Call of Duty: Mobile is a very exciting and competitive Multiplayer FPS and Battle Royale genre game, of course, to master this game and become a Pro Player requires a lot of practice and flying hours, besides that it should not be forgotten that there are other very important factors. effect on this game is the quality of the game/gameplay.

If the quality of the game lags, of course, it is very difficult to target the enemy, especially in this game one of the factors that become the emphasis is on mastery of control, reflexes to aim and shoot the enemy on target in a short time.

Well of course the game lag, it is very difficult to become a pro player, and therefore if the quality of the Android smartphone or iPhone you used overwhelmed and feels lag pretty badly in the play COD Mobile this, you can try the following settings below:

Lower Graphics Quality and Increase Framerate

The higher the quality of the graphics in a game, the heavier it will be and the result will be that the game will lag when played on a Smartphone with mediocre specs, the tips are to lower the graphics quality in this COD Mobile game, how to open the Settings menu:

  • Then select the Audio and Graphics menu in the Graphic Quality section,  change it to Low
  • For the Frame Rate itself, use the highest available
  • And in the menu at the bottom of the framerate, please remove all effects including Depth of Field

Remember the quality of the Graphics will burden the Smartphone’s performance, while the Framerate section will push the Smartphone’s performance to run the game as smoothly as possible, the effect? battery usage will increase and the smartphone will heat up quickly.

Reduce Camera FOV (Fields of View)

Believe it or not, reducing FOV Range (only applies to FPS Multiplayer First Person ) will reduce smartphone performance which results in reduced lag, this is because the larger the FOV, the wider the area that will be shown on the screen so that the wider the area will burden the smartphone’s performance, even more, the way please go to Settings > Basic > MP Mode then changes Camera FOVto a number that is smaller and suitable for you, to do the test you can play in Practice VS mode. AI.

The effect is that the higher the Camera FOV number, the area is shown on the screen will feel like Zoom aka (not wide), but if you match it, it doesn’t hurt to try it, if it doesn’t give a significant effect you can change it to the initial settings via Default menu.

Tutorial Outside the Game

The methods above are ways that are done directly through the settings in the COD Mobile game, now for tips outside the game such as speeding up smartphone performance, please follow the following methods:

  • Close other applications and leave only COD Mobile
  • Clean RAM using the Cleaner application
  • Turn off Low Power / Power Saving Mode when in active mode
  • Restart the smartphone before playing
  • Make sure to play in a cool room so that the smartphone does not heat up quickly (the heat of the smartphone can reduce performance and performance)
  • Use Wifi network if available
  • For Android users who use the vendor’s default game booster, please use the highest performance mode.
  • Game Update via PlayStore / App Store if available
  • Update Android/iOS OS to the latest version if available
How has the lag been reduced?
If the methods above have not worked and the game is still lagging, then there is no other way but to upgrade your smartphone to better specifications and specifically designed for high-performance needs.
Okay, that’s all the tips and tricks I can give to reduce lag and make the game smoother in the COD Mobile game, now download Call Of Duty Apk to experience it immediately!

Just tried playing COD Mobile? Try these tips!

So far, playing games on smartphones is fun. Besides being easy, the execution is also faster than using a PC or laptop. In practice, open the smartphone screen, tap the game icon, it can be played immediately. That’s why game developers deliberately provide mobile versions for games that already exist on PC.

Well, Call Of Duty  (COD) is one of the games that was adopted into the mobile version. Well, while still new, there are still many gaps for you to compete in this game. To make your game more fun, here are some tips for those of you who are starting to play COD Mobile.

Make button settings

In COD Mobile, by default, the given button settings are simple. With this setting, you can fire automatically, as long as the crosshair is pointed at the enemy. But this only applies to a certain distance. This setting can be annoying because it’s inefficient when used in deathmatch mode with fast-paced gameplay.

Make the settings to advanced mode. To do this, tap the gear icon to open the settings. Then select the controls on the right. Make sure you select HP Fire so you can shoot in ADS mode, without having to open the scope.

Like in PUGB Mobile, you can also adjust the position of the buttons you use. Still in advanced mode, tap on a custom layout to change the button position. Here you can also set the size and transparency of each button. The settings I use are as below.

Activate gyroscope

Almost all smartphones today come with a gyroscope sensor. Don’t forget to activate the gyroscope in your Call Of Duty Mobile game. This will be useful when you are dealing with an opponent. Swipe the direction of the smartphone to shift the view of the character in the game. You can also adjust the sensitivity.

Weapon upgrades

For multiplayer mode, you can use the weapons you already have. The more you use it, the more attachments for each weapon will be unlocked. Well, this attachment will be useful so that your weapon is better used. Actually, there is another way to upgrade, namely by using a Weapon XP Card.

Select the weapon you want to upgrade via the Loadout menu. Tap upgrade. Its position is at the bottom right. Next, select what Weapon XP Card you are using. Green, blue or purple color. All three offer different upgrade scores.

Sharpen your reflexes and skills in AI mode

For new players, don’t hesitate to hone your skills and reflexes in AI mode. Here, you will play with the computer. You can hone your headshot skills, or ambush your opponent and learn to recognize your opponent’s position through their voices. And make sure you play with headphones too, because hearing your opponent’s footsteps can be a huge advantage in this game.

To enter AI mode, tap the Multiplayer menu. Then select the game mode you want by tapping the button above the Start button. Choose  Practice VS. AI.

Take advantage of sliding

The thing that distinguishes COD Mobile from other games is the ability to slide. This ability will be useful when you want to ambush enemies or dodge their attacks. With sliding, you will be more agile to move.

To do sliding, you just need to run then press the crouch button (squat). If there are no obstacles in front of you, you can run back. But if after sliding you encounter an obstacle, such as a wall or car, you will automatically change position to crouch.

Choose the appropriate class

COD Mobile also offers a battle royale mode. Here you will play with 99 other players. Well, if you play in a squad, determine the role of each member. There are currently six classes to choose from, namely Medic, Scout, Clown, Ninja, Defender, and Engineer. Each has its own advantages.

For example, Medic. This class has the ability to place healing modules for all squad members. In addition, the medic class will more quickly raise friends who lost in a shootout.

Or Defender, which can create a protective wall in front of it. In combat in open space, Defender will be very reliable. There is another Scout that can track enemy positions within a certain radius.

Determine each class so that you can become a champion.

Upgrade skills in battle royale

When playing in Battle Royale mode, there are several things that you must know, especially stations to improve your skills. When a new game starts, just before getting off the plane, open the game map. If you are observant, you will find a blue dot in a certain location. Make sure you get off near that blue dot. Because there, there is a terminal to upgrade skills. Guard the location so that no enemies approach.

Keep practicing

The effort will definitely not betray the results. So if you only play occasionally and that too in a very short time, don’t expect to be able to compete with other players. Feel free to do regular practice, whether in multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch and frontline or against the AI. You can also practice while learning the best strategies in battle royale mode.

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