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How To Use LinkedIn For B2B And B2C Leads?

LinkedIn is the most used website to find customer or business information. LinkedIn has been the leading social media site among others and LinkedIn is the leading platform for lead generation, which is pre-installed on Android phones and is used in more than 200 countries all over the world. You may think that LinkedIn is not relevant to your business, because most use it for recruiting and getting a job. However, there are more than 55 million businesses listed on LinkedIn with complete contact details.

In this article, we will explain how LinkedIn data is helpful to find new customers, conducting marketing campaigns, or empower new business models. We will also explain the two ways to scrape LinkedIn data an automated and manual way.

What Are The Ways To Get Data From LinkedIn?

There are two ways to scrape data from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV files.


In this way, you will scrape data from LinkedIn yourself manually. You have to search for a business or a user for a targeted location and industry from LinkedIn. Then, LinkedIn shows thousands of results for your keywords. After that, you have to visit each LinkedIn search result manually, copy-paste every data from a business or user profile, and then save this data to an Excel, CSV, or Text file manually.

This is a good way for LinkedIn Data Scraping, but it takes time and is not helpful in your freelancing career, marketing campaigns, and many other tasks. Because time is more important and if you want to save your time for many other tasks then this method is not for you. You have to choose an automated method to scrape data from LinkedIn.


It is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to collect data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Contact Extractor can also be used for pulling business and user data with a certain keyword or in a certain area. You don’t need to do any manual tasks if you are using this LinkedIn Data Extractor. You have to put your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn Scraper software and have to select the search results for data scraping.

LinkedIn Company Scraper will automatically extract, copy-paste, and export data to your computer in a CSV, Excel, and a Text file for use. If you are using LinkedIn for lead generation and the search results or information on LinkedIn is more important for you, then you may consider this LinkedIn Company Extractor as a more sustainable solution to collect data from LinkedIn.

How Many Results Can I Extract From LinkedIn In A Day?

The LinkedIn Crawler can export all the results displayed in LinkedIn search results. Keep in mind that the more LinkedIn search results, the longer it takes. A rough estimate would be 1000 to 1200 LinkedIn profiles in a day.

Can I Scrape Email Addresses From LinkedIn?

Yes, you can extract and export email addresses from LinkedIn profiles if business owners have left this data public. Moreover, the LinkedIn Email Extractor visits the website for the email and phone number given in the LinkedIn profile.

Is Data Scraping From LinkedIn Legal?

  • Scraping data that is claimed to be copyrighted is illegal
  • Scraping private data such as username and password is illegal

You must also check the LinkedIn Terms of Use when scraping data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn data is almost publicly available for everyone.

The contact information on LinkedIn is publicly available because businesses and users on LinkedIn want to engage with customers and business owners. So, you can scrape this information legally by using this LinkedIn profile scraper.


LinkedIn Lead Extractor enables companies, marketers, and freelancers to collect LinkedIn data automatically. This LinkedIn Data Scraper makes LinkedIn Scraping possible for any country, city, or state.


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