Ways to Protect the Furniture While Household Shifting

Ways to Protect the Furniture While Household Shifting

Moving is a stressful job. Whether you do it yourself or take the help of professional packers and movers, it brings a lot of stress to the people. One of the main priorities is to protect all your valuables. The next on the list is furniture.

The bulky yet robust furniture may not require too much protection but even a simple scratch bleed your heart. Some of us are extra attached to our wooden furniture and take great care in maintaining them. After relocating the last thing that you would want to see is are scratches or broken parts of your expensive heavy items in the new house.

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If precaution and proper care are not taken while handling the furniture it could suffer greatly. Seeing that you may suffer too. One mark is enough to ruin your experience of shifting.

When it comes to handling bulky furniture a few simple tricks and supplies can do the trick of protecting it. Here, are a few of them to help you save heartache and utilize them to prevent your furniture from damages while shifting. Lets’ check it out.

All the packing materials you need

New inventions have made our lives so simpler. There are so many products to get things done more easily. Some of them are as simple as shrink wrap and plastic stretch wrap that can be used to prevent your expensive household items from scratches while relocating to a new location.

There is a separate world of packing that has many other items apart from packing tapes and cardboard boxes. You can’t use cardboard boxes to pack big bulky furniture or other equipment. You need something different.

Some of the best packing items that can prove to be very helpful are:

  • Sofa & mattress covers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Padding supplies, and
  • Heavy-duty packing tape

If you can visit a wholesale market before the moving day, you can purchase them all together at cheap rates. These packing items will add an extra layer of protection to the furniture. In case it is handled poorly with poor-quality packing materials it may get damaged. So, try and use the best packing materials to ensure their safety.

Having your furniture covered with adequate materials, you can relax and not worry about getting damaged items delivered to your new location.

Prepare the furniture for packing

Preparing your furniture for the future movement is as important as the movement itself. A small scratch or deposited dirt can depreciate the value of your furniture. We don’t want that do we now?

So, to avoid the collection of any debris or dust on the surface of your movables make sure you pack them fool-proof. Before packing them up just clean the surface using a microfiber cloth.

While packing and transporting cabinets and drawers, patiently remove all the handles, casters, and knobs. Take out the drawers from the slides and place light items inside them. Wrap it up using bubble wrap or you may also use shrink wrap to cover it properly with the items inside. This way your drawer can be utilized as a storage box also.

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Disassemble the furniture carefully

Most of the furniture is easy to fix and disassemble. It is for the best. While moving to disassemble the furniture can be very beneficial. It gets fits in a small area and you can pack it easily and completely. Transporting them becomes much easier. So, if you are planning to relocate with your furniture, to eliminate the damage factor from the equation, disassemble all the parts carefully.

How to do that?

It’s quite simple. Follow the following steps:

Read the manual carefully. It has all the steps of how to put together and dismantle furniture properly.

Take a sealable plastic bag or zip lock bag to secure all the screws and washers. If there are other pieces you can place them together.

Don’t forget to label the zip lock bags or you may get confused with all the pouches looking alike.

While you are dismantling the furniture, it would be best if you could take the picture of the same. This can act as the best reference when you want to put things together again.

Dismantle the furniture one day before the move. This will save you time and energy.

Wrapping is done correctly

Now you know which packing materials are best for packing furniture. After dismantling the furniture, use bubble wrap or plastic sheet to pack them up. You can use plastic wrap to cover the sofa sets or buy plastic sofa covers that are designed to provide great protection to all upholstered items.

For fragile and expensive wooden pieces bubble wrap will be the best option. Using old blankets is another good alternative to plastic sheets. From mutual rubbing of the furniture if you want to protect your movables, then you must slide in corrugated cardboard sheets in between. This will not only protect the wooden pieces but also cushion them and act as a shock absorber.

In case there are glass mirrors attached to the fixtures and tabletops, bubble wrap will be enough to protect them from any kind of damages. Before wrapping it up you need to tape the mirror in an ‘X’ pattern. You can use painter’s tape to prevent the glass from shattering if at all it breaks.

Pay special attention to the corner and sides while packing mirrors or glasses. You can add two corrugated cardboard sheets in between two mirrors. Another thing is by taping corner sides using a cardboard corner.

Place things strategically

When in hurry most people place things incorrectly while placing things. Stacking boxes over one another is the common mistake that most people make. Strategic placement of the furniture is very important when it comes to keeping them intact during transportation. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind during the placement of items:

  • Try stacking heavy boxes on the floor of the truck and lighter ones on top of that. Creating a wall of cardboard boxes on the backend of the vehicle. This will provide stability to the vehicle when you load all the furniture later.
  • Additional care to upholstered things is a must. Using a rope secure the items and smaller pieces to the hooks in the vehicle. Select the items that will be packed around them accordingly. Even if your stuff is wrapped up in plastic or bubble wrap, having a blanket cover them is always a good idea. This will provide extra protection to the expensive sofa sets.
  • Fill the top shelves of the dressers with lightweight boxes. Try sandwiching small cardboard boxes which can prevent the dressers from slipping.
  • While unloading pay extra attention to how you do it. Mark all the paths to every room for the packers and movers to avoid moving things again and again. The lesser the time you spend looking for a good spot, the lesser the chances of your furniture getting damaged.
  • Determine good packing and moving services to carry on with the shifting. The better-experienced team is less susceptible to making mistakes and damaging your movables. They will take care while removing fixtures from the wall. If you have prior arrangements with them, the team can help you fix things once you move into your new location.
  • Use high-quality products so that, the items don’t give away under pressure. Heavy-duty tapes, thick-bottomed boxes, thick bubble wraps will secure the furniture and keep it out of harm’s way.
  • The furniture with glasses and mirrors shouldn’t be burdened with other boxes. If they are not placed properly in the vehicle, the mirror may break under pressure or with the slightest of jerks. To avoid that try to keep them standing. If possible, tie them up with the rope so that, the furniture doesn’t experience too much movement.
  • Make sure you don’t stick packing tape directly on the surface of the furniture or else it would leave a dirty mark on them. You can use them on the wrap.

Relocating furniture requires a lot of management and time. If you don’t take out time to properly prepare for the shifting, your furniture may get seriously damaged. Better preparations pay off well. start with the preparations at least 1 week before packers and movers arrive. The wrapping up will require a lot of planning and time.

The tips mentioned above are enough to help you pack your furniture properly. In case you leave out somewhere the professionals will help you with the rest.  With a little bit of proper care and strategic planning, your furniture will arrive at its new address safe and sound.

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