Review the warranty document If you're not sure what to do with a Broken TV. Each new TV comes with a warranty document which guarantees they will repair or replace the device they offer you if it fails. The warranty can be extended to up to one year.

We think of televisions are present all over the place for a while and people are now all wishing to have the most modern technology so what to do with a broken TV. When you buy a new television, you first contemplate getting rid of your old model. If your TV fails and has stopped working, it’s your first thought to consider how to fix the damaged television prior to considering any other issue.

A TV can be damaged in a variety of ways. It could be damaged by a cracked or cracked screen, dead pixels, or a damaged motherboard, or even a burnt circuit board. There are many solutions to the issue however the truth is that TVs can have problems that are impossible to repair. If it happens, you’ll have to eliminate the issue.

If you find a damaged television in your home and are considering throwing it away discarding a gadget like this is a sin even if it isn’t in use. There are places where the disposal of household appliances such as TVs is considered to be illegal. Don’t dump it in the garbage; it is imperative to find the best way to dispose of it, or dispose of the broken, old television.

Repair Broken TV

Here’s a list of things that you could do with your broken TV

  • Verify the Warranty

Review the warranty document If you’re not sure what to do with a Broken TV. Each new TV comes with a warranty document which guarantees they will repair or replace the device they offer you if it fails. The warranty can be extended to up to one year.

If the TV you own is brand new and something happened within its warranty, you are able to contact the helpline of the company to request the default of the TV. If you call them then your TV will be repaired or replaced. Then you will have a functional TV at home both directions.

However, there are certain requirements concerning how warranty cards function. If the TV’s screen has been broken or damaged, or there visible scratches the manufacturer won’t be able repair or replace it because of the use or misuse of the product.

The producer of TVs will first ask for permission to repair your TV , as they have technicians who can restore the broken screen. If you ask the replacement of the screen with a different model, this is also possible.

If the television has been purchased brand-new and shows absolutely no indication of misuse,, the manufacturer will happily accept the TV back. Certain companies offer only one year warranties. Make sure to check the warranty on the television you buy. It is best to have a warranty that lasts longer than a year included in the warranty.

Recycle your old television

If you believe that it’s not an option or you aren’t able to dispose of it, it is possible to recycle it so what to do with a Broken TV. There are a variety of companies that you can reuse your TV. They include;

  • Local Landfill

There are several recycling facilities that are located in different landfills which you can drop off your unwanted item so what to do with a broken TV. Locate the nearest landfill by using Google Maps and view the times they are open as well as when they will collect the electronic junk. You can also contact them to inform them that you are your intention to remove the electronic garbage that you’ve collected from your home.

  • MRM Recycling

Every nation includes an electronic makers recycling and management company which is keen on recycling electronic trash. The guidelines for transport are posted at their site. You can review and place your electronic garbage into their recycling bins and eliminate your damaged television.

  • Samsung Recycling Program

If you have an Samsung TV and are unsure of what to do with a broken TV, you can make contact with the neighborhood Samsung recycle program. They’ll be happy to take the damaged TV and create the spare part for other TVs as they’ve developed the components and know what to do what they can with them.

Sell Salvageable Parts of Your Television

If your television has been damaged so what to do with a Broken TV, there’s certain parts that are salvageable in your TV, that you can get rid of yourself and earn some cash. We’ve already talked about TV parts like PSU and main board and speakers may be valuable provided they’re functioning well.

If you’re skilled in dismantling TVs you could take the pieces to pieces and put them up to buyers for each piece. Many users are on Internet are looking for specific parts of TVs. It is possible to connect people looking for the parts and then make an offer.


There are other options to determine how to tackle broken TVs. You could recycle, dispose of or recycle old televisions, as well as other parts. Recycling damaged TVs can be eco-friendly and helps you quickly get rid of old pieces. It is also possible to donate it to people in need who are trying to figure out what to do with a broken TV , or exchange it to get a little cash to aid them in their quest to find a solution.

You can offer it for those who can’t afford a television. If you’re looking to make money or cash, you could exchange it. If you’re doing something for the environment, recycle it and donate it in order to help those who are less fortunate. Your choice is yours. Good Luck!

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