Types of movies
Types of movies

Types of Movies

Some of our favorite types of movies are based on a plot that involves someone trying to live their lives, get a girl, or just go about their normal daily lives. Others involve vehicles and/or superheroes.

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Other genres of movies deal with other subjects or themes. Whatever the subject, the type of genre a movie falls into can greatly impact what type of entertainment you’re looking forward to. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular types of movies out there.


Action/Adventure/ Comedy:

These types of genres are very similar to adventure and science fiction genres in that they usually deal with someone or something fighting against a normally unstoppable force.

Some examples of this would be movies like Superman, Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo and Mission Impossible. For example, a character might have to overcome an obstacle or stand up against an unbeatable foe in order to win.

Most action movies involve a vehicle or airplane or ship being used as the main protagonist or the hero, and the rest of the cast playing supporting characters.



Dramatic and horror films share many of the same qualities, but go about them in very different ways. Both involve a protagonist, an antagonist (usually male) and several other main or minor characters, who all have their own set of goals or objectives, while battling a seemingly unbeatable force.

However, unlike science fiction or comedy films, where the main objective is to achieve some kind of objective or goal, in dramas the objective exists solely for the sake of narrative.

For example, in a scene from The Hangover, a character is attempting to have a baby, but must deal with a series of unexpected events that cause him to go into a coma. This sub-genre of drama is very similar to the mystery genre.

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Mystery films are often about a secret or a crime that is being solved. They generally center on a crime that has been in progress for a long time period or on a small town. Examples include It’s a Small World, The Shining, Casino Royale and Rosemary Clooney’s Man on the Bridge.



There are many types of Westerns, each based on a different type of cowboy or cowgirl. Some examples are The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Blood Meridian and Tombstone. These films generally involve shootouts or chase scenes, and are often interspersed with music from earlier Western films such as Stagecoach.

Examples of Westerns that are set in the United States include Tombstone, Grease, and Fist Full of Dollars. On the other side of the spectrum are films such as Tomb Raider and Kill Bill. These films take place entirely in the future or within the past, and are thus considered Science Fiction.


Action movies:

The most popular action movie of all time is Star Wars. Star Wars is both science fiction and a classic adventure film. It is known for its special effects, amazing fights and exhilarating chase scenes.

Examples of this genre include Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Rocky, GI Joe, Kung Fu, Batman, Superman, etc. The list goes on with all the different types of films in this film genre.



Each film genre has its own set of archetypes or “tropes”. A classic example of this is the film No Limits. This film is a spoof of basketball, mixed with a bit of high fashion, a little of acting, and lots of drama.

The entire premise of this film is to make the viewer think that he or she is watching a real sports event.

The same concept can be applied to TV Tropes, where a show may be completely fictitious, but at the same time, have the necessary elements to fulfill a particular plot need.



Sitcoms are also a subgenre. A sitcom, in this case, is a type of comedy, though it can also be considered family drama.

Common examples of sitcoms include Cheers, Frazier, The Simpsons, The Office, Six Feet Under, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, One Girl, and She’s All Grown Up, et al. Sitcom examples go on and include Scrubs, Seinfeld, The Mentalist, The Dead Zone, Good Morning, Goodnight, Good Luck, and ER.

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