personal loans

Whether it is a fund for your home renovation, meeting a medical emergency, traveling around the world, or consolidating all your debts, personal loans are the best way to finance all your needs. 

The speed with which personal loans are disbursed is unprecedented. This revolution has been fueled by technology and it continues to transform lending in ways never seen before.

Technology and finance coming together is a game-changer. Finance has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics. So it has helped banks and other financial institutions improve client experience. Because of this customers can now use technology to obtain any financial product without having to move a muscle. 

Processing of personal loan application

Your Personal Loan application is typically processed in 24 hours to a week, depending on the accuracy of the information you give. When your application is approved, banks usually issue you a check. You may have to pick up in the branch or have mailed to your home.

Personal Loan Disbursal

When the Bank is satisfied with the information you have provided, it will authorize your Personal Money and the loan can be disbursed.

The amount disbursed is determined by the loan agreement as well as other considerations. This include type of loan, processing fee, upfront payments, service tax, etc.

Amount Disbursed

The amount disbursed is determined by the loan agreement. It includes deductions for the processing charge and any agreed-upon upfront installment.

Confirmation from bank

After the Personal Loan has been disbursed, the bank will send a confirmation letter by email or physical copy, along with a welcome kit. In addition, the bank will supply you with an EMI calendar and an amortization table. It will help you to assist in calculating your loan installments’ principle to interest ratio.

Repayment Process

Once you’ve received the funds, you can begin repaying the loan according to the terms of your arrangement with your bank. You have the option of repaying the loan via post-dated checks or Electronic Clearing Services (ECS). If you took the loan from a bank with which you already have an account, you can set up periodic auto-debt with standing instructions. It will help you to make the repayment procedure easier. If you took out a loan from another bank, however, they will only accept payments through your salary account.

Steps for quick loan disbursal process

There are a few things you may do to accelerate the loan disbursement process.

Choose the right product

It is vital that you select the appropriate loan type for your needs. While a bank may offer a variety of loans, Personal Loans are more easily and rapidly available than the others. In most of the banks, selected pre approved customers can get loans easily with the completion of application.

Keep the right documents handy

Although Personal Loans can be obtained with only a few documents, you must ensure that you submit the correct paperwork and have them on hand. The executive at your bank can walk you through the list of required documents. You can easily search it up on the internet. This will ensure that your loan disbursement process runs smoothly.

Choose an amount you are eligible for

Make an application for a loan amount that you are qualified for. You could be tempted to request for a larger loan to cover a variety of demands other than the emergency at hand. However, if the amount exceeds your eligibility, it may take longer for your request to be processed. To ensure a smooth disbursement, use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator to assess your eligibility online in under a minute.



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