Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Even though the technology of security cameras is too advanced, criminals get away with crime.

And on the occurrence of such events each person condemns the service provider and technology. Maybe you are right, to some extent it’s their mistake. But losing faith from surveillance cameras is not the solution.

Some disregarded security systems blunder is the cause behind growing offence.  Maybe you and your service provider can’t discover such flaws but criminals are ultra-modern and such gaps open the door for breaking and entering.

It is important to ensure that your security surveillance cameras don’t let any loopholes behind and become the reason for any thefts and fraud.

From the following mistakes which makes security surveillance systems worthless you can set the seal on to not carry such flaws in future.

  1. Ensure the functioning of cameras routinely

This can make you laugh, but I have seen some cases where the camera was used to stun thieves falsely. Such things are identified by criminals, so don’t commit such mistakes.

What is the role of camera if it is non-functioning?

The best way to confirm working of cameras is to check them on routine basis until it gets late.

  1. Is it recording the footage?

It’s not possible every time to hire a team which keeps 24*7 eye on cameras. Modern problem requires modern solutions.

Another mistake every second person commits is to check if the recoding button of camera is pressed or not.

Imagine for once, if any crime gets committed and there is no video of it even after the camera was functioning, does the security system worthless.

Look over the recording process with the functioning of security cameras.

In addition, remember that if power goes out, or any configuration changes are made, double check these two processes by your own.

  1. Have a look at the quality of video and image

Providing crystal clear pictures is the major role of security cameras. Blurry and unclear pictures cannot be used as evidence in law.

So, what if your cameras are functioning and recording 24*7 but providing smudge footages?

Just to save little money people go for low resolution cameras and at last regret.

Aim for a camera which provides the clearest footages like DCP-7523W.

  1. Are they installed in right location?

Don’t install the surveillance cameras anywhere else. Determine the most critical areas of your home and business that needs tight security.

Look over the direction and distance too as they can impact footage quality.

Timely check that they are not turned or moved by someone to lead any misbehaved activity.

  1. Check the plug-in on regular basis

This is the most stupid one ever. No machine can work without electricity (except them which are equipped with solar energy). Don’t give yourself such big surprises.

Whether you are using a DVR system or NVR system, unplugged camera may be as good as giving permission to thieve to rob bank.

Ensure timely that camera plug-in is connected to its corresponding network.

  1. Look over the space

You have checked working, resolutions, locations and everything according to you is accurate. The camera is recording everything but when you checked the drive, you didn’t find the video and you discovered there is not enough space. Wow great surprise. Such surprises can make you pay huge value someday. Check the storage capacity to keep distance from such unwanted shock.

After reading such blunder you may get too attentive and some questions may roar to your mind like what should be my cameras types, how many cameras would be needed, is there any mistakes I committed while installing security systems.

Relax. There is nothing to get something panic about. Answer to all such questions is, all you need to know before buying a security camera system.


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