Have you ever seen its light? The LED lamp is, in fact, the lamp of the future because it has many advantages. High Bay Led Lights is good for your wallet. In addition, you will find several models to compose and create your own atmosphere for each room.

More and more consumers are switching their old lamps in favor of High Bay Led Lights. It’s a very smart move. In the following, we list some interesting points that will convince you.

5 points on the advantages of LED lighting

  1. An LED lamp can last between 20,000 and 40,000 hours . Certainly, therefore, you will never be plunged into darkness.
  2. An LED lamp generates much less heat . It is a lamp which is therefore very safe! That is why the new garlands designed for Christmas trees are currently only made with LED lights.
  3. LED lighting is available in different models, shapes and colors . You will easily find it in the form of gradual lighting or as a mood light. Check this on the packaging!
  4. Compared to an incandescent lamp, an LED lamp is up to 20 times more efficient . In an incandescent lamp, not less than 90% of the energy used which is converted into heat and not into light.
  5. LED lighting is, therefore, energy efficient and environmentally friendly . Also, did you know that the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to researchers who are immersed in LED technology?

What exactly is an LED light?

LED lighting is a form of “solid state lighting” , a type of lighting that uses LEDs. An LED – an LED bulb consists of several different LEDs – is a component that sends out light when electric current is passed through. This component is packaged in a small transparent sleeve, which also functions as a lens. So, this light is easily amplified and together with many LED lights form a bright LED lamp.

With High Bay Led Lights fittings, there’s no need for them to warm up before they hit a high intensity. This type of illumination also works well with microwave sensors, allowing for wide-aspect motion detection over bigger areas – compared to PIR sensors, which detect body heat and do not work efficiently in awkward spaces.

High Bay Led Lights give off much less heat compared to incandescent bulbs and energy saving bulbs. The LED lamp converts 50% of the energy used into light, and 50% into heat . An incandescent lamp converts 10% of the energy used into light and 90% into heat. An energy saving lamp that converts 35% into light and 65% into heat.

LED lighting is also resistant to shocks and vibrations , which is very positive in terms of its lifespan. LED lamps are stronger compared to an incandescent lamp or other types of lamps, so you only need to replace them infrequently.

It is often difficult to navigate when choosing a High Bay Led Lights, whether you are a construction contractor, electrician, business owner or building manager. This is due to the novelty of these technologies and the large choice of applications and models of high bay LED luminaires.

find oneself in the domains. For several years, LED technology has stood out as the preferred choice of users by its high performance, long life, versatility and the energy it allows. On the price side, High Bay Led Lights technology is equal to traditional lighting, while in the long term its high efficiency makes it a very profitable choice, with a rapid return on investment.

As lighting specialists We are often asked the same questions when it is time to choose industrial high bay lighting and draw up an LED lighting plan. This guide offers you our answers to these frequently asked questions, in order to help you make the best choice for your project.

LED lamps therefore represent a serious energy saving, which is beneficial both for your budget and for the environment. It is true that High Bay Led Lights is a bit more expensive to buy than other bulbs, but their lifespan is much longer.

Energy savings can also be achieved by switching off all unnecessary lights in the house, for example. Living in the dark, however, is not pleasant. Buying an LED is the best solution.


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