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As technology is changing the world day by day to simplify their daily lives.  In today’s era, technology is also playing an important role in the education industry. Schools are going to adopt new technologies to enhance students’ learning patterns. Making classrooms digital with the use of multimedia, iPad, and iMac, converting classrooms into virtual classrooms, and making students learn through visual learning and games. The school management system on the other hand will help to create digital attendance, exam, and result cards.

The school ERP software used in school is very important nowadays. So let’s discuss in detail the school management system and why it is important to parents nowadays? It holds many crucial functions to automate the school online and smart. The audiences like teachers, parents, students and administrators in the school can easily collaborate through a common learning educational system.School management software has great features to convert your school into a digital school with a paperless environment. All the data needs to be written on paper but all the data or information is stored in secure databases online to help the administrators to make a transparent decision within a single click. Basically, this software manages all departments, students, teachers across one platform only. 

We will look at some ways how the school management system helps the parents in knowing all the academic details of their children that will help them improve the progress, too. 

Students, teachers, and parents collaboration

The collaborations of teachers, parents, and students across an educational system help the students to grow fast in their study life as well as in personal life. With school management software, It is very easy to track the progress 

To parents and teachers within a single click to maintain growth on the right path.  Using the right approaches and technologies, parents and teachers can identify the potential of students for the right career choice at the right time. 

Attendance insights

With the attendance feature of the school software, teacher and parents can track the attendance of the students easily. Now it’s become more convenient and transparent to track the attendance insights for parents and teachers. Also, this software allows sending attendance reports over mobile apps and also gives notifications. The parents with a mobile device can receive SMS regarding the student’s absent alerts. 

Mobile app for parents

The school management system having mobile apps adds great value to a school’s communication method. Advanced school management systems like eSchool software give more information about school management and student’s progress reports. Parent’s mobile apps keep updated details of school notifications and events. Parents can track all the activities for their children’s such as exams, timetables, homework and fee submissions, etc.  

Student’s result cards via a mobile app

Every school takes the exams of children periodically to know the students grasping skills and knowledge. School software’s like eSchool software has the great feature to allow the teachers to upload marks online and generate result cards. The teachers can create exams and upload marks according to the subjects of classes with a mobile app or teacher portal as well. After it, when the result cards are generated and let the parents know about their academic progress. 

Notifications for upcoming events

Have you missed a parent meeting anytime for your child? Or any special events in your child’s academic journey. 

If yes, then don’t worry you will never miss again. With the school management system parent app, the parents will receive parents notifications before the time of the event and about the upcoming events. 

Simplify the student’s  fees

Parents don’t get time to visit the school every month for fee submission. So school software parent app helps the parents to stay connected with school teachers and administrators. With the 3rd party integration, the parents can also pay the fee online using different methods like UPI, debit, and credit card. Paying the school fees of children is becoming simple nowadays. Parents can see the full structure of children by their academic year.  Also, this app sends notifications for recently paid fees or pending fees. The parents can easily know about the transport fee, library fee, and stationary fee, etc. to know more about how the school charges fee yearly. 

School bus tracking system 

Always have to wait for the school bus at the bus stop. What will happen if you will access the live location of the bus. With the school management system parent app, you can track the live location of the bus and be on time before 02 mins on the bus stop. The students will never a bus miss again, and you can easily track how much time the bus will take to reach the bus stop. Parents can know easily about delays in communications, pickup time, track bus, and location right from a mobile phone.  

Media support

The parent app has great feature media support. For every event, you can get and access all the events photos on the app. You can also view these photos by downloading them or offline. Now you don’t need to wait for the photos for a long time when the pictures will be uploaded on social media, and you will see. 

Data security

All the details of student’s information regarding their documents, photos, academic details, and financial details are stored on a centralized server using cloud storage. A cloud-based school management system provides data security and availability for school data.

eSchool Software  – A parent app

Single app for all users: Teachers, Parents, Students and Administrators 

Teachers can take attendance, parents and students can view the details of their children e.g. admission, fee, result card, timetable, and notifications about the upcoming events.

We have discussed all the important features of the parent app above. But now I will recommend using the eSchool software parent app for schools and parents then can take a demo for free. So the parents can easily understand the school management system parent app. The features of eSchool software are 

  • Alerts and notifications 
  • Students profile 
  • Attendance management 
  • Timetable management 
  • Fee Submission online 
  • Exam Results
  • SMS on a mobile device 

eSchool parent app is the product of SW3 solutions. We designed this product after deep research in the education sector. We developed this system to work efficiently so that the schools and parents can customize it according to their requirements. Hundreds of schools are using this with thousands of users in multiple countries. 


Today, technology has transformed the education system into an advanced and smart educational system. The schools are working more efficiently nowadays using different technologies like VR, online classroom management, exam management, finance management, HR management, Student management, and sending result cards to parents via a mobile application. We have discussed in this article about a school management system parent app that plays an important role in parent life. We have listed all the features of a school management system parent app in this article. To know about the complete technology and tools in education, visit us at SW3 Solutions. 

Sw3 solutions is a leading IT company in Pakistan providing professional web development, e-commerce solutions, mobile application development,  digital marketing, and web hosting solutions. We have a great team of experts that do work on educational tools and technologies.


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