covered with non-harmful materials, so you don’t need to stress over wrecking the boundaries of your tank. It comes in various common tones and an assortment of shapes, making it ideal for mooring down plants and permitting them to develop. 

Be that as it may, on the grounds that it is produced using various shapes, it isn’t pretty much as smooth as other gravel substrates. It might contain sharp edges on certain pieces that may hurt the fish. 

Spectrastone Shallow Creek is more modest than normal size gravel, yet it should in any case have the option to permit nice dissemination through the substrate to keep a solid climate. Nonetheless, because of the more modest size, it requires more flushing than different items just to keep it clean. 

The shade of the gravel comes marginally more splendid than the image, which isn’t that huge of an arrangement, yet you should remember that in the event that you have brilliant betta fish. That way, you’ll not feature the fish, and you’ll be presumably in an ideal situation picking a hazier substrate. 

  • ​All-Natural doesn’t influence pH levels 
  • ​Good anchor for plants 
  • ​Great size for more modest tanks and fish

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