door access control price in Bangladesh
door access control price in Bangladesh

Visitors Access control System

Visitor Access control for buildings and offices

Visitor Access control systems allow workers to enter and exit the premises of the company, thus guaranteeing security and employee management. But it is important that this access system can establish different levels of access and flexibility when it comes to being able to give authorization in different zones and times so that the access control system also works for visitors. Establishing different levels of access constituted by the hierarchy of the company is fundamental, and must be seen with greater seriousness when it comes to occasional visits, who represent a low level of access.

A visitor is NOT a member of the company and that means they have a different level of access in the organization. However, it is important that the facility can control several important areas of the building’s security. Within this article, you will learn about the great benefits of visitor control systems and the importance of implementing them with advanced and flexible technology. The result, a smart, safe and automated building.

Main benefits of visitor control systems

Why is the integration of automated visitor control so important within a company or public institution? These are the 4 most prominent benefits:

Control of visits in real time

Whoever is in charge of supervising can check if there are people outside. The company inside the complex, as well as the length of stay of the visits that are registered. They are saved at the exact moment and can be consulted at any time.

Establish authorized access zones or at certain times

Within an organization, there must be access levels that only authorized personnel can enter. Some visitors may enter the facilities to carry out work within the company, even so, it maintains the access level of a visitor, which means that they do not have access to certain important and exclusive areas of the company.

Scheduling of visits

Another of the great benefits of the visitor control system is that each and every visitor entering the building is identified. By means of this advantage, an agenda can be generated in which already registered and future visitors can request a specific time on their next visit, even during their stay, the system can record the exact time they were in the organization.

Visitors are identified and registered in the database

An Excel logbook as common in many companies can get the job done, but it can be tampered with or even misplaced. Visitor registration can be useful at certain crucial moments for the company, that is why the implementation of a good visitor access control system is a better option, because it is a digital register that in addition to being neither lost or tampered with, it achieves a faster and more efficient record than a record book.

Devices for visitor control systems

The data management software is integrated into the different hardware or access terminals or entry identity readers. There are many types of identification systems.

GCTL works with different options and brands. In the case of Virdi biometric terminals, these include free visit management software. In case of need for more customization, there is cloud software or other modular programs depending on the requirements of the company. Any reader offers or is compatible with different accreditation management platforms, although not all are the same.

Fingerprint Reader:

authorizes or denies entry through a matching analysis of the fingerprints in their database.

Face reader:

Biometric technology is a major security advance for the company, it analyzes unique facial features and records them individually. This method has proven to be safer and difficult to compromise.

Iris reader:

Like the face, it is one of the safest and most accurate methods. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this type of terminal has become popular since the user is identified even if he wears a protective mask. It is a biometric reader without physical contact unlike the fingerprint reader.

Proximity card reader:

Also known as “access keys”, proximity cards contain a unique numerical identity. Which must first be physically delivered to allow entry to the building. Although it is still the most popular form, the trend is the replacement by mobile or biometric keys.

Mobile app:

Implementing an app to control visits in the building helps the work a lot, since everything is at hand. It is the fastest and most flexible way to manage your visitors. In addition to being the most economical due to its ease of implementation and management.

These are the most advanced, effective and secure options to choose from among all the existing options for a visitor access control system. In fact, at S ACS we have the implementation of these systems. As well as the traditional access keys and conventional identification cards.

All access devices can be controlled by the same system, which offers a choice of access devices for the organization and all of its participants. Visitor control, whatever the system implemented, can be used in various labor sectors, visitors are common in all types of companies and the use of a system is advantageous for the reasons already mentioned. GCTL works to implement access control and visit registration systems in:

  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Residential
  • government
  • Industries



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