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Forays into nature in good weather is always a pleasant and at the same time troublesome pastime. It is important to take into account all the nuances in order to organize a comfortable and memorable vacation outside the city or in the country. One of the most relevant tools in nature is a picnic knife, with which you can solve many problems. Let’s talk about how to choose a picnic knife that will not let you down at the most crucial moment and will be a useful accessory in the field.


To understand which knife to buy for a picnic, you need to identify the range of tasks in which it is useful. As a rule, in nature there are such needs:

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  • cutting branches and stems of plants to clear a place for parking or tents;
  • planing wood for a fire and barbecue;
  • cutting products – greens, bread, vegetables;
  • cutting meat and fish for the barbecue.

Depending on the scale of the trip and the duration of the rest in the forest area or park, the purpose of the knife also expands. Perhaps the blade is useful for cooking pilaf in a cauldron or fish soup in a pot. For culinary work, in this case, the following blades are suitable:

  • universal.
  • chef knife or santoku.
  • Uzbek Kupchak.

For transportation, you will need a sheath or a storage case. It is also important to take care that the kitchen tool is not exposed to harsh conditions for too long. Otherwise, corrosion may occur on the blade.


It is possible to take a kitchen knife with you if the trip is by car, and you do not have to carry the blade on your back in your backpack. If the number of items that you plan to take with you is limited, you should limit yourself to a folding picnic knife. Such a tourist blade must meet the following requirements:


This is a barbecue knife and a blade for cutting branches. This means that the blade must be hard and durable, withstand heavy loads, but at the same time cut food easily and accurately.

Corrosion resistance. 

In nature, the blade can lie in the grass on the ground, be soiled in fat and ketchup. It is important that such adventures do not result in the appearance of rust on the blade.

Ease of use. 

A folding knife should be equipped with a reliable folding mechanism, easy to open, but only when you need it. Choose a model with a suitable fixation method. It is convenient to open vending machines by pressing a button, but products with levers are more durable.

Steel type. 

Stainless steel is the most practical in the field, but is very soft and will dull the first time you try to sharpen tent pegs. High carbon steel is very hard and holds an edge for a long time, but is prone to corrosion. The most suitable material for a tourist knife is steel hardened to a hardness of 52-57 HRC with additives that protect against corrosion.

Knives for outdoor cooking are versatile, compact, and durable blades that can withstand heavy loads, are not afraid of moisture, and are easy to use for culinary purposes. Of course, a tourist knife cannot be compared with a kitchen knife in terms of sharpness, maneuverability, and comfort of use, but it is much more durable and will help solve many other tasks in nature.

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