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Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites that there is; if not the most impressive social media site. Instagram is own by Facebook, but it is now more popularly use than Facebook. It provides all the features which could be provided to the users and they can interact with all their friends and family. However; sometimes users might need to get off it temporarily and this is an option that Instagram provides without a doubt.

There is another aspect to it, that Instagram does which leaves people wondering why “my Instagram account was deactivated“. This happens due to many reasons; so solutions to bring the Instagram account into activation may also differ. Having said that; the biggest problem is that users do not know how to activate their Instagram from deactivation imposed by the social media website. In this article, we will know how you can learn stuff about Instagram and its activation and if you are keen to know more about other websites then visit


Why is Your Instagram Not Working Or Deactivated?

Firstly, users can deactivate their accounts from the platform intentionally and this helps them to get some time off. Now, let’s get into the deactivation that happens from Instagram’s side. If you have a Disabled Instagram account then you should read the entire article to know what are the reasons. 

  • The reason for your Instagram being deactivated could be that you are posting explicit content. This content could include nudity; politically irrelevant or offensive content; which could be the reason why Instagram has deactivated your account temporarily. 
  • Another reason why Instagram is deactivated could be that too many people have reported your Instagram account, due to the things that you are posting or sending. 
  • The Instagram account is deactivated due to many reasons; these reasons might include people spamming or disturbing other users. 
  • Another reason could be that your computer or system might have collected a lot of cookies and caches that have led people into asking, How can I get my Instagram back after being disabled. 

Now, you know what are the reasons behind Instagram deleting your account temporarily. Now, it would be easier for you to solve the problem regarding Instagram not letting you use your account due to disabling it. 


How to Make Instagram Work when it is Disabled Temporarily?

If your Instagram account is deleted and you want to know how you can make it work. 

  • First, you can stop posting or refrain from posting explicit or offensive content on your Instagram account. 
  • You can fill an Instagram appeal form that will help you use your Instagram account productively.
  • Clear all the cookies and caches filled in your computer so that you can use the Instagram account easily. 
  • Now, that you know why my Instagram account was deactivated then this would be possible for you to activate it again. Stop spamming on Instagram then you would not be deleted from the website; hence there would not be a situation where you will have to reactivate your Instagram account. 

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