life insurance leads 2021

Insurance generally provides financial security for everyone. In case of any risk against your car, your home, you, your loved ones or what you value most in life, your financial coverage is covered by the insurance. In this way, you will feel good and safe in terms of spirituality as you have insurance. However, there are also different types of insurance and different risk conditions. Insurance types, which are generally divided into two, are life insurances and non-life insurances.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that requires a certain amount of knowledge to increase the quality of life of the person. Insurance types in this category are mainly; private health insurance, group life insurance, personal accident insurance, death state insurance, disability insurance and special condition insurance. Thanks to these insurances, the person lives a safer life with an increased quality of life.In addition there are many life insurance leads generation companies in United States of America.

The other non-life insurance types, on the other hand, are the types of which compensation is taken for financial damages. These; fire insurance, accident insurance, vehicle insurance (motor own damage and traffic insurance), agricultural insurances and machinery insurances. Thanks to these insurances, the person receives compensation for material damage after the necessary determinations are obtained as a result of any risk occurrence.

What is Insurance Premium?

Insurance premium is called the fee paid by the insured or insured person in order to purchase the coverage provided by the authorities making the insurance. These premiums can be determined or vary according to different risk conditions according to the type and type of insurance. So what is the insurance cost of these premiums?

The amount demanded by the insured in order to fulfill the guarantees promised by the insurance company is called the insurance fee. This amount varies according to the services covered by the insurance.

What is Insurance Policy?

Insurance policy is a document that contains all the terms of the insurance contract. This does not require a requirement for the existence of the insurance contract. In other words, even if there is no policy, there is always insurance coverage and the contracting parties can be entitled.

What is Discretionary Insurance, What Are Its Conditions?

As a type of insurance that allows people who do not comply with the compulsory insurance conditions, who do not have a working history within the framework of social security laws, or those who have worked for less than 30 days, by paying the general health insurance premiums such as old age, death or invalidity, to complete all payments until the stipulated retirement date is defined.

After answering the question of what is optional insurance, it is necessary to consider its terms. As a priority, the person should not work in a job that requires compulsory insurance subject to the law numbered 5510, work for less than 30 days or not work full time. Of course, he must be over the age of 18 and not have a monthly pension due to hemp insurance. Apart from these, it is necessary to apply to SSI for optional insurance request.

What is Compulsory Insurance?

Compulsory insurance is a type of insurance that should be legally taken out to protect individuals or third parties against risks, especially to provide public security. The necessity to do it is that it can appear in any way at any time. In any case, even if you do not own a vehicle or property, it is a type of insurance that will support and assist in covering material and moral damages.


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