What Layered Hairstyle Suits A Face With Long Hair

Windswept Layers For Long Hair 
Windswept Layers For Long Hair 

Getting a haircut to change your look can be daunting, especially if you have long hair. And if you don’t want to commit to the chop, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that having long hair can be a burden and that it often weighs you down. Layering your long hair is a great way to switch up your look without cutting your long tresses.

Layering is a technique that creates the illusion of volume and length by removing just the right amount of weight from your hair. With layers, you can grow your hair to enviable lengths without the heaviness bogging it down. We’ve rounded up some of the chicest layered haircuts for long hair that is super trendy and easy to achieve: 

1. Multi-Layered Mix 

Multi-Layered Mix 
Achieve volume and movement with this look

If you want to accomplish a sleek look with lots of volume and movement, the multi-layer haircut is the way to go. Make a note of how the shortest layers are only present to frame the face; the majority of the layers are past the shoulders. 

2. Long Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs 

Long Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs 
Emphasize your cute features like jawline

One of the major trends you’ll see this season is long layered hair with bangs. Curtain bangs are fantastic for framing your face and accentuating special features like cheekbones and collarbones. The result will be a stunning structure around the face with lots of bounce texture at the ends.

3. Layered Wavy hair 

Waves for days
Waves for days

Layers and waves go hand in hand when it comes to making your style rich in texture. Make sure to leave a few pieces of hair in the front to frame your face. This look emphasizes waves, giving you a new, textured appearance. Apply a little bit of hairspray on damp hair to achieve the ultimate summer waves for this look. 

4. Short, Medium, And Long layers 

Short, Medium, And Long layers 
Cut the hair shorter at the top and longer beneath

Layers are one of the quick ways to make your short hair appear longer and create luscious long locks. To achieve the mix layers, arrange your hair with short layered hair at the top and longer layers beneath. The uneven layers add effortless movements, making it easier to manage and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with striking hair color ideas like platinum and blonde to amp up the look. 

5. Long Tousled Layers 

Long Tousled Layers
The rule to perfect look is that there’s no rule

The long hairstyle is designed to sit at the jawline and highlight your face cut. The elegant and tousled layered style can charmingly delineate the jawline by displaying the shaggy layers from the sides and back, adding shape to the long layered hair. Surprisingly, unlike many other hairstyles, this one is simple to recreate and requires little upkeep. Finish up by combining face-framing bangs to the look. 

6. Deep-Side Parted Layers 

Deep-Side Parted Layers 
Deep side part for a fun and flirty look

When it comes to answering the call for refreshing your appearance, simply parting your hair on different sides can have a significant effect. To make your long layered hair stand out, skip the typical center parts and crank up the look with a dramatic deep side part. The haircut is incredible in adding volume and texture instantly. This is one of our favorite layered hairstyles because it has a slimming effect.

7. Ghost Layers 

Ghost Layers 
Add volume to your hair without showing off the layers

Ghost layers are a brand-new cutting technique and are one of the most flattering trends that hair experts highly rave about. It’s a look that adds movement and texture while giving the illusion of a one-length haircut. Any woman, regardless of hair length, can benefit from this look.

8. Long Layered Curly Hair 

Long Layered Curly Hair 
Long Layered Curly Hair

Curly layered hair is one of the most effective ways to steer clear of frizzy hair. Have fine layers cut into the lengths of your hair, beginning just a few inches above the ends. The result will be simple but structured enough to give your look some definition. The best part about layering curly hair is that it allows you to keep your curly mane without weighing you down.

9. Long Feathered cut with layers 

Long Feathered cut with layers 
Long Feathered cut with layers

You may presume that the feathered cut is a thing of the past, but the style is just as trendy as it was then, and we don’t expect it to go out of style anytime soon. Feathered hair looks amazing on all hair types, from straight to curly, short to long. In general, if the cut is finely textured and layered, it can be considered feathered. With long hair, you can never go wrong with the feathered cut. 

10.  Curled Ends 

Curled Ends 
Curled Ends

Long layered hair with curled ends is a trendy look that works well on long, straight to wavy textures. Curls tend to flip upwards into a “moppy” fringe when hair is cut short. These hairstyles offer a plethora of styling options, such as half-up half-down, making it super versatile. 

11. Asymmetric Layers 

Asymmetric Layers 
Asymmetric Layers

The best thing about asymmetrical hairstyles is that they help to shape your face. Previously, the look was more approving for short hair, but now it is flattering to long hair. Asymmetrical hairstyles are popular among those with medium-textured hair. Layer your hair and add natural colors from the roots and bright shades to the tips to complete the look.

12. Windswept Layers For Long Hair 

Windswept Layers For Long Hair 
Windswept Layers For Long Hair

The windswept layers hairstyle is not only flattering but is one of our favorite celeb-inspired looks. The look may seem sophisticated, but it is not difficult to accomplish. Apply some mousse from your hairline to the tips of your tresses, and use a hairdryer and a round brush to spring up the ends of your layers. These flip-out ends add more shape to the style. The windswept layers hairstyle is not only flattering but is one of our favorite celeb-inspired looks. The look may seem sophisticated, but it is not difficult to accomplish. Apply some mousse from your hairline to the tips of your tresses, and use a hairdryer and a round brush to spring up the ends of your layers. These flip-out ends add more shape to the style.

So there you have it. We hope you have found a style that suits your long hair. With so many styling options for long hair, it can be overwhelming to resort to one style. So, the ultimate goal is to wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Types of Layered Haircuts for Women

V-Shaped Long Layered Hair

This is the perfect layered haircut for long hair. However, it also looks stunning on medium-length hair. The name V-shape gets from the final look you achieve on the back after creating layers. When viewed from the back, these layers form a V-shape. These V-shaped layers create an amazing combination of textures, wispiness, and volume. It is a timeless and classic haircut for those who want long layered hair.

Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs looks flawless with any hair textures; straight, wavy, or curly. Curtain bangs or wispy fringes go well with the long feathery layers. This layered haircut looks complicated but doesn’t be fooled by the look; it is easy to achieve with a few styling tools and products.

Layered Medium Hair

Layered medium hair is ideal for making your fine hair look fuller. American fashion model Karlie Kloss wears it often. She was ranked in the top 30 models when she was just seventeen. Becoming a top model is not only about beauty, height, personality, and outfit; it depends a lot on hair. People around the globe love and recognize models with good hairstyling habits.

Swoopy Long Layers

Long layered hairstyles are always worn by one in every ten women. There are several ways to style long layers, and swoopy layers are among the best. In this picture, Sandra Bullock managed to create a stunning look by swooping up the layers on one side that imitates a flipped look. The side-swept fringe perfectly blends with swoopy layers that nestle over her right shoulder.

Shaggy Layered Hairstyle

Shay Mitchell never fails to amaze her fans; she never runs out of wearing jaw-dropping hairstyles. Here, her hair looks effortless, with shaggy layers tapered and dispersed. The tapering layers reduce the thickness and weight off your natural hair. It doesn’t look like an intricate style to achieve, but it does not compromise her beauty.

Choppy Black Layered Cut

The choppy layered cut gives an edgy-ravishing finish to Constance Wu’s cute face. The deep side parting accentuates her beauty by framing the face. You can use a curler to create different waves that suit your face shape. This is the right layered hairstyle for those women who love keeping their haircuts short to medium.

Conclusion: Long layered hairstyles have been popular for a long time and continue to be popular today. Fabulous long layered haircuts are still in style in the beauty world. They are compatible with women of all ages and skin tones. These haircuts have also been a common choice among celebrities and models.


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