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With the current boom in online Quran learning, chances are that you too are looking for an online Quran academy or tutor to start learning Quran online. If this is so, you have come to the right place as this article will help you take the plunge with all the prerequisites in mind. We have also listed the factors you need to take into consideration that will help you learn Quran online fast, easy, and make your learning enjoyable. But first, let’s see why you should learn Quran online in the first place?

Why Learn Quran Online?

There is no denying the fact that when you go for physical or face-to-face classes; you have to face some hassles. There might be traffic hassles and you might have to spend time and money commuting. A great alternative that frees you from all these hassles and saves you time and money is to learn online.

Owing to this and many other great advantages, people particularly in the US have turned to online Quran learning. This is partly due to the lack of Quran tutors and physical Quran learning centers there and partly due to their hectic schedule. By registering themselves or their kids in online Quran classes, they can learn Quran online without location and time restrictions.

5 Things to Take into Consideration

If you have decided to start learning Quran online, take the following 5 important things into consideration to make your journey useful and straightforward.

  1. Schedule

Although learning Quran online is flexible enough to take you with any schedule you want, you have to decide on a schedule to keep consistency. Whatever days and time of the day suit you, it’s better to book your schedule. This is important for distraction-free classes and consistency. When you and your tutor know about the schedule, it will keep you disciplined and the chances of forgetting or missing the classes will be minimal.

  1. Online Quran Tutor

The tutor you choose or end up with will have a huge impact on your Quran learning. It will have a bearing on the timeframe of completing the Quran as well as the precision of it. A tutor with the right qualification, good communication skills, punctuality, and consistency will help you learn Quran online easily, correctly, and in a short period of time. Spend a good amount of time choosing a tutor and also take a few trial sessions with him/her before making any commitment.

  1. Price

Learning Quran is a long-term commitment. Going for a very expensive Quran tutor might burden your pocket after some time. It’s advised to start learning Quran on line with someone you can easily afford no matter how long it goes. Choose someone with the perfect combination of qualification and price. This is not difficult given the unlimited number of online Quran academies, platforms, and private tutors.

  1. Academy or Private Tutor

This is another very important thing to consider. Should you hire a private online Quran tutor or sign up with an academy? If you go for the latter, the academy will assign you a tutor and will be responsible if anything goes wrong. For example, you can turn to the academy for refunds in case of missing classes or changing a tutor. The downside is that they are a bit expensive as they take a margin of your payment for their operational expenses after giving the tutor his/her share. If you hire a private tutor, you have the freedom to choose one based upon your pricing requirements.

  1. Consistency and practice

If you want to expedite your Quran learning, consistency and practice is the key. Forget about completing the Quran in less than 3 years if you are intermittent in your classes or don’t practice what you learn in the classes. Make sure you take all your classes regularly, practice what you learn, note down all your mistakes, correct them, and try not to repeat them.


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