A web-based billing and collection. System for a municipal water billing software for small businesses. And services unit is a system designed to solve a municipal water unit problem. Using the technology, meter reading is paperless. It can via the Internet; end users and water consumers/customers can connect and transact. Making their daily work efficient both in the office and at home.
The manager of the unit can view. The status of daily transactions globally using desktop, laptop. And mobile devices with an Android connection to the internet. Water consumers/customers can receive email and SMS system showing. Their current water consumption and billing software for small businesses.

More/special features will

Such as a graph showing current water consumption on the end-users. And consumers/customers’ dashboards and on their bills. About the respondents’ satisfaction with the proposed billing and collection system features. The results show that efficiency received the highest weighted average (4.43),. which as “satisfied”. Functionality received a weighted arithmetic mean (4.33), interpreted as “satisfied”.

This portability and reliability

Of the level of acceptance of the proposed billing and collection system. The weighted arithmetic. mean of respondents according to the updating of consumer bills was 4.35, which as “acceptable”.
The automatic reminder to consumers of their bills due gave. A weighted arithmetic mean of 4.37 and was also ‘acceptable’. For the printing of invoices and the preparation of free-form reports, respondents recorded. A weighted arithmetic mean of 4.45, which as billing software for small businesses.

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The technological revolution has brought about major changes in humanity. As access to information has become 24/7, anytime, anywhere. The Internet, defined. As a network of networks used by businesses, academia, government agencies. And individuals connected to each other or using. Its services, is part of a vast information superhighway.
The digital interaction between businesses and consumers through powerful information systems. And ubiquitous connected devices forms today’s networked society. In this light, service science continues to take root as a discipline. That focuses on the integration of (digital) resources. By service providers and service consumers to co. create value in service delivery systems.

The researcher came to the realization

That it would be better to develop a new system and let the proposed respondents. Try it out to see how it works in practice. , the researcher selected Mulanay Water and Service as the respondents for this study. This municipality already has a billing system in place in the form of a spreadsheet program billing software for small businesses.
The result of the in-depth interview – it is very difficult to provide up-to-date reporting. With their existing system. It was very tedious for the user to retrieve. And code the customer data, especially the customer’s water consumption figures. Another problem is the generation of the reports. They were unable to provide them because of the difficulty. In scanning individual customer records.
The proposed system will change the way the current system works. And may affect the current staffing levels. which may or may not be the end users. In the long run, if they see that a change in the process is unavoidable. Then the proposer is quite confident. That end users will consider the proposed system billing software for small businesses.

The proposed system includes collection

As billing and collection are not separate entities. It is a system where transactions start with the registration process of customers. Applicants (including the submission of mandatory documents).

The approval and/or evaluation process;

The payment of registration and other fees; and the activation of customers/applicants.

The proposed system,

A web-based billing and collection system for municipal water. Supply and service units, includes billing, collection, storing records. In a database and generating reports.
 The system generates billing statements indicating. The water consumed and the corresponding charges.
 The collection includes recording. The consumer’s payment and is necessary for the generation. Of reports required by the unit’s finance department.
 Transaction records in the system database.
 Reports required for unit decision making and monitoring of periodic transactions as required and/or needed by local government decision making bodies.

Importance of the study

The researcher believes that the proposed web-based billing and collection system for municipal water and service units will be a contributing factor to the development of the Murine community and its stakeholders and to the improvement of the services of the local government units.
It will serve as a stepping stone for their future advancement in information technology and serve many local agencies.
If this proposed web-based billing and collection system for municipal water and service units becomes a reality, the administration of Multan City, Quezon Province will be very grateful as it will be the key to more local IT development.
Stakeholders – end-users and customers – will soon migrate to this new system, which will make them more interested in using the technology, thus turning the manual system into an Internet-driven one.

Definition of the concept



Refers to the end-user of the system, i.e., the administrator who controls, maintains and performs on a daily basis the tasks aimed at improving the use of the proposed billing system.


Refers to the target users of the proposed web-based billing and collection system.


A set of attributes related to the existence of a set of functions and their specific properties  suitability, accuracy, interoperability, and security.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A user interface that allows users to interact with an application, such as a computer, in ways other than typing.GUIs provide graphical icons and visual indicators, rather than text-based interfaces, typed command prompts, or text navigation, to represent the information and actions available to the user. Actions are usually accomplished through direct manipulation of graphical elements.


A global system of interconnected computer networks serving billions of users around the world using the standard suite of Internet protocols (TCP/IP).


A set of attributes that affect the effort required to make a particular change – inalienability, changeability, stability, and test ability.


A set of attributes related to the ability to transfer software from one environment to another – adaptability, install ability, coexistence, and interchangeability.


Refers to the preliminary design of the portal to to stakeholders.


A Philippine province located in the Luzon province of CALABARZON. The province after the second President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, and its capital is Lucena City. Quezon southeast of Metro Manila and the province of Aurora to the north, the provinces of Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna and Batangas to the west, and the province of Camarines to the east.The province also includes the Polillo Islands in the Philippine Sea.


A set of properties related to the ability of software to maintain its performance level under certain conditions over a certain period of time – maturity, fault tolerance and recover ability.


The design of a website and all its components where it is easy to explain, understand, as opposed to the word complex.


Refers to the software used to develop a website and its components.


Refers to the elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a computer program or website .

Web-based billing and collection system.

A proposed system that will act as the administration of a proposed real-time settlement system and as a registration and verification system for end-users.


A set of related web pages, images, videos or other digital resources addressed to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which also refers to the Internet website on which the investigator intends to develop the system.
The study important according to various readings by the researcher, some of which included:
The freedom to connect any application to any party is fundamental to the social foundation of the Internet. And now the social foundation should on the internet.

I hope that the US Congress can protect net neutrality

So that I can continue to innovate in the internet space. I want to continue to see the tremendous innovation that is happening there, which is so diverse and exciting. I want to see innovation continue. It’s very important to avoid a short-term business model that tries to make short-term profits, thinking that you can create your own little market that you keep to yourself, because in fact it can prevent a big market from emerging”

 This idea and proposal

By Berbers-Lee led to the explosion of a huge amount of information via the World Wide Web. Berbers-Lee founded the World Wide Web Foundation to further develop the Web and thereby empower humanity by launching trans formative programs that increase local capacity to use the Web as a vehicle for positive change. This is a new breakthrough in the information technology and e-commerce sector, bringing together people who want to see positive change, not in business. But in other aspects too.

The City of Goose Creek [27] provides water to 9,000 customers.

To open an account, residents can visit city hall or call 843-797-6220, ext. 0. To open an account by phone, residents must have a Visa. MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card. The system also offers paperless billing, direct debit and online payments. The direct debit service is free of charge. Payments from your account every month.


The field note “Developing efficient billing and collection practices

states that improving billing and collection. Practices has a direct impact on a provider’s revenue streams. which in turn can promote business and operational efficiency to support. The expansion and delivery of better, reliable and sustainable services.
Effective billing and collection systems are key to ensuring. The viability of service providers and can in turn help them to improve their services.
While effective inventory software for small business and collection practices depend on some internal factors. (such as customer databases. The scope of billing and metering services, tariff and billing structures. Billing and customer payment options). The institutional arrangements under which service providers operate and deliver services. Will determine whether such practices are sustainable in the long term. Efficient billing


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