First Date

First dates always put a lot of pressure and simply forget the most basic things. Meeting the other person, outside of your comfort zone is always challenging. The first thing that pops up in our mind is what to wear?

Dresses play a major role in our lives and it provides a solid first-impression on our partner. You may be wondering if your dress is too short, or long, will my partner like my clothes, is to too comfy or stylish, there are tons of questions related to this. 

So to save yourself from all the trouble, just pick something in which you feel confident. Whether it’s your first date or 100th, the ability to express yourself depends on your clothing selection. So to help you along the journey, here are some helpful dressings that you can appoint.

Wear Shalwar Qameez

Why Asian people have to wear this remarkable dress? If you want to create a “Wow” feeling on your partner’s mind, select something different and go with a Shalwar Qameez. This clothing design comes in a lot of variety and its super comfortable. Also, it is easily available online for affordable rates. Choose whatever adores you and go with the flow.

Check the Timing

First of all, you should check the date, timing and possible season. If it’s daytime, choose something bright as it reflects creativity. If it’s in the dark, you can go with light-color  winter clothes like skirts and frocks.

After Work Special

This is a very helpful and tested tip, after work dresses always provide a chic look of your appearance. If your date is planned on the weekdays, go with what you’re wearing to your office. Normally in our working clothes, we feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, it lends a contemporary image of your apparel to your partner. You can wear a shirt dress with some fancy shoes. Just imagine the look on your partner’s face.

Endless summer

If your date is in winter, why cover yourself from top to bottom with these heavy clothes. You will be covered in sweat at the time when you reach the date spot. So if it’s warm outside, but your mood is to wear pants, opt for short denim pants. Pair them with a shirt or silk cami to complete your aesthetic look. Also, don’t go with joggers or shoes. Use sliders but contrast it with your top. If it’s black use red, you know the rest.

Too much isn’t enough 

Your first meet up doesn’t have to be like a classroom section. It should be fun and full of excitement. Don’t just focus yourself on the clothes, try other accessories as well. Use light makeup, wear comfortable footwear, and earrings or bracelets if you use them. If you dress like you’re going to a wedding, there’s a higher chance that it won’t be successful. So just be normal, this isn’t rocket science.


We’re sure that this post has helped you one way or another. We congratulate you on your first date and hope that you spend a marvelous time. One last thing, if you’re not wearing new clothes then properly wash and iron them. 


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