Virtual Booths: 11 Tips to Make Yours Stand Out

These days attending or hosting a virtual event is a common phenomenon. You may have seen people attending virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual career/job fairs and so on. But this was not the case before 2020. In fact, virtual events took off only after the pandemic. However, virtual events first appeared in the 90s. So it took so long for virtual events to become mainstream.

People like to travel, and many of our activities take place at designated venues. And this is true for events also. As a matter of fact, booking the right venue is a crucial job for many event professionals. And because of this social behaviour, nobody thought that virtual events would ever compete with physical events.

During the pandemic, things changed drastically. Events were being organised in digital settings instead of physical ones. And this change was challenging for many people. But one challenge that the brands or exhibitors were facing was how to make their virtual booth unique. Or how can they make an attractive virtual booth? But before jumping into this question, first, let’s understand the concept behind the virtual booth.

What is a Virtual Booth?

A virtual booth is similar to a booth in a physical event. The only difference is it is placed in the virtual or digital event. And it is non-tangible. Even the functions and objectives of the booth are similar to that one of physical events.

However, the main differences occur when we look at the advantages of virtual booths over the physical ones.

  1. More Attendees – Virtual events are much more accessible to people. And it means you can see more attendees at the virtual booth.
  2. Cost-effective – Virtual booths are cost-friendly. You don’t have to pay hefty rents. Or have to hire people to operate a booth.
  3. Better networking – It is easy to chat with multiple people rather than talking to a crowd. And with various networking tools, the chances of networking are higher than physical events.
  4. More traffic on your website – Since the event is digital, you can easily direct the interested people to your website. Hence increasing traffic on your website.
  5. After event benefits – You can get the recording of your booth in the event. It means your booth will be visible even after the event has ended. So you can expect visitors for a long time after the event has ended.

These are some of the benefits of having a virtual booth over a physical one. If you also want to place a virtual booth but don’t know how to make your booth stand out. Then, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

11 Tips for Making Your Virtual Booth Stand Out

We have divided the tips into three categories. These are before the event, during, and after the event. This will help you to make your virtual booth much more effective.

Before the Event

  1. Promote your event in advance

If you really want to pull the crowd to your virtual booth, then you need to promote your event well before the event. It will give you the time to reach a broader audience through various marketing channels. And you will be able to create hype around your event.

Apart from this, you can decide things like installing the brand logo or brand page/website in the booth itself. And most importantly, what are your goals and a strategy to achieve these goals.

  1. Understand your audience

To target your audience effectively, you need to know your audience. You need to identify your target audience? What is the demographic of your audience? To understand attendees’ interests, you can research event content, presenters, and other vendors.

Find out what the attendees are looking for? Or what are their preferences or aspirations? After this, you need to ask how you will deliver what the audience is seeking? This will help you in creating a more focused strategy.

Remember, you need to bridge the gap between your goals and the audience’ needs. This will make your virtual booth successful.

  1. Get ready for the event

Every event differs from each other. And so is the experience at each event. This is true for virtual events also. So always expect something unique.

Many virtual event organisers use different virtual event platforms. It means unique features and tools. So you need to check these features and tools before the event. And decide which ones you will use during the event. Also, determine how you will connect with attendees and expand your network.

During the Event

  1. Host special session

Apart from your virtual booth, you can use different methods to attract the audience at the event.

One such method is organising a special session. You can use this session to stand out from the crowd. Invite industry leaders to provide some valuable insights into the industry.

You can interview experts or have a conversation with them. It will tell the event attendees that you have knowledge and understanding of the industry. Hence increasing your credibility and popularity.

It will also provide you with the opportunity to interact with the attendees directly. Thus, increasing your booth’s visibility massively.

  1. Tailor your booth

The look of your booth is the most essential factor in determining the audience response. So you need to design your booth carefully. The booth should attract attendees. And when they look at your booth, they should be able to associate it with your brand.

You should use logos, images, videos, and gifs to design your booth. Also, select those colours that can help in recalling your brand. This will make your booth more recognisable.

Some event platforms let the exhibitor design their booths. If you have this option, then use it to make your booth more visible.

  1. Providing special incentive

During the event, you can give special offers to the attendees. These offers can be exclusive for the event audience only. When the attendee visits your booth, you can provide attractive deals to get a high sales figure.

These offers need to be compelling enough to call for action by the attendees. For instance, it can be a massive discount or deals like Buy One and Get One free. These deals will make your virtual booth more successful and highly attractive.

  1. Use networking tools

You may have noticed how networking is considered a significant thing by virtual event organisers. And many platforms these days focus on generating networking opportunities. And therefore, they come up with new networking tools.

Some popular networking tools are AI Matchmaking, Networking Lounges, B2B Meeting scheduler, and 2-way interaction. You can use these tools to connect with relevant attendees at the event.

To become visible, you can provide your interest areas. This will help you in getting detected easily by the AI Matchmaking tool. Or you can hire someone to be present in the networking lounges for more possible connections.

  1. Interacting with the attendees

Communicating with the event attendees can be an effective way to pull them to your booth. Many virtual event platforms offer tools that are dedicated that makes networking efficient. So use these tools to reach out to more attendees in the event.

You can have 1:1 or group chats with the attendees. Also, you can share the digital brochures. And can exchange contact details. These communicating techniques will enable you to connect with a broader range of attendees more effectively.

  1. Try to grow the email list

When it comes to digital marketing, the email market is still one of the most effective techniques out there. However, to get the results from email marketing, you need to have a list of email accounts. And in the virtual event, you have the chance to get some email accounts.

During the event, whenever an attendee visits your booth, try to get his/her email ID. This email ID will help you to stay connected with this person even after the event. And you can send them weekly newsletters. Also, you can use email to remind people about your brand or product. So that there is always a chance of getting a potential customer.

  1. Easy access to your products

Another way of getting the most out of your virtual booth is by selling your products. For this, you need to make your products more easily available to the event attendees.

You can add the landing pages of your website or that website from where the attendees can directly purchase your product. Also, these days QR codes are quite popular for accessing websites. So you can also have one at your virtual booth. Apart from the website, you can use QR codes for Apps. So if you have an app or website, then make it available to the attendees. This will facilitate the purchasing during the event.

After the Event

  1. Collecting the feedback

Now that event has ended, one last thing is left. And that is collecting the feedback from the visitors in the event. If you are thinking, why do you need feedback from the attendees? Then let me tell you its importance. The feedback from the attendees will inform you about their experience at your booth. Also, it tells about the attendees’ expectations and preferences. This information can be used for the next event. And you will be able to target your audience more effectively.

These tips will help you to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Share your thoughts and experiences of having a virtual booth at digital events.


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