functions and purpose of the pakistan rangers

The Pakistan Rangers are a paramilitary federal law administration alignment in Pakistan and consists of associates of the Pakistan Army beneath the absolute control of the Ministry of the Interior of the Pakistan Government. The Functions and Purpose of the Pakistan Rangers are to defended and avert sites of significance in the country, although they are also usually complex in above centralized and external security operations with the regular Pakistani military and accommodate abetment to municipal and provincial police forces to advance law and adjustment against crime, agitation, and unrest.

The Pakistan Rangers were two abstracted forces: the Pakistan Rangers Punjab headquarter is in Lahore, Punjab, and the Mehran Force headquarter is in Karachi, Sindh.

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Functions of Pakistan Rangers

According to Pakistan Rangers Ordinance 1959, the functions of Pakistan rangers are as follows:

  • Protection of property in border areas.
  • The apprehension of bodies unlawfully entering into or activity out of Pakistani territory.
  • Organization of village defense in border areas.
  • Prevention of smuggling.
  • Collection of intelligence in border areas.
  • Coordination of the activities of Police and other city agencies in the blockage and apprehension of crimes.
  • The assistance of Police in the blockage and apprehension of crimes in border areas.
  • Provision of accretion to Police for the aliment of Law and Order, whenever, necessary.

Roles of Pakistan Rangers

The Rangers are tasked with securing important monuments and attention to national assets in all the above cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad. There are many Pak Rangers Jobs in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and major cities of Pakistan. The Sindh Rangers abide of about 25,000 bodies admitting about almost all of the absolute force is deployed to Karachi. Due to the unstable situation in Pakistan, the Rangers have become acutely all-important to advance law and adjustment in all the above cities.

Pakistan Rangers has been assigned the afterward specific roles by the Government of Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Pakistan Rangers, in case of acute emergencies, can carry out the patrolling of Indus and National Highways as may be appropriately notified by the Government of Pakistan.
  2. Pakistan Rangers will accommodate advancement support to the Police and participate actively in such collective operations as may be requested by the Inspector General of Police.
  3. Pakistan Rangers will be deployed at accidental for manning of all careful bunds on Indus River and Katcha areas where the Police force is attenuate on the arena and needs advancement support. The deployment shall be abrupt and in exceptional cases, stationary picquets will be accustomed for the same purpose. This will be identified in the affairs with the District Administering and local Police officers of the Districts.
  4. Pakistan Rangers will be present and will fill in the gaps in such areas of the arresting ranges where the Police Force is not deployed. In the manner as categorical above, these gaps will be articular through mutual consultations with the Police Commanders, District Administration. This surveillance role will be assigned by the Government of Pakistan. In cases of emergency, stationary picquets will additionally be set up.
  5. Pakistan Rangers will abide accessible as an advancement/asset to bounded / civilian administration, to be deployed in adapted number with the accord of Government of Pakistan. The Rangers will action in the abutment of the Police and will be able to take over assertive areas where the bearings warrant attendance of a well-accomplished strike Force.
  6. Pakistan Rangers may authorize some picquets on rooftops and the arena (if required). Assertive areas can alike be allocated by Government to the Pakistan Rangers for this purpose.

Recruitment Rules

Physical Standards (Male)

  • The age limit for all ranks is 18 to 30 years
  • The minimum height for males is 5′-6″
  • Chest 33″
  • Weight for males is not less than 121 lbs.

Physical Standards (Female)

  • The age limit for all ranks is 18 to 30 years
  • The minimum height for females is 5′3″
  • Weight for females is as per medical rules

Marital Status

Unmarried (There is no permission to get married during the training period)

Selection Procedure for Pakistan Rangers

After the registration process, the selected applicants will be called for an initial medical and test. The selection procedure is as follows:

  • Initial Medical
  • Test
  • Interview
  • Final Medical

Initial Medical

In the initial medical, the candidate’s basic information is collected to ensure that they accommodated the minimum requirements of the post.


Once the candidate’s medical is done, the candidate’s aptitude is assessed. Most of the questions in the test are regarding accepted knowledge.


The applicants who pass the initial medical and the test are called for the next stage of an interview. The candidates are asked about altered aspects of their life.

Final Medical

After the candidate’s interview, the selected applicants are called in for a final medical. In the final medical, different biological tests are conducted to thoroughly examine the health of the applicants. Afterward, the able applicants are called in for training and are sent to the corresponding training centers of Pak Rangers.

Rangers Jobs Vacancies

There are some official websites available in which we can search about the procedure of how to Join Pak Rangers with updates of current career opportunities. The Pakistan Rangers are part of Pakistan’s “Civil Armed Forces” and have a capital mission of securing Pakistan’s International Border but have increasingly been employed in centralized security operations, and accouterment assistance to the police in advancement law and order.

There are altered job opportunities for civilians and ex-servicemen in the authoritative analysis of Pak Rangers as well. You can administer for those by sending your CV to the Headquarter of Pak Rangers. You can accelerate the CV to the corresponding headquarters when the job is advertised in the newspaper. In conclusion, to get All Jobs in Pakistan Rangers, you should accept a certain aptitude, interest, and temperament.


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