Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool is releasing by Google, and in Google One, a cloud storage app it will be built. It is recently announced that the VPN by Google one offers its 2TB plan to the users of the Android app. Google said every browser or app that is used encrypt by VPN tool all the phone’s traffic.

It is the best app released by Google that will make sure that with this one app, all connections will be safe from hackers. A research report on could security storage by the student of UK in their online cheap assignment writing UK tells the importance in this regards.

What about VPN?

Virtual Private Network., a secure connection creates between people and the internet. It provides people with an extra layer of anonymity and privacy.

It hides our internet location and activity from hackers, especially from WiFi networks that provide to the public. This app is easy to use.

How VPN works?

For protecting our online privacy, the essential security tool is a VPN. Hackers will easily trace our internet activity without this security app, and other people viewed our internet activity. VPN not only provide our privacy security, but it also included, passwords, browsing history, detail of online banking, and downloaded files.

Through our (IP) Internet Protocol address, everything will be traced by our devices. Our physical location reveals by our IP address, so in real life, we will be tracked easily. It just like a postcard that sending through mail, everyone can see our address and name by reading this message.

So our internet activity is safe only when our devices are connected to a security app that is VPN. VPN is masked our real IP address, so nobody can see what we are doing, and our internet activity safe from hackers and not even provide to the government. Through this, we can send a message with ultra-secure privacy, without any name or address, and the only that recipient can read that you send the message.

What does Hides a VPN?

In our real-life, what does hide a VPN:

. It provides privacy to our browsing history

It hides from our (ISP) Internet Service Provider, our search history, and browsing. To the server VPN, the only thing can see by ISP is our travelling traffic that is encrypted.

. It helps to change our online location

Our physical location easily traces by our IP address, so through VPN, our physical location becomes safe.

. Anonymous our internet activities

It provides privacy to our internet activities so nobody can see what we are doing.

The Benefit of a VPN Using

There are the following benefits of a VPN app using:

VPN provides streaming service

VPN unblocks the Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Netflix. So we are living in any country we can’t miss our movies and TV shows. Because around the world, VPN provides any streaming service.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ or Netflix, their content restricted for certain countries, like if you are living in the US, then only you can watch Netflix US. So, through VPV we can be watching Netflix US even we travelling in any other country.

But for this purpose, we should choose a VPN of the best quality, because not every VPN provides a streaming service. If VPNs detect by some streaming services, they bloc viewing their content.

  1. From anywhere play Games even Region-blocked

Most people want to play games online, but games in other countries are blocked in other countries. So, through VPN, we can change our location and can play from every country we live in.

  1. Anonymously and safely Torrent Files

We are not sure about our downloaded files, it is 100% safe or not, so torrenting is risky always. But VPN with privacy and security features safe our torrent files.

  1. Secure our Online privacy

If we use public WiFi networks and send online bank details to our friends, then it chances to trace this information by hackers. So VPN provides proper security to our online privacy, and secure our data with this quality VPN. It makes sure by VPN, not any website can trace our device if it receives our data.

  1. Firewalls and Bypass Censorship

Because of political content and religious beliefs, some countries censor the internet. So, if we are traveling in any country where restrictions on the internet are found, then we should browse online by VPN, like in China country which is heavily-censored. But through a VPN, it is impossible to simple tasks, like on Facebook updating status or Googling.

VPN makes these sites unblock, and keeps safe our internet activity. We also get around firewalls in school and office networks by using VPN.

  1. Internet Speeds and Connections Improve by VPN

Sometimes our internet connections slow down due to our ISP, it is because of the reason for that, when we have data-limited, and our torrenting detect by ISP. However, to update our connections, some ISP used this strategy.

But through VPN, it provides privacy to our activities, and our ISP can’t see it, so our internet speed remains fast.

  1. Money Save

The shoppers of Savvy online know that online shops and e-commerce platforms show people different prices based on their location. For finding accommodation, or getting a subscription to streaming services, clothes shopping, or flight booking this applies.

So, to find the best online deal VPN helps us. And the countries where prices are low we can pretend through VPN, we are from that country.

For example, if the subscription of Netflix US prices too high, then we pay a low price by changing our location online to Turkey.


VPN is it Ironic or not?

Google that launching this VPN app is a bit of irony. The privacy-conscious customers, and want to keep hidden their surfing habits and an IP address from Internet Service providers and Website, the VPN more popular in them.

VPN services provide their customer’s security to their activities. So Google also conscious of their customer’s activity privacy.

Darren Wray said the firm for data privacy software is Guard, that not in the eyes of privacy advocates.

