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The Origin

Looking at some pictures of a few extinct pre-historic animals explain the origin , like mammoths, sabretooth tigers, etc, it is difficult to believe that they once walked on our planet. In fact, the earth and its numerous lifeforms were originally quite different.

If we want to understand the changes in beings on earth over millions of years, we need to know how life originated. The origins of life forms or bio-diversity are interlinked with the evolution of the earth which is again, closely associated with the evolution of the universe. The universe is massive, it comprises many galaxies and is almost 20 billion years old.

The Big Bang Theory

One theory that attempts to explain the origin of the universe is the big bang theory. According to this theory, a singular huge explosion caused the infinitesimally small hot and dense universe to expand. This resulted in the lowering of temperatures, it also states that the universe continues to expand even today. The passage of time caused gases such as hydrogen and helium to be formed. Due to gravity, they condensed and then gave rise to the different galaxies in the universe. The Milky way is one such galaxy that is known to us. It contains our planet earth and the rest of the solar system. When it was being formed there was no atmosphere on earth.

Its surface was covered with methane, carbon dioxide, water vapour and ammonia that was released from the molten masses. The ultraviolet rays of the sun gradually broke up the water, which was in the vapor state, into hydrogen and oxygen. Since hydrogen is a lighter gas compared to oxygen, it escaped. Then from there, oxygen combined with methane and ammonia, which led to the formation of carbon dioxide, water and other gasses.

The high-energy ultraviolet rays of the sun struck the oxygen molecule and then split it into oxygen atoms, which in turn reacted with other oxygen molecules to form ozone and thus the ozone layer was formed. Some of the water vapour cooled and came down as rain, which filled all the deep depressions of the earth and formed the oceans. It is estimated that life appeared on earth 500 million years after its formation.

We now have access to eternal life, where the much-feared deception called death is forced to give way to clear logic and proven science. Today, we can transcend matter, space, and time, and then establish an eternal presence in the universe.

Eternal energy

According to the principle of conservation of energy, (“The total energy of an isolated system cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes its shape”). What this means is that the universe exists as the sum of its total energy and total mass, and its contents cannot be destroyed. It is represented as the energy and mass of all visible matter plus the energy and mass of all invisible dark matter.

An example of the universal and timeless attributes of energy can be seen momentarily reflecting the science behind radio and television broadcasting in the 1950s. The energy, data, or essence of those ancient programs has traveled through space since the day they were broadcast over fifty years ago, and they will continue on this non-stop journey forever. Today, after years of scientific research and study, we know that human consciousness works the same way on its eternal journey.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity supports the theory of eternal life.

Einstein’s theory states that:

“Energy and mass are one thing and neither can appear in nature without the other. Therefore, both mass and energy are conserved simultaneously. Particles of matter, such as those of which atoms are composed, are converted into immaterial forms of energy, such as dark matter or Light or kinetic and potential energy. We use heat as an example of this matter for the transformation of non-matter. However, this transformation does not affect systems of total mass since the newest forms of non-material energy still retain their mass through any such transformation.”

When we bring the total energy of our conscious mind into a constant flow, with the total energy of nature’s creative force fields, we become one with nature and thus ensure access to the eternal, creative, and conscious existence in the universe as energy. From the mind, he acquires all the attributes of an immortal and creative nature.

The so-called fact of death has been erroneously referred to as the end for us, but in light of recent scientific observation on the nature of the mind, we now recognize that the once feared spectacle of death is merely a byproduct. . of abnormal thinking. In fact, when the physical body disintegrates at the moment of mind/body separation, the energy and data of consciousness are not destroyed. The energy and data of the conscious mind are eternal, as it thrives in the invisible world where matter cannot exist. This is the realm of dark matter and dark energy.

Beginning Of Life

There are different theories that try to explain the beginning of life on earth. They are – Panspermia, Biogenesis, Spontaneous Generation and Chemical Evolution.

The oldest theory founded by Greek thinkers is called Panspermia. It tells us that units of life known as spores were transferred to different planets. Hence, panspermia assumes that the seeds of life exist all over the universe. Therefore, life on earth may have originated after one such seed was deposited on the earth from somewhere in the universe. This theory generates much interest even today.

Another belief was that life arose from inanimate things. The theory of spontaneous generation assumed that life came from non-living, decaying and rotting matter such as stones, straw and mud. Even Aristotle himself believed in this theory. In fact, this theory was used to explain Anton Von Leeuwenhoek’s animalcules using simple microscopes. Moreover, some scientists like John Needham supported the theory by conducting some experiments.

In one of his experiments, Needham boiled chicken broth in a flask and then cooled it to room temperature in an open container. Later he sealed this container. He observed a few microbes in it after a few days. Needham believed that some life force had brought about this spontaneous generation in the chicken brother.

The theory of spontaneous generation was endowed until German biologist Rudolf Virchow challenged it with his theory called “Omnis Cellula e Cellula”.  Which expounded that living cells can arise from pre-existing cells. However, he could not prove this theory of biogenesis.

Later on, Louis Pasteur with his experiments proved the theory of biogenesis and forever silenced the advocates of spontaneous generation. In his experiments, he used pre-sterilized sealed flasks with killed yeast. These flasks did not show any forms of life. On the contrary, he exposed killed yeast to air. Surprisingly living organisms were found in this flask.

Another theory called the theory of chemical evolution was expounded by Russian scientist Alexander Ivanovich Oparin and British scientist John Burdon Sanderson Haldane. ‘The first form of life originated from pre-existing non-living organic molecules such as RNA and protein’, this is what they proposed that the.

They also pointed out that the birth of life was preceded by chemical evolution or the formation of diverse organic molecules from inorganic constituents. When the earth was created the conditions were high temperature, volcanic storms and a reducing atmosphere consisting of methane and ammonia. In 1953, American scientist Stanley Lloyd Miller recreated these conditions in a laboratory.

Human Consciousness

We know that the core of human consciousness is (energy/thought data). We access this data when we respond to any external stimulus, such as answering a question asked by someone else. This energy/data is the core of our eternal conscious existence and the core of who we truly are.

There is no death! We are eternal!

Our ability to transcend all matter, space, and time in pursuit of eternal life is determined by how closely we align the total energy of our mind with the eternal force fields of nature. In Tibetan culture, this achievement is known as the great liberation or recognition of the eternal nature of the mind. Achieving this eternal state of enlightened mind (enlightenment) is believed to be the main reason behind our birth.

When we realize the fact that we are all conscious cells within an ever-evolving body called the universe, we feel a new sense of respect and appreciation for one another and for all other forms of life. Today, we are empowered as a result of using the scientific method to test the value of our concepts, beliefs, and perceptions. This keeps us grounded and connected to the global electrical grid that supports reality.

It is about learning about and relating to the eternal nature of our mind as we experience it, using the ancient practice of meditation. This action will allow us to continue to evolve and thrive as a species forever! Consciousness will not be able to stabilize after the so-called dying process has occurred if we are not able to recognize the eternal nature of our minds while living in our physical bodies.

He created an electric discharge in a closed flask containing methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour at 800 degrees centigrade and observed the formation of amino acids. Later on, while conducting similar experiments, other scientists observed the formation of sugars, pigment, nitrogen bases and fats as well. Interestingly when meteorite content was analysed similar compounds were found in them, which proved that similar processes occurred in other parts of the universe as well. Thereafter the theory of Chemical evolution was most widely accepted.

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