Victony AC1200 WI-FI Range Extender Setup

Victony AC1200 WI-FI Range Extender Setup

Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup: The Victony Extender fixes the normal internet speed issues. You get more out of it from your WiFi speed. It’s a totally wireless system, and it’s pretty simple to set up, making it less hectic. Owing to its 4 antennas, it has an unprecedented WiFi selection. With just about every router, it can go. It has 3 stunning ‘Repeater/AP/Router’ modes. Place this extender in an acceptable location and enjoy the high-speed internet in your home/office.

The following techniques are available for the winning Wi-FI setup kit.So let’s begin with the setting up process.

Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup via WPS:

  • First of all, close to your router, plug in the Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup. It is suggested to place them in the same room for a quicker connection.
  • Wait until the power LED becomes high and the extender remains stable.
  • For a couple of seconds or so, press and hold the WPS button on the winning repeater.
  • Go with a router using the same method above.
  • The stable lights will now begin to blink for around 15-20 seconds on both devices and will eventually stop. That confirms the effective setup of the extender of Victony.
  • Light on your New Extender Setup is going to turn stable again. If not, reset the extender and then try the same procedure again.
  • Here’s the time to unplug the extender and position it anywhere you want to place it inside the router range.
  • On your WiFi list, your extender will pop up with the same password as your router. Connect and begin streaming without any buffers.

Victony AC1200 Extender Setup Via Browser:

Second, put the Extender in the center of the position with the connection issue and your router. In this scenario, plugging in your extender near your router is not mandatory.

  • Now start your extender and press the mode button for ‘extender or repeater.’
  • Wait until the Power LED is stable and green to turn
  • Take your phone/tablet/laptop and go to the WiFi settings and pick the Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup . It’s going to be an open one, pa
  • From a router, it is necessary to get half a percent of the signals to the Extender.
  • So link to it, passwordless network.
  • When it gets connected, it will reveal no internet and will now open your window.
  • Select Ap.Setup login or in the address bar and press enter. This will open up the Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup tab. Follow the instructions given on screen.
  • You’ll be asked to fill out your password and username. Class ‘admin’ in both.
  • Choose the network to be extended and enter a new password when you are asked to choose the form of network to be extended.
  • After upgrading the settings, it will take approx 1 minute to reboot the system and you can connect to the devices after that.
  • Go to your WiFi settings and connect your computer and start enjoying the Victony Extender high-speed internet.

Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup as entry point:

If you are okay to use a 20-foot ethernet cable or if an ethernet cable is already mounted in the walls, this might be the best choice to choose for access point setup. Do you have to ask why the best choice to choose is this? Since that provides you with more speed than the WiFi options. Before getting started, make sure to switch to Access Point mode. With this setup, let’s get started now.

  • The addon for the position you want to use is Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup.
  • After the plugin, connect the ethernet cable from your repeater’s LAN port to your router.
  • Open your WiFi settings for the phone/tablet/laptop and connect to the Victory Extender network’s WiFi list.
  • When it gets linked, open your browser on the same screen. Then type http:/ap.setup into the address bar.
  • A new page will open as the Victony AC1200 Wi-FI Extender Setup wizard.
  • You will also be prompted to type your password and username. Class ‘admin’ in both.
  • The mode will be requested in the next setup, Access Point Mode will be picked, and the next button will be hit.
  • Build your new password, SSID, and form of protection for your Access Point.
  • After all of this operation, it will reset itself. It will take a minute or so.
  • After a reboot, you can now attach to your equipment. You can link more devices and begin to enjoy smooth streaming and unhindered work because Dual Ethernet Port is enabled by Victony Extender.


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