What is Full Stack?

Full-stack is the development of an application of both front end and back end portions. Full-stack development means handling the entire steps starting from the origin of knowledge to the final end product. This whole procedure involves three layers. They are,

  • Presentation layer
  • Business logic layer
  • Database layer



It is the front end of an application. It contains each component reachable by every end-user. Programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, and a few other JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, Backbone, Foundation, etc., are used to build the presentation layer.



It is the back end involving the entire development methods that are not visible to the end-users. It will be visible only if the developers allow. This layer is spinning around core logic. It is accountable for performing various tasks in an application. Python, Net, PHP, Java, Ruby are the programming languages that are used to build the business logic layer.



It is also known as the subgroup of the logic layer. This layer deals with data creation, data modification, management, and data deletion using MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.



A full-stack developer can perform active projects with the ability and expertise, channeling all of their experiences to acquire the desired product. The full-stack developers are getting into the technical requirements, just to create a product with their extensive methods. They have a wider viewpoint and an energetic attitude. They will be good assistance and saves a lot of technical costs and time with effective communication.



  • VERSATILITY:- A full-stack developer is good at both front end and back end development. Front end developers create codes using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to control the presence and interactivity in a browser. Back end developers write prototype codes to connect with the CMS or Content management system with your website.
  • BIGGER PICTURE:– The major advantage of full-stack is that you can get the whole design structure easily and afford an input at any time. You will be able to maintain and optimize the existing systems.
  • EASY UPGRADE:– Because of this, full-stack developers are good at making desirable changes and make the projects user-friendly with the latest features. You will get responses from clients and interactive websites.
  • VAST EXPERIENCE:– You will get vast experience when you are working on a full-stack as you will be working on many projects. You would gain knowledge and experience in web development and app development.
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES:– Full-stack is very much suitable for small and medium enterprises. Large, complex website requirements can be broken into numerous small segments.



Full-stack developers are proficient and brilliant in various programs like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and so on. Many IT companies prefer full-stack developers for their specific qualities. Full-stack development gives complete finish on the look and the functionality. It helps to convert the complex designs into user-friendly graphics. It helps to create a unique code using multiple software tools resulting in both complex and simple codes. At any stage of development, transferring the design and implementation ownership is very easy in full-stack. Every task of design and development can be divided into many, to work as a co-operative team. Because of these reasons, huge companies like Facebook are opting for Full Stack instead of Single Stack.


If one completes learning Full Stack development, the developers will be proficient in the following aspects.

  • DATA MODELING:- The learning of Full Stack enables you to create a sensible normalized relational model, foreign keys completion, creation of views, indexes, lookup tables, etc.
  • USER INTERFACE:– You will be able to understand the process of creating a readable layout and implement the best visual design.
  • BUSINESS AND CLIENT NEED:- You will easily gain knowledge about the business and software used by the customers.
  • USER EXPERIENCE:– You will know how to create one-click codes and create a user-friendly user interface. You can write some useful error messages to alert the users.
  • NETWORK, SERVER, AND HOSTING ENVIRONMENT:– You will know how to use cloud storage, file system, network resources, application scale, etc.



Today, most of the companies are hiring Full Stack developers instead of hiring for separate posts. Many huge enterprises as well as start-ups have begun hiring Full Stack developers.

There are various opportunities for them like Full-time, part-time, hourly basis jobs. Even some people are working as independent contractors and working consultants in this field.

Regarding salary, a Full Stack developer receives about $110,700 per annum. For a beginner, there will be about $55000 per annum. Thus a Full Stack developer would definitely get high pay. Companies provide a large pay because one individual does the job of about three individuals. And saves a lot of time, energy, and money. If you are ready to face the challenges and focus on work, Full Stack is the best career option.


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