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Since the release of iOS 14, there have been three additional releases of Apple’s mobile operating systems (iOS 15, iOS 15.1 and iOS 15.2), with each one offering a significant number of new features and improvements over its predecessor. Here’s a list of all the new features that were introduced to the latest version of iOS (iOS 15.3.1).

The last time we talked about what was new in iOS 15.1, we mentioned that the update brought with it some great new features that would help your iOS devices run even more smoothly. iOS 15.2 is here now—and guess what? It’s got a bunch of great new features, too!

Deliveries – This new feature allows you to see all of your deliveries right in the app.

More than 35 new emoji – You’ve been asking for more diversity when it comes to skin tones, and you’re getting it! Now your emojis will match the tone of your skin!

Do Not Disturb at bedtime – When enabled, this feature will allow you to choose which notifications can appear on your lock screen for a select period of time at night.

Battery usage by app – This will show you how much battery each app uses so that you can make choices about which apps you want to use less often (or even delete if you don’t care about them anymore!).

New languages – Try out Arabic and Hebrew on the keyboard!

Control Center redesign: With 3D Touch, a swipe upwards now brings up a pop-up menu for easy access to common settings and features.

New Camera design: The camera app has received an update that makes it easier to use, especially with one hand. There are new shortcuts for flash, timer and camera switch controls.

New Safari and Spotlight design: The Safari web browser has been updated with added features like password saving and better search suggestions. Spotlight also got a facelift that makes it even easier to find stuff on your phone.

Redesigned Notifications: Notifications have gotten more interactive with 3D Touch—you can now reply to messages from within the notification itself if you have 3D Touch capabilities on your device.

Customizable Control Center: In addition to being able to adjust screen brightness and toggle hots

Third-party extensions in Siri: Now Siri is compatible with third party apps so you can do things like call an Uber or send a cash payment through Square Cash right from

Additional options when you press the Home button while using an app: As part of Apple’s efforts to make it easier for users to get to the most important functions and features of any app, there are now more options available when you press the Home button while using one. A bar that appears at the bottom lets you easily switch between recently used apps, open your task manager, enter split-screen mode for easier multitasking or use a voice command to search or get help. For example, if you’re using Safari, you can use this shortcut menu to quickly go back to your previous page or close all open tabs with just one tap. You are also given quick access to volume controls and screen brightness settings in case you need them during a session of browsing or media consumption on your device.

If we talked about iOS 15.3, then it brings a number of new features, including some that only apply to certain devices or to developers.

If you’re using iOS 15.3, here’s what you need to know:

If you use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac, there’s no third-party software necessary—just go into Settings > General > Duet Display and turn on the feature. This will allow your iPad’s screen to display the contents of the screen of your Mac (and vice versa). It will also allow both screens to be touchscreens so you can use the same gestures on both devices, such as pinching and rotating.

You can now search for music in Apple Music by lyrics. Just tap the search bar at the top of the app, enter your desired phrase, and it’ll show songs where that phrase appears in the lyrics; tap a song to play it or add it to a playlist.

You can now create custom time intervals for Do Not Disturb mode by going into Settings > Do Not Disturb > Schedule. Here you can set one of three types of intervals: daily schedules that repeat every day; weekly schedules that repeat every week; and monthly schedules that repeat each month.

iOS 15.3.1
With the latest update, iOS 15.3.1, we’ve seen some great new features and upgrades to existing features. The best part? They’re all available for you to use right now! We’ll go over all the new changes below, as well as how to access them. Here are what’s new in iOS 15.3.1.


What’s New: Siri has a whole new look! The refreshed interface shows an overview of your day, letting you know things like which appointments you have upcoming and what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day. It also includes little graphics that represent each app, so if you want to find an app (like Notes) just tap its icon on the Siri screen. Not only does this make it easier to organize your schedule and get around your device, it also makes it easier to differentiate between apps when you’re speaking commands, so you can be more precise in telling Siri what you want it to do.


What’s New: If you use Apple Photos a lot, there’s a new feature in 15.3.1 that will make organizing photos in your library easier than ever before! You’ll see six suggestions for how you might want to sort or group your photos

Although no one likes spending hours on their phone, we all do it. The truth is that the average adult checks their cell phone over 100 times a day. With so many people checking their phones so frequently, there are a lot of features on a phone that are never used.


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