Why Conditional Immortality Destroys the Gospel
Why Conditional Immortality Destroys the Gospel

Evangelization became wider and wider. The boundaries that were clearer 40 or 50 years ago have become blurry and indistinct. A popular belief is conditional immortality. I’m taking my title quite blunt, so I have to show you, as honestly as I can, how this faith is destructive to the gospel. More than anything else, it depends on our understanding of the gospel of God’s grace. Don’t worry about this problem!


If, as I say, conditional immortality destroys The Everlasting Gospel, I must tell you what is being destroyed and how it is being destroyed.

After the historic fall of Genesis, the biblical picture of humanity’s natural condition vis-à-vis God is an extreme danger. Our condition describ as “lost”, “condemn” “died in tears and sins” “darkened in … understanding” estranged from the life of God” and under the righteous “wrath” of God.

We are in dire danger and subject to the worst possible consequences – being banished from God’s grace and placed forever under His holy wrath in deep anguish. These and many other descriptions give a shocking picture of our situation. The Lord Jesus emphasized that no one would overlook this horror with words such as “these shall go to eternal punishment”.

Let no one fall into the illusion that this sows panic to frighten people into following the line

There is great pressure today to weaken Christians’ determination to preach God’s righteous judgment and the unexplored riches of Christ – which go hand in hand.

Many believe that the teaching of eternal punishment given by the Supreme Lord Himself is too harsh and that God of such great mercy and compassion would never do so. item. Notice how the natural mind aligns itself to judge what it thinks is fair because it prefers to indulge in wishful thinking!

So, the common view today is that harsher views were judgmental, but now God has no right to do such terrible things because fallen minds, naturally hostile to God, have chosen to determine what is right for God, how they deny the truth that God already has revealed!


Have you noticed how this new thinking questions the biblical significance of Jesus’ death? It was from such a terrible condemnation that the Son of God himself forsook the glory of heaven. This is why he came and identified with our awful condition and went to the cross to endure fully the terrible condemnation of sinners. To save them from this most terrible end! If you think God won’t send lost sinners to Eternal Hell, why did Christ die to save sinners from him?

That is why the Scriptures praise the height and depth of God’s love and amaze at the richness of his grace; this is why salvation call “great salvation” and that is why so much praise and overflowing love and amazing gratitude are the hallmarks of New Testament epistles.

Therefore, in preaching the gospel, powerful and touching challenges must face. Salvation is enormous – how we must grasp it! This is not some trivial happy story; this is the purpose of the ages of eternity in which GOD forever judges a great rebellion, shows His infinite grace in saving and preparing a spotless bride for His Son. Confirms His honor, and begins to introduce a new creation!


Once you begin to see the gospel in this light, it is a terrifying surprise that such a cost was borne by the Lord Jesus in shedding His blood, and how God came to the ends of immeasurable grace to save man. lots of rebels deserving hell! This is why anything that questions this gospel must be revealed and its true colors bright. So that you can untangle yourself and hold fast in the true freedom of God’s grace.

Now that I have summarized the gospel, we turn to see how Conditional Immortality both undermines and destroys grace – God’s completely undeserved grace. Is it a trivial matter? No, it’s scary. How? Under this new plan, mercy-hardened justice was invoked to provide a way of escape for ultimately unsaved sinners because the punishment now due is far less serious than I have outlined in the Scriptures, and a new way of escape is being provided.

Conditionally immortality grant only to those who believe in Christ

But for the rest, there is a conviction that eternal, conscious punishment is not a just sentence, and instead of a lost sinner even having the right to quickly liberate from hell, perhaps after a short period of suffering, in black nothingness of annihilation. To this end, every ultimately unsaved sinner resurrects to judgment, and then or shortly thereafter, their personal essence in God’s image recreate into nothingness. For destruction is now considered a more appropriate end. Note, however, that the word “destroy”. Which use in this context in support of an annihilationist meaning. Never refers in God’s Word to the extinction of persons to nothing (see Matthew 10:28).


But now, if annihilation as an escape from God’s righteous condemnation is deserved on the basis of righteousness. And was somehow the law of a lost sinner. There is a subtle and serious undermining of the wholly undeserved riches of God’s grace in the salvation provided by Christ’s death. Because now. Quite apart from believing in Christ, people who are not saved can begin to alleviate their anxieties by contemplating a miraculous deliverance to destruction. Where they can escape as a well-deserved reward. Destruction is a scheme of alternative salvation that undermines God’s righteous judgment. That tends to trivialize the biblical meaning of Christ’s death!

Here is the new gospel – it is not a gospel at all where you are never so bad as to deserve what the Scriptures teach is your righteous reward – an eternal conscious punishment. This new teaching also undermines the grave situation of the non-evangelized. The an urgent need to reach out to them with the gospel.


Let us be clear, the riches of God’s grace in salvation are eternally undeserved and undeserved. We have seen this new false gospel question the biblical truth of eternal deliberate punishment. Directly undermine the biblical purpose of Jesus’ death. On this basis. Jesus died to save people from the nothingness of destruction. But let’s be clear: This is not the glorious, The Everlasting Gospel of Christ!

Conditional immortality destroys Christ’s punitive and vicarious atonement

In which the eternal Son freely surrenders himself to the terrible wrath of the Father on behalf of many people. This new teaching seriously undermines the immeasurable riches of God’s grace in salvation. Altering biblical teaching about eternal punishment and introducing a false two-tier escape system – by no means a secondary issue.

Therefore, we must continue to make it clear that the only eternal salvation. Gained at the expense of the Savior’s blood. Is free and wholly undeserved. And that we will boast for all eternity “in honor of His glorious grace”! It is about the eternal glory of God’s grace and the very nature of salvation – salvation from a loss. Conscious eternity to an eternity of glory with Christ. Do everything in the power he gives you to exalt his name. His grace by sharing the biblical gospel of his miraculous grace.



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