Flowers in Turkey During Sunset

Flowers are basically the reproductive parts of plants. It is also well known as the bloom or blossom of a plant. Mainly, the flowers have petals, which are inside a part of the flower, which produces pollen and seeds. These seeds become the cause of birth for new plants. A lot of people use plants mostly as decoration for the houses, gardens, or have them on the windows for beauty. Every type of plant has different types of flowers. As well as that, they are attractive, beautiful, and colorful to see. Flowers also attract many flying animals like bees, butterflies, bats, etc. As well, flowers are also very useful for humans as well. Without flowers, we can’t get medicines, food, colors, and lots of other needful things. Flowers in Turkey is one of the world’s biggest flower exhibitions held every year.

Turkey’s massive geographical land has a variety of plants and flowers. It is the center of more than 9,000 flower types. Many unique flowers and plants in the world come only from Turkish land. Therefore, Turkey has a wide variety of flowers, some of which are as follows:

1.  Autumn Crocus (Saffron)

2.  Crocus

3.  Cyclamen

4.  Perforate St John’s-Wort

1)  Autumn Crocus (Saffron Plant)

In Turkey, there is a small town Crocus City, where many autumn crocuses bloom every year. Actually, Saffron, a dark orange-colored spice, is found in this Autumn Crocus flowers. This spice is very famous and expensive around the world. Because of that spice, this Autumn Crocus flower is very famous in Turkey. The main reason for its high price is the harvesting method of this spice. According to research, to get 1 kilogram of saffron spice, it takes around 140,000 Autumn Crocus flowers. It is also used while making many cuisines of Turkey, as in meat or in sweet dishes.

2)  Crocus

To see these beautiful Crocus flowers, one has to visit the western and central parts of Turkey. There are about 35 different types of crocuses, such as violets, poppies, and so on. Furthermore, there are also some crocus flower plants that only grow on the snow. In the US, we can see the most common type of crocus.

3)  Cyclamen

Anatolia is home to nearly 10 species of cyclamen flowers. These Cyclamen flowers are also found in the southeastern and western regions of Turkey. There are many types of cyclamen flowers with different colors. Most of the common Cyclamen flowers are in pink colors. Its beautiful shapes attract everyone’s attention. Some parts of North America and Europe also have these beautiful flowers.

4)  Perforate St John’s-Wort

This Perforates St John’s-Wort is a flower. It mainly grows in huge numbers in Turkey’s Aegean region and on Mount Ida. It is pleasant to see these beautiful Perforate St John’s-Wort flowers. Perforate St John’s-Wort flowers, also used by farmers for a good crop result. We also get oil and some types of medical elements from these flowers. Perforate St John’s-Wort dried flowers, which can also be used while making tea. Furthermore, they are also available for sale in huge amounts at shops and markets. It is one of the finest flowers in Turkey.



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