Workplace accidents can give you severe injuries. From bearing the agonising pains to losing your earnings, you may go through a number of miseries after the accident. If the mistake isn’t yours, then it’s unfair to you to go through all these miseries. It is your right to get compensation for your injuries after the accident. However, some mistakes can cost you heavily and you may not be able to get your accident at work claim. You may find countless blogs talking about what to do after an accident at work. However, they rarely talk about what not to do after an accident at work, which is equally significant. Here are the mistakes to avoid after a workplace accident if you want to get an injury at work claim. 

  • Don’t Accept Your Fault

The first mistake that victims make is at the spot of the accident, they often blame themselves for the accident. It is mainly due to the pressure from the employer. It can seriously weaken the position of your case and you may even lose your claim money. It is because there should be someone whom you can blame for the accident. In a case where you admit your negligence, the party at fault is you. Therefore, you cannot make an accident at work claim against your employer.

  • Don’t Forget To Report The Accident

This one is the most crucial step in making a workplace injury claim. Immediately after the accident, you should reach the manager and tell them about the accident. Not only this, you should also ask them to make an entry in the accident book. What most people do is that they don’t make sure the entry of the accident in the accident book. Subsequently, it makes their case of workplace accident claim more complicated and they lose their claim money. Thus, you should never ever forget to report the accident to the relevant person. 

  • Don’t Trust The Adjuster

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they trust the adjuster and think of them as their friend. This is a huge blunder that can cost you a lot. You may even lose your claim money because of making this mistake. Adjusters may appear friendly but they aren’t working in your best interest. Ther job is to either deny your claim or at least minimise the compensation money. That is why you should be extra vigilant when dealing with them. Unless, you may end up losing your work injury claim. 

  • Don’t Give A Recorded Statement

During the investigation of the case, the adjuster may ask you to give a recorded statement of yourself where you will be answering a few questions. The claims adjuster may even show as you may not get your work accident compensation claim if you don’t give this statement but don’t fall for these tricks. They’re merely a trap. The adjuster can use this statement against you and you may lose your claim money. Hence, always say no to such requests. 

  • Never Take It In Your Hands

This is also a common mistake the victims of a workplace accident often make. They often file their claim without the help of any legal representative. Due to the ineptness of the system, they often lose their work accident compensation claim. That is why you should let the experts handle your case. They will not only handle all the formalities on their own and win your compensation money. But you will also make the most out of your workplace injury claim. 


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