Ultimate Guide to Choose the Web Hosting for a Social Networking Site

Imagine spending countless hours increasing your brand’s recognition in the targetted marketplace. Despite considering numerous marketing activities, still unable to reach the desired target base.

How about increasing your presence on social media? 90% of the marketers believe the fact that social media generates immense exposure for the company. Also, it helps your brand to increase engagement, connect with new people, showcase products/services, and enhanced conversions.

If thinking to build a feature-rich social media website for your business, then first choose to have the best web hosting.

A private online community on your social media platform is different from common platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A private social networking site allows you to be the sole owner of the website, connect with whomever you want, and more.

Coming back to the importance of availing the best socialengine hosting. Follow this simple guide to understand the relevance of web hosting, things to consider, and choose from various options available.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on this.

Different Infrastructure for Hosting Social Networking Sites?

Before deciding the social networking website for your organization, there are several things to be considered first. Infrastructure is the thing that you need to look into that.

1. Hardware Requirements

When you think of buying a computer, the first thing you look at is the capacity of RAM and the power of the CPU. You cannot decide based on replacing the hardware of the system after a while just to meet scalable requirements.

Similarly, nobody wants to deal with the hardware bottlenecks of a social networking website hosting.

Especially with social media that can never be the same and keep on changing with new trends. So, while choosing the best web hosting plan, make sure it has scalable components. Because, whenever the need arises, you can increase the storage and bandwidth of hosting to continue social media operations.

In addition to the above, there are few other considerations to follow:

* You need to choose the server that handles specific load conditions whenever there is an increase in web traffic on your platform.

* No matter, whichever social media web hosting plan you choose, the company should have multiple data centres to solve queries. Especially, in case of emergency, you should have access to the nearby data centre and fix the issues in a hassle-free manner.

* Another thing to keep in mind that, keeping your social media website isolated from other clients on the same hosting company. Moreover, it allows you to remain focused on your brand and connecting people on social media without any interruption of another brand.

2. Software Requirements

Social media is fast, highly responsive, and keeps on changing with time. The post you see at the moment will be gone in the bucket a few seconds later. So, to match the competitive market standards, your social media platform needs to be fast, load quickly, make sure no downtime, and handles the stress.

To attain all such features, a database of social media hosting should be strong enough to handle multiple users at the same time. Ensure the fact that the database handles the load efficiently to manage the overall speed and responsiveness of the platform.

For you to know, the database comes as the foundation of a social media networking site. In case any issue like stress, excessive load, downtime, speed, or development problem arises, all of these impact the database and its functioning. Thus, make sure your database is up to the task of managing the load and handling issues.

Another thing to notice is the SSL certificate of the web hosting plan. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer, that is a cryptographic protocol to restricts the movement of hazardous web elements like virus or malware. It brings guarantees to users that your social media site is safe to explore and information is highly protected.

3. Network

If your hardware system is too far, then the network of the platform will not be responsive. In that case, you spend too much time keeping your nodes working and prevent the importance of maintaining the quality. In this concern, you need to keep the hardware and network infrastructure close to one another to let the platform working efficiently.

From the above considerations, you can make out the fact that scalability and uptime are two important things to consider. Look at the initial requirements of the social media network app hosting and then move forward to have a successful platform.

Next, we will be focussing on the best social networking applications to consider to meet your objective of connecting with millions of people.

Five Best Social Networking Applications to Consider

To stay connected with your target audience on a private social platform, choose the best social networking application. Choose from the below options and combines the one with Socialengine hosting to stay ahead of the competition.

1. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that is created from a series of WordPress plugins.

It brings features and functionalities to a social networking platform like that of a content management system. Choose this option, if you want to add social networking site to the WordPress website. On the other side, it can be used to build a platform on a separate WordPress framework.

Top Features:

* Create user profiles

* Manage activity streams

* Create user groups

Best Uses of BuddyPress

* It is best for running a result-oriented social networking website for your company.

* A niche social platform for launching new products and run on an intranet.

* If your website is running on WordPress, then it is an ideal solution for you.

2. Dolphin

Dolphin is free to install content management system best used for building a profitable social networking application. At present, it powers 300,000 websites and the Pro version includes 30 modules, 2000 features, and 1000+ extensions.

Using Dolphin, you can create a feature classified ads platform or content sharing social platform for posting articles or blogs.

Top features:

* Create custom backgrounds

* Customized fonts

* Profil pages

Best Uses of Dolphin

* Technical content management system for building a social networking platform.

* Can turn off social media entity at any point in time.

* Highly competitive software as compared to options like Elgg, SiteGround, and more.

3. Elgg

Elgg is a versatile social media networking platform that provides you with the liberty of creating an interactive online community. It offers complete management functionalities and user account administration features.

With Elgg, integrate a variety of APIs, plugins, and extensions to create a fully customized social networking platform. It brings full communication capabilities of messaging, posting to profiles, and internalization.

Top Features:

* Create dashboards, avatars, friends, group profiles, and more.

* It supports blogging, message boards, and custom pages.

* Multiple databases to connect.

* Easy solution to install and update features.


Oxwall is another social networking platform that helps to build a customized social website to meet requirements like a website for fans, friends & family, an online community for a cause, and a collaboration tool for co-workers.

It is an open-source platform that is built using PHP and MySQL to set up a blogging, forum, groups for users, and multimedia sharing platform.

Final Note

Now, you have the way forward to create a customized social networking website to increase your community base. Connect with a large scale of the targetted audience to enhance the brand’s image and reach.

Get in touch with SocialEngineIndia to get the best Socialengine hosting and further support to develop an intuitive platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Reason to Implement Social Networking Software?

Regardless of the already available social media platforms, creating private social networking platforms bring a new and widespread entity to the company. It enables you to connect with internal employees, external customers, and other stakeholders on the same platform. Moreover, you will have full control over the site by creating customized functionalities or making any changes.

2. What are the Important Features of Social Networking Software?

Some of the important features of a social networking platform are instant messaging, posting content on the wall, direct message, chat system, creating user’s profile, activity streams, message board, user groups, and more. All these are must-have features to add to the platform. Apart from that, you can bring additional features as per the enterprise’s requirements.

3. Is It Possible to Customize Social Networking Software?

Yes, you can customize the application in any way you want. Just need to get in touch with a professional Socialengine developer to create the platform of your company and make customized changes accordingly.

4. What is the Cost of Developing a Social Networking Platform?

The cost of development cannot be decided without knowing your requirements, features to add, functionalities to create, complexities, resources, and other necessary considerations. It needs a strategic plan well in advance to create a framework and decide the overall cost of social networking platform development.

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