A coffee and a good book are the most perfect moments for all the book lovers out there. But what if you cannot pay to get your favorite ebook to read? We have come up with a fantastic idea. At the end of this reading, you will find a spot where you could read the book you longed for. Tons of ‘best sites to download ebooks’ can be found on the internet which is legal to access. By reading this completely, you will come to know about the best eBooks sites that are available for free. 


Best EBooks Sites To Download Ebooks For Free:

1. Torrent Downloads:

Most of them when hearing eBooks, then immediately will remember this website torrent downloads where categories like books, movies, TV shows, and more other categories can be watched in a single place. The site not only offers books to their users but also Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional language movies can be found. Book Torrents on this website can be download and utilize completely for free.


2. Many Books:

After knowing about this website, you will not go to the library since it has an online library for eBooks. The user interface is simple since the categories are arrange neatly. Over 50,000 free eBooks can be seen on this site. If you are a writer here is good news for you, you can even promote your book using this platform. 



Another eBook Torrents is this website ebookee which consists of different books from categories like tutorials, tech, novels, non-fiction, computer programming, and more. 

This site also provides other categories like recently viewed, top 10 eBooks, latest eBooks which attract users and make it easier to pick them. 


4. Planet eBook:

The site has a mobile-friendly design and also different format eBooks. Also, large collections of eBooks are available with high quality for free. Torrent Books that have coverage of classic literature can be seen on this website. 


5. Smash words: 

The largest distribution of eBooks can be seen in this torrent website called smash words. A place where most of the content can be seen on this website; those books that you are searching for many years can be seen on this website. 


6. Free-Ebooks.net:

From this website ‘download ebooks for free in any format you desire like PDF, Kindle, Txt File, etc. You can also find several categories like non-fiction, fiction, classics, Academic, Audiobooks, and textbooks. 

If you are a writer, this website gives you an opportunity to publish your work. 


7. The Open Library: 

The books on this website are allowed to be edited by anyone and over 100,000 books are borrowed every month. The layout of this website is super simple and it offers free books. 


8. FreeBookSpot: 

As the name indicates this site offers you free eBooks and also audiobooks. This site offers users both educational and non-fiction books. Around 90 categories can be explored via this website is another interesting fact. 


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