In The Daily Swig, he told, new VPN service of Google Begs some questions for those people who work and understand or concerns with data privacy.

So, the means of Google VPN using, the information we will get or at least traffic metadata that thorough VPN services passing.

This year, the contract of Google changed with the users of Europe, Wray also said that, GDPR laws possible to bypass.

He said more, for Google’s UK users and customers, it had particular concerns. At the start of this year, the contract of Google changed with these customers and users and moved their EU service their data to their servers of the US.

In the next weeks, the service of VPN will also roll out the users of Android US-based, in in the next months in other countries like in Mac, Windows, and iOs.

A security adviser, Fennel Aurora said, the user of Google expects that the new service of VPN by Google will be the best and good product, but the companies of Google, not 100% sure about they collect data properly or not.

In The Daily Swig Aurora said that usually, people expect that Google will play a good part in the service of VPN, and in general their connection will be properly safe while they are using public WiFi networks and random hotspots.

However, there is a risk for using this service of Google, for purposes of anti-competitive, some untold data collection Google additionally added.

Google is throwing Google’s free VPN service

Google is throwing Google’s free VPN service and its premium upgrading cloud storage tier. And Google announced that they are launching this free service, and it bundled with Google companies with a storage plan one 2TB.

Virtual Private Network provides us with privacy and protects our activities traffic online across browsers and apps. And on public networks, from hackers, it keeps safe our connections by our IP address hide and provides full security.

Google explains, frequently our sensitive information communicates online through our apps and browser, so not all apps have al encryption so our information will be trace by hackers, and this unsecured and transit data easily hackers will modify and our security and privacy disturb badly. However, if we use a VPN app, our data remain safe, and it protected our information from hackers because it has an encrypted tunnel very strong. So our global servers will be secure when the VPN tunnel with Google-operated.

As a Google One app, it is built a Google VPN, that provides us a quick setting with easier access and approach. And the subscribers that will use the Google one app and with VPN also receive across Drive, Gmail and photos cloud storage of 2 TB.

The advantage of the feature of Pro Session will also get the users of Google One in Canada, UK, and the US, that invites with experts to the users for online session and about VPNs learn how we will be safe online.

Google VPN is free, technically or not?

Google VPN not free technically, but this week Google did not tell about its 2 TB plan price its meaning even without VPN, people will pay every month £7.99.

Right now, in the US, the subscribers that use Android phones, this Google One app with VPN and 2 TB plan is only available for them. These features are soon available on Mac, Windows, and iOS. And it also plans by Google, in the other regions VPN bring. In the future, we will see this feature in the UK.

How this VPN service helps people?

Google launched the VPN service with the service of cloud storage. In the coming next, Google One app a new function will display for Androids, so the users that use smartphones can activate this app.

The company offering a safeguard VPN app that will protect our activities and information while using public hotspots networks from hackers. The VPN provides encryption while we using the internet on our phones and safe our data in our devices.

Is it a VPV, fully secured app or not?

In our advanced product security, we already built so extends this security by using VPN app that from online traffic our phones encrypt. The company is announced that every browser or app we are using we are saving our data from hackers with one tap, the Google One app of VPN services, and our internet connections secure through this app.

But still, the decision of Google of VPN app services will raise some questions and eyebrows some people, while this company thorough these adds they want to provide security to people, but the business of this company is whole to tracking our information and internet activities.

Although VPN will provide the people whole security and private their internet activities, Google can see through a machine our all web traffic while we are connected through VPN. However, it is promised by Google their company provides the users VPN services very trusted, and the customers can trust this app. And it also mentions in the paper by the company that, the customers that are using the Google One app with VPN, VPN connections will never use to sell, log, or track our online activities. To ensure the service quality, some logging will be performed. But not will log our IP address and traffic network that connected through VPN.

The company also added that how the company designs work is demonstrated in the next months, on user’s device runs their open-sourced, and the results also then mention.

For VPN technology, the approach of Google with detail goes on throughout the paper. It said that it offers about 300 Mbps speeds. The company also said they want to make available VPN technology for possible users. In the VPN market, Google more ambitions for the long-term.

The company plans that, in the US, in the next weeks, first VPN services will be rolled out. But at the start, it will be available for only Android app, the Google One app users. But in the next months it will be expanding to other platforms like Mac, Windows, or iOS, not just for Google One app. Google one at cheaper also available with storage plans monthly, but VPN features with high storage plans on the 2 TB only will be available.

VPN services now will be available with the Google One app that makes our information and internet activities secure. With some issues, it will be the best app. And available now for just Android Apps users, but soon it will be available for every user and in many regions.

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