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Do you desire to learn illustration making and vector designing with Adobe Illustrator to enhance your career as a graphic designer? Don’t get confused between the learning resources available on the internet and think about pursuing a complete program where you can learn everything in detail from scratch. And with best Adobe Illustrator course you can do that!

But before going for any Adobe Illustrator course, you must know about Adobe Illustrator, its role, usage, features, tools, advantages and disadvantages.

Here we go!

A quick intro to Adobe Illustrator

It is a vector drawing program, which makes vector graphics scalable without the loss of resolution. In this software you can create vector designs such as-
• Logos
• Social media graphics
• Blog post templates
• Business cards
• Posters and Flyers
• Infographics
• Social media banners
• Buttons
• Invitations Card
• Brand Icons
• Thank you notes
• Newsletter banners
• Facebook ads
• Brochures, and many more.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Illustrator
Now, we discuss about advantages and dis- advantages of vector graphics.

First we will know about advantages:
• Scalable without resolutions loss
• Lines are crisp and sharp at any sizes
• Smaller file size
• Print at high resolution
• Good for drawing illustrations

We will know about disadvantages:
• Drawings trend to look flat and cartoon
• Hard to produce photo realistic drawing.
Features and Tools of Adobe Illustrator
You must know about features and tools while learning Adobe Illustrator. If don’t know about it. So, don’t worry as here is the list of features and tools. So, get to know about it.

Features are given below:
• Design types and templates
• Tool kits
• Cloud storage
• Exporting options
• Collaboration with other apps
• User friendly workspaces and many more.

Top 10 lists of tools:
• Pen
• Brush
• Width
• Blend
• Mesh Fill
• Shape Builder
• Direct Selection
• Gradient
• Shape tools and many more.

Best Adobe Illustrator Course offered by Graphic Design Institute

For learning Adobe Illustrator course, you can join graphic design institute Delhi. Even though, this institute offers graphic designing courses in Delhi but GDI also provides Adobe Illustrator course which is a short-term certificate course. The duration of this course is 2 months in which you will learn designs and layouting of logos, books, visiting cards, brochure, and many more. If you are interested in graphic designing then you can learn graphic design course in Delhi.

Are you thinking that who can join best Adobe Illustrator course? Yes! Then your answer is correct. Though, all the individuals want to learn Adobe Illustrator course but they don’t know that who can join it. So, you must know first then after that you must join Adobe Illustrator from experts.

Get to know who can join the best Adobe Illustrator course?

• Graphic designers
• Illustrations
• Animators
• Creative designers
• Web designer and many more.

So, folks if you want to learn this amazing course then you can join graphic design institute in Delhi. You can also call up now on +91 9911-782-350, +91 9811-818-122.


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