When to clean carpets

to clean carpets

Carpets should be cleaned daily or weekly, such as by vacuuming to remove dirt such as dust, hair, and other impurities. However, over time, you will need to deep clean carpets to remove stains and dirt that cannot be removed. A deep cleaning may be necessary if you have cleaned the carpet and it still looks dull and dirty.

When should I get my carpets cleaned?

How often you should clean a carpet depends on how much you use it. For example, if you have children and pets, you should have your carpets cleaned at least once every three to six months. If you smoke or have smokers in your home or office, you should have your carpets cleaned at least every six to nine months to remove odors and stains that may be caused by smoking.

If you live alone in an apartment or have a relatively low-traffic office, professional carpet cleaners and carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning carpets at least once a year or every year and a half.

Extend the life of the carpet

The material of your carpet depends on how often you clean it. Carpets made of natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton can be cleaned more often and more thoroughly than carpets made of mixed or synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. However, with the right approach, the cleaning process will actually extend the life of your carpet, like the fungi, bacteria, and dirt in the carpet are responsible for its slow deterioration.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning your carpet removes dirt and stains thoroughly and, in many cases, involves the use of water. It’s important to drain off all the water to prevent mold and mildew from forming or damaging the carpet or the floor beneath it.

Ways to clean your carpet

There are several methods to deep clean your carpet, such as hot water extraction, steam cleaning, dry extraction, and dry foam extraction. You can do carpet cleaning yourself or hire professionals. You can also use homemade cleaning products or commercial chemicals that can be purchased at a store. If you are cleaning the carpet yourself, you will need to rent a carpet cleaning machine for the hot water extraction process. This will allow you to remove all the water.

The first step to start cleaning

Whichever method you choose, start by cleaning the carpet with a stiff bristle brush to loosen the fibers and dirt. The fibers should be loose so that you can clean the carpet thoroughly. Vacuum the carpet to remove the dirt. Then, spray the carpet with a chemical or homemade solution and let it work for a while. Be sure to follow the instructions so as not to damage the carpet. It is always best to hire a professional because they will be able to thoroughly clean your carpet without damaging it.

Five Ways to Deep Clean Carpet

Deep carpet cleaning is a cleaning system that cleans the carpet from the inside out. It is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods, used by millions of people around the world. However, the question is how to find the most suitable cleaning method for your carpets. There are two basic methods for cleaning carpets: deep cleaning and surface cleaning.

What is the safest and most economical method used today?

It is generally accepted today that the best method is steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies that use the steam cleaning method claim that carpet manufacturers only recommend this method or withdraw their warranty. Extensive research has proven that this is not the case. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the “deep cleaning” method, which includes the low moisture method.

The decision to recommend no longer depends on the method itself, as manufacturers have concluded that the safest method of carpet cleaning is now low moisture extraction rather than water extraction.

Why do we need a deep carpet cleaning?

Deep cleaning is necessary for heavily soiled carpets with liquid stains that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Experts recommend deep cleaning each carpet every 12 to 18 months. However, the question is,

how do you deep clean a carpet?

Here are five of the most important methods for deep cleaning carpets.

1. shampooing:

Cleaning your carpet with shampoo is called shampooing. The main reason for using a large amount of shampoo is to create a large amount of suds so that the dirt can be removed. However, using shampoo is a very common and popular method of deep cleaning your carpet. If you want to clean your carpet with shampoo, be sure to rinse it with enough water after washing and dry it immediately.

2. Hot water extraction:

Spraying carpets with hot water is one of the most popular deep cleaning methods. The hot water is mixed with certain chemicals, such as detergents, which help the water clean the dirt. The biggest advantage of this cleaning method is that even the toughest stains can be removed if you use the procedure carefully.

3. use soaking pads:

this method is quite simple but very expensive compared to the other methods. All you have to do is use absorbent pads to pick up the dirt and stains. With this method, you don’t need to clean the whole carpet, but only certain areas. However, you can buy high-quality absorbent pads on the market that will do the job for you. These pads even eliminate odors and replace them with a scent.

4. use foam:

using foam to deep clean carpets is an old method of carpet cleaning. Because foams are naturally soft, they are less likely to damage carpet fibers. However, with this method, you also have the privilege of not having to clean the entire product. In this method, you need to add cleaning agents to the foam and apply it to the stained part of the carpet. After some time, the stains will disappear. If this does not work, you may have to repeat the same steps several times.

5. Dry cleaning:

If you do not want to clean the carpet with water, this method can be very useful. In this cleaning method, you need to apply some cleaning products, such as detergent, to certain areas of the carpet. The stains should then be removed with a dry cleaner, such as a vacuum cleaner.

Finally, deep cleaning methods are not easy to practice at home. If you want the best cleaning results, you should first consult a carpet cleaning professional.

How to evaluate professional carpet cleaning services

While it’s true that there are many professional carpet cleaners out there, the quality of their work depends on their experience, cleaning products, and the tools they use. When you clean your carpets, they should not only look clean. In fact, there are many factors you need to consider before deciding that your carpets have been properly cleaned and that the professionals have done a great job.

The feel of your clean carpets

Unfortunately, at many cleaning companies, you can have your carpets thoroughly cleaned, but your carpets will suffer. Sometimes, cleaning companies use harsh chemical detergents that attack and weaken the fibers of your carpets. As a result, your carpets can become warped and rough to the touch. If your cleaning company has cleaned your carpet well, but you can feel that the surface is not rough and has no ripples, that’s an added bonus.


Dry cleaners have a strong, pungent smell that many people don’t like. This can be unpleasant if you live in a home with a lot of children or if you are expecting guests soon after your carpets are cleaned. Some companies offer special services that use cleaning products with a certain pleasant smell. This costs more, of course, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to clog your nose when you’re around your carpet.


While most cleaning methods remove dirt and other particles from carpets, the bacteria that come with them are more dangerous than dirt and dust. Most cleaning companies now offer cleaning products with antibacterial properties that not only keep your carpet clean but hygienic and safe.

Staying Clean

Some carpets don’t stay clean after the cleaning company has completed its work. This means that the job was done in a messy and not very thorough manner. When carpets are thoroughly washed and dried, almost all traces of dirt are pressed out and removed. Also, no detergent residue remains on the carpet.

However, if a carpet is not cleaned properly, chemical residues remain on the carpet and penetrate deep into the carpet substrate. These act as magnets and increase the accumulation of dirt and other particles, causing your carpets to get dirty faster.

In the end

These are just a few of the standards you should consider when evaluating the work of your current professional carpet cleaning service. If they don’t meet all of the requirements. Then ask them if they offer additional services that can give you better results. If they don’t, there is nothing wrong with looking for another carpet cleaning company that will ensure that your carpets not only look clean but also smell good, feel great and stay clean longer.






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