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Cloud computing has become a master key for many businesses nowadays. This technology has become so popular and demanding in the market because of its lower cost and agility. It is the most fast-growing modern technology available In the market. With the help of cloud computing technology, businesses are generating billions of dollars in revenue every year. Cloud computing also offers thousands of job opportunities to various IT professionals across the world.

With the feature of providing huge job opportunities, many IT professionals choose to grow their careers in this industry. Cloud computing certification courses are very wide, but AWS (Amazon web services) and Microsoft Azure stand out in the list and are highly demanded by cloud service providers.

What is AWS (Amazon web services)?

Amazon web services refer to the cloud computing platform, which is provided by Amazon. It offers various services like compute, object storage, content delivery, and other various facilities, helping various organizations grow fast. AWS has become the most demanded and best cloud platform currently available. AWS offers several advantages as management overhead reduction, cost minimization, and many more. It is also divided into three more categories as

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Software as a service
  • Platform as a service

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft offers this cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure offers various developer tools like computation, storage, database, networking, and others, helping businesses grow very speedily. It can be used by various developers and employees working with various software to create, delete, and manage services. Microsoft Azure has marked itself as the best commercial cloud computing platform. It can be classified as

  • Platform as a service
  • Software as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service

Which to choose, Azure or AWS, to enhance the career?

Microsoft Azure and AWS have earned immense value to give a great start to your career. You must choose to pursue anyone, either azure certification or AWS certification, to give your career five stars. But which to choose? As both the certifications are highly demanded, let’s see it as a comparison and find out the best for you!

—–General features

Amazon web services-

  • AWS was launched in the cloud computing market in 2006.
  • This cloud computing course holds 40% of the total market share.
  • AWS cloud service platform holds a proper license, which gives more flexibility to it’s working.
  • AWS can work effectively on Linux devices.

Microsoft Azure

  • It was launched in 2010.
  • Microsoft azure holds 30% of the total market share.
  • This cloud computing platform also holds licenses but together with AWS.
  • These cloud computing platforms are still building for Linux support.


Computation is the core service to look for when it comes to cloud computing certifications.


AWS certification offers a thorough knowledge of calculation, computation of data, and processing through desktop devices. Therefore pursuing AWS certifications, you will get to know about AWS elastic beanstalk, AWS lambda, and ECS.


To compute various functions, Microsoft azure certification will let you know about azure app services, functions, container service, etc. You can also be taught about azure virtual machine scale sets for various software development and management.

—–Storage services

When it comes to storage facilities, both the cloud computing platforms give impeccable, long-running, and reliable storage solutions.


Storage, the most important service which people look for from various cloud service providers. Amazon Web services offer S3, which is the longest-running storage solution than other cloud computing services. AWS provides many documentation, tutorials, and archive storage solutions.


Microsoft Azure uses block blob for storage solutions. It consists of various blocks and tends to upload large blobs efficiently. Azure also uses cool storage and archives like disc storage and standard archive for archiving various data.

—–Networking services


Many cloud computing providers use various partners and networks to interconnect with many data centers for using many different products. For networking and API gateway for different connectivity, AWS uses a virtual private cloud. This cloud service platform uses elastic load balancing for balance networks.


Microsoft Azure uses a virtual network for content delivery. It also uses a VPN gateway for interconnectivity. To balance networking, it uses a load balancer and application gateway.

—–Deploying apps

The most beneficial point of having a cloud service provider is that it offers a simple application process. People want to deploy their applications on multiple servers virtually with a platform as a service feature.


Amazon web service solution for these batch, beanstalk, lambda, container services, etc. But AWS has no features to present on the app hosting side.


Azure uses multiple app deployment tools like container services, cloud services, functions, batch, app service, and more.

—–Databases services

Database service is provided by both the cloud computing platforms to handle structured and unstructured data.


All cloud computing service platforms tend to provide an ability in databases to implement SQL and NoSQL solutions. AWS uses a relational database as a service to use RDS for NoSQL.


Microsoft Azure for a relational database uses SQL, NoSQL, databases, PostgreSQL. It tends to use DB for NoSQL solutions and Redis cache for various caching purposes.

—–Government cloud


AWS has a complete edge on government cloud offerings.


Microsoft Azure has very limited government cloud offerings as compared to Amazon web services.


Salary is also the most important consideration for cloud computing services. Let’s see what an AWS engineer and Azure engineer got.


The salary for an Amazon web service engineer is approximately $141,757 per year.


The salary which a Microsoft Azure engineer gets is $113,582 approximately per year.



AWS offers defined security with permission control features.


Microsoft offers security permission to the whole account.

Let’s now see which is better, Azure, or AWS.

Considering the above points about Microsoft Azure and Amazon web service, it’s now easy for you to choose between the two for your career growth.

If you are more attracted to tode range of services, tools, and infrastructure, you can choose to pursue AWS certification with the help of AWS Online Training at 3RI Technologies.

Moreover, you can choose Microsoft azure as your career if you look forward to window integration and platform as a service.

However, both companies offer various new products, integrations, pricing, and structure to choose the best suitable one to pursue your career. Both cloud computing services are best, but you can differentiate between the two based on your need for a career. Both AWS and Azure offer a fantastic career.


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