What is SEO in digital marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO is an area of marketing that not a lot of people know about.

It is the process of making sure that your website is easy for search engines to find. Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays an important role in digital marketing.

This is the process that helps business owners to get more traffic on their website by increasing their visibility on search engines like Google.

Many people only focus on the technical aspects of SEO. This is part of SEO, but there is so much more to it.

This blog is all about SEO and its importance in digital marketing. So, let us discuss What is SEO in digital marketing.

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What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of getting quality traffic from the search engines.

It is an important activity that helps website owners find their websites on the first page of search results and is therefore a business-critical function.

SEO may mean different things for different industries, including technology, e-commerce, health care, and so on.

Employing sound SEO strategies will help you position your website appropriately so you can be found by prospective customers at the most critical points in the buying cycle for your product or service.

SEO has been a marketing strategy implemented by businesses for quite some time now, as SEO helps the public target and reach your intended audience easily.

From experience, we know that there are approximately three billion searches daily just on Google, and it continues to grow every year with another 10% increase.

This equates to over 31000 google searches per second! We also know that Google has retained their dominance of the market share of search engines at 92%, so it’s obvious why it makes sense for companies to employ this tactic of influencing consumers, as they will be able to reach such a large number of people in such a short period of time.

One does not just jump right into working with search engines because if they do so without meeting certain requirements beforehand, their site will not show up in any search results at all – even when searched for very high keyword phrases!

Researching ways to increase your website’s ranking in search results is an extremely important part of marketing, though it is only one factor overall.

What is SEO

Role of SEO in digital marketing

A lot of people have been concerned about how it is they have been able to gain exposure on search engines, especially when it comes down to things like optimizing a website for operations.

A general manager of a search engine marketing company will be responsible for setting up a platform that follows SEO best practices.

He or she will then examine and optimize your company’s online presence by analyzing the procedures that have the greatest chance of being relevant to topics or phrases searched most frequently with the goal of improving its standing in prominent results pages (SERPs).

Example of SEO in digital marketing

When customers type in specific questions or queries as they perform searches on Google, you want to ensure your business is listed as one of those displayed at the top because those might be exactly what they need.

If you’re not ranking on the first page of a SERP, then nobody will click through to your website. For example, Alina wants to find a car insurance quote.

So, she goes online and searches in Google “auto insurance quote” for Phoenix area businesses that offer auto-insurance; but none of these companies are in the top search results list.

She may click one of the business websites listed on the second or third page of organic search results because she doesn’t like any of the options offered by insurance agencies appearing on the first page.

But Alina would prefer to go directly to an insurer’s website; she’d rather shop around there, read reviews about various product offerings via multiple comparison tools, and compare prices between providers – all without ever leaving her browser session.

That’s why it’s important for your company to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) so that more customers can find you and get in touch.

This will help boost the sales of your business because if they can’t find you, they also can’t purchase from you, which means lost revenue potential.

Benefits of SEO

SEO can significantly help your website’s traffic. After all, rankings provided by Google are determined by how useful users find the content on each page to be, so it just makes sense that improving one’s SEO will increase user experience.

Since Google ranks websites that provide the best content to users, many techniques and methods which improve SEO also result in a more effective site for users.

Increase brand awareness

When you focus on SEO efforts, you gain more site visitors because search engines will list your URL higher due to the popularity of your content.

This increases brand recognition and encourages more people to check out what you have to offer because they specifically heard about your business from the internet.

Improved user experience

Google has told the public that they will give higher search rankings to websites and web pages that take into account better user experiences.

They want their users not only to read content related to their specific keyword searches but also to witness quality content they can learn from or appreciate even when they aren’t necessarily searching for it.

Increased sales by means of SEO

Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), people are already searching for that product/service on search engines when they find you.

This means that more people will come to your site/page than if you were out bounding, meaning you’ll sell more products.

A clever tactic that eliminates having to make follow-up calls or send follow-up emails for example since search engine users easily get the hint once they arrive at your site.

Increased sales by means of SEO

Mobile-friendly website

In the same way that you probably focus on improving your homepage for visitors coming into your physical store, it’s important to make sure you optimize your website for mobile traffic.

If visitors can’t easily navigate around a website from a mobile device, they may not spend as much time browsing the site – and if they do become frustrated with a poor user experience on their smartphone or tablet, they might be less likely to continue exploring other pages on your platform.

Increase website speed time

If you want to be an effective SEO expert, then pay attention to your website’s page load speed.

If your site appears slowly on search engine results pages, it will drive customers away.

When customers stay on the sites long enough to reach the content they are looking for, this improves SEO ranking.

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FAQs Related to the Topic

How does SEO work in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially about optimizing your website so it can be found by search engines that will in turn bring organic traffic.

SEO is a process where we use accepted techniques and strategies to build correct and reputable links to your site which then gets you higher rankings in the SERPs through ‘natural’ or editorial results.

What are SEO skills?

Search engine optimization specialists are really website detectives. These professionals have the task of exploring various ways in which search engines rank sites on the internet.

They also have to analyze and review websites on a constant basis. Specifically, they check for keyword density on websites so as to determine their strength on the internet.

Another of their duties is to ensure that the design, content, navigation, graphics are of high standards relevant to search engine optimization tactics.

The job of an Optimization Specialist is to ensure the proper implementation of functionality that allows external search engines to index specific pages or media on a site.

It’s important because Google has become the #1 easiest way for people, businesses, and organizations to reach their target audiences.

Therefore, optimization specialists must be fully knowledgeable about the Google search algorithm and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) best practices in order to help other businesses tap into this incredible source of traffic.


SEO has been the most important part of digital marketing since its very beginning. Search engine optimization is an important part of digital marketing.

In fact, it is the foundation upon which all other forms of digital marketing are built. It works in cooperation with other digital marketing strategies to drive your website to the top part of the search engine results page.

It is something that is sometimes overlooked but is important to drive traffic to your website.

In this blog, we have covered the basics of SEO in digital marketing. I have also told you the benefits of SEO that helps you in the trafficking of your website. I hope that you will understand What is SEO in digital marketing.

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