What should I look for in a wax vaporizers? 

wax vaporizers

Wax vaporizers are one of the most recent additions to the concentrate industry. Nonetheless, they have taken up the industry by storm. You can find a huge variety of these vape devices from different brands on the market. 

Most wax vaporizers are sold on online websites. You can also find one in a physical wax vaporizer merchant near you. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about wax vaporizers. 

Dab pens are known to offer ease of use, discretion, and portability alongside vaporizing the highly potent wax concentrates. The vapor that wax vaporizers create is safer than the smoke from cigarettes and joints as it is free from many toxic substances found in smoke.

Below are some of the key factors you should check out when looking for the best wax vaporizer in the market:

  1. Price – you can find a wax vaporizer for almost every budget. Nonetheless, the cheapest or the most expensive wax vaporizer may not be the best. You should try to stick to your budget and ask yourself what you want exactly.
  2. Lifecycle – a good wax vaporizer should be covered with a warranty that will enable the customer to replace it just in case it malfunctions within a short time after purchase. However, most malfunctioning issues on a wax vaporizer can be solved through proper maintenance/ upkeep. 

Types of Wax Vaporizers’ heating elements.

One of the most significant elements that you should check out when buying your wax vaporizer is its type of heating element. Primarily, there are three types of heating elements found in wax vaporizers. Each type has its pros and cons as discussed below.

  1. Quartz atomizers.

Wax vaporizers, with quartz heating elements, are known to warm up rapidly. This feature enables you to take your first draw in no time. Quartz atomizers have decent heat retention.

  1. Ceramic atomizers.

Ceramic atomizers have a slower heat-up time than quartz atomizers. Nevertheless, their ability to retain heat is a notch higher. Consequently, ceramic atomizers heat up your wax concentrates evenly and deliver very smooth heats.

  1. Titanium atomizers.

Titanium atomizers carry both benefits of ceramic and quartz atomizers. They can warm up in no time and retain the heat for an extended period. Nonetheless, titanium atomizer/ coils are made of metal, which if not well used, cleaned, and maintained it can build oxides upon its surface. With time these oxides can lower the performance of the titanium atomizer.

How do wax vaporizers work?

Wax vaporizers are basically made of three core parts:

  1. A battery
  2. The atomizer
  3. A mouthpiece

The battery provides the electrical power needed to vaporize your wax concentrate. Therefore, you need to ensure the battery has enough charge before you can use your wax vaporizer. Otherwise, you may not fully enjoy vaping your wax concentrates due to a dead battery.

Some wax vaporizer batteries are draw-activated, while others are activated via the power button. For draw-activated wax vaporizers, you pull a draw via the mouthpiece and the battery will activate automatically. They have some sensors and transducers that make everything cool as you like. Wax vaporizers that have a power-button usually require you to click on the button up to five times when activating the vape pen. This feature enhances the safety profile of the portable wax vaporizer as there is a minimal chance that it will activate while you are carrying it in your pocket and cause some burns on your body.

Once the wax vaporizer’s battery is activated, the atomizer starts to heat up. This heat is responsible for vaporizing your wax concentrate. 

The atomizer serves two functions. First of all, it allows for the vapor to cool down before it reaches you. Secondly, it enables you to effectively tap and inhale the vapor.

What are the benefits of using a wax vaporizer?

One great feature about wax vaporizers is that they are portable and discreet. You can enjoy your vaping sessions anywhere at any time as long as it is illegal to do so.  

Wax vaporizers use either conduction or convection to heat up your wax concentrates. The concentrate vapor you get out of these devices is odorless and free from some toxins that are released when one smokes.

Key takeaways.

Wax vaporizers are easy to use devices. You don’t have to have prior experience to use these devices. However, you should always read the user manual of your newly bought wax vaporizer. It will guide you on the most appropriate way to use, store and maintain your wax vaporizer.

